• Mike

    Yikes – WTF are you talking about…? Looking like a zombie fresh from the grave isn’t what I’d call “fine as Hell.”

    Being lean is awesome for a 20 something (not a 50 something).

    Skin over bones…….. Yuck.

    • fattbottom

      I’m assuming it was sarcasm, moron.

    • a whitey

      yeah mike. im almost not sure if you’re being sarcastic yourself. are you a ritard?

  • right

    she looks like a junkie

  • Dead Ed

    Damn, those arms are disgusting to look at. I thought I was looking at Michelle “Ru Paul” Obama’s arms.

  • Dead Ed

    Somebody please put a burqa over her. Or, better yet, a body bag. Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

  • olive


  • ΣmØ Çh!K

    How can anyone’s arms look THAT Gross?? Maybe Her arms did look bad but I mean get real, pictures can be pHotosHopped. DuHH…

  • cavett

    well photoshopping isn’t allowed in photojournalism. then again dunno where the pic came from.

  • Jim

    I can see why Alex Rodriguez is attracted to Madonna now. Maybe he can share some of his workout tips. Or he can share his Primobolin. Either one works.