Madonna Flashes Her Boob In Concert

Madonna boob flash

Madonna made headlines this weekend when she pulled down her top exposing her boob in concert.

Many have speculated that the Islamic world would be outraged by this, considering Madonna performed this stunt in the Muslim country of Turkey. However, there has been no uproar by us Muslims over Madonna showing her saggy tit, and that is because nothing about her or her breasts are even remotely sexual.

In fact seeing Madonna’s old lady boobie brings back fund memories for me of my childhood on the the family farm in Kandahar, Afghanistan. My grandmother use to whip out her tit all the time for the baby goats to suckle on. Of course Grandma’s breast was as dry as the Sahara, but both she and the goats seemed to enjoy the sucking so there was no harm done.

  • Michael

    Please, somebody pour sulfuric acid in my eyes so I do not have to look at this.

    • Abu Al-Wadi

      What’s the matter? You don’t find old chewed up dog teats attractive? Not even on a golden retriever like Madge?

    • Hussein

      Her arms are more hideous than her nigger-sucked tits.

  • Big Pete

    Madonna is all that is wrong with some white folks.

    She is accepting of colored people, even having sex with jungle coon Dennis Rodman, accepting of big time homos, even kissing filthy skank Brittney Spears, and worst of all, she was married to one of those english ladyboys.

    On top of all that, she can’t sing for shit. Madonna couldn’t hold Brother Garth Brooks’ jock strap when it comes to singing.

    Her only salvation would be to kill a muslim and a homo.

    If not, she’s one dead bitch.


    • Niko Bellic

      Haha, you KKK homos can have this ugly bitch. Proves that white people can be untalented and ugly.

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      • Big Pete

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        • Niko Bellic

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          • Hussein

            Where you standing there counting? And enjoying the show?

          • Niko Bellic

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          • no life

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Proud Mississippi Klansman

      Brother Pete

      How true let the niggers have her she has had to many black dicks already she must have every STD in the book or we can capture her and force muslims to have sex with her and infect them with her STD’S she could kill off quite a few of those homos that way.

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  • The Guy with the EyE

    Why is any one suprised at what this aging whore does..she does it so we pay attention to her old witherd ass ..What will shock you tommorro The Kardashians are Sluts …

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    This disgusting old tart – and Zionism supporter – now that nobody wants to listen to her music, tries to attract people like in good old days, showing the most private parts of her body.

    This whore forgets that her body as well as her music is also outdated. My goats have nicer – and more usefull – tits.

    Now only niggers and beaners want to date this tramp.

    • fuck haters

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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        • fuck haters

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          • Mufti David


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          • Niko Bellic

            Mufti David,


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  • Word of wisdom

    Brothers, the hour of the great stoning has come.

    • Niko Bellic

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      • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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          • Big Pete

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          • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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  • Denny

    I have freinds in Missisipi and they aint like that man. They is nice peoples. Down there people dont get all worked up about nothin.

  • fuck face

    i wanna know if shes so old how is her tit so small,and what if there were kids there, fuck that old whore ill stab her in the vagina then cum in her dead body

  • Jemima

    I sho doan see wat all de fuss beez abouts.

    Jess po’ yo’sef sum maple syrup on dem flap jacks an chows down!

    If yous cans gets you sum dat maple bacons to goes wid it, you sho nuff have a good ol’ brekfest!

    • Kahlid

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      My uncle Jaffar and cousin Hassad who both run 7-11’s only allow one of you outdated farm equipment into their stores at a time.

      • Hamed


    • Batman

      Jemima the Nigress is grieving about being rejected by Tyrone the Watermelon Boy.

  • tom11

    i think she is actually quite hot id fuck that

    • Grape

      UGH, SICK

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I have just made a profound discovery.

    Madonna and Ed Grimley…..are the same damn person.

  • hamish

    What a vile skank! She makes my bowels crawl!



    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Niko Bellic

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  • 6u66akush

    Almost every pic on this website is fake. Leave it to stupid fucks like jihadists to run a propaganda machine through a naked celebrity picture bashing website. See you fuckers in hell.

  • Coontact Tale #318

    Reading these stories reminds me of a summer day 2 years ago on Lexington Avenue with my dog. We were waiting to cross the road alongside a black guy wearing a very smart suit for work (or court?). Anyway he bends down to pet my dog, tells me how adorable she is, smiles at me, then looks straight ahead again. The dog goes to drink from this puddle in the road which has rainbow colors in it, which means gasoline so I say “don’t drink that baby” and yank her away. The coon flicks his head round all startled and says “hey man did you jus’ call me a nigger?” I think a lot of coons have this fucked up brain circuitry which translates anything they hear into something racist.

    We’ve all seen niggers do this very thing and I believe it is a power thing. Being called nigger in public, being a victim, gives great power to the shitskins.

    Playing the race card absolves niggers of personal responsibility in the way they conduct their lives. Whitey made me do it.

  • Coontact Tale #325

    Went to the grocery yesterday, the TNB was EXQUISITE!

    The cashier (about 18) was talking to another girl (also about 18) the whole time she was ringing me out.

    Cashier: “Hab yo’ seen Snoopy lately?”
    Girl: “I talked to his babbymomma yestaday”
    Cashier: “Tarisha?”
    Girl: “Naw, das his otha babbymoma. Shawnique (sp?).”
    Cashier: “I wants another baby”
    Girl: “Me, too, but I’s told my boyfriend we needs to be together fo’ one year before we have one”

    Our tax dollars at work

  • open the scroll

    Why is this old man removing his homo loving bra ?

  • Rodney The King

    she best get dat rash on dat titty look at by a real docter. dat jus aint natural.

  • StarWanderer

    Madonna is not ashamed of herself, you people just can’t stand the fact that you might be sexually attracted to her. If she did a h=whole show naked I’d pay the grand for front row seats.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you stupid asshole.

      madonna looks like the south end of a north bound yak

  • Coontact Tale #101

    I remember shopping in a supermarket and running into a typical overweight black woman with a huge ass and spandex pants hovering over the meat section. She had two kids with her; one was around 10 and the other an infant, dressed in some dirty t-shirts and jeans. She was ringing the bell furiously to get the butcher. When he came out, she said, “Ah wants me some of the maple bacon that be on sale! You aint got no maple bacon here…” The butcher just looked at her and said, “I’m sorry maam, we must be all out of the maple bacon but you’re welcome to buy some of the other Farmer John bacon that’s on sale.”

    Her eyes got huge and she started bobbing her head back and forth and raised her voice, “What? Ah wants the muthafuckin maple bacon, the sign says all Farmer John bacon. I sure likes the maple bacon. Ah wants me some maple bacon!”

    The butcher, not wanting to cause a scene told her to wait and he would look in the back and see what he could do.

    As she waited, a business man came up to ring the butcher’s bell but just before he was able to ring it, she stopped him by blocking his hand and asked him what he was doing.

    “I have to pick up a platter that I ordered for an office party, do you mind?”

    She was up in his face and really bobbing her head now, “Hell yes I do! He be in the back gettin me muh maple bacon! Now you just back your ass on up and wait a bit! Ah wants that muthafuckin maple bacon!”

    Again, not wanting to cause a scene, the business man backed off and waited to the side.

    She then proceeded to pace back and forth in her overly tight spandex pants and flip flops talking to her kids, “Yas sir, that muthafucka better bring me muh maple bacon. Sheet. Ah done told him dat ah wants muh maple bacon….” Over and over again. She was clearly getting more and more agitated as time went on.

    I secretly hoped that the store didn’t have any more maple bacon left just to see her go ballistic and wondered if anyone else watching the scene felt the same way.

    Finally, the butcher returned and produced a pound of Farmer John maple bacon and gave it to her. Damn luck, I thought. He said, “Here maam, this is our last package of maple bacon.”

    “See? I told you that you be holding out that maple bacon in the back for youself! Sheet! Don’t be trying no bullsheet on me!”

    With that, she took it and left.

    Upon checkout, she was only one aisle over and once again, the cause of another outburst.

    “What do you mean you won’t take my muthafuckin WIC coupon for maple bacon! It says right here for food and this here bes food!”

    The cashier rolled her eyes and said, “I’m sorry, maam. WIC coupons are only for food for your infant. Milk, cheese, bread……and not bacon.” (WIC is a food-stamp type program in California for minority mothers so they can feed their infants rather than using the welfare money for drugs and alcohol on themselves. I doubt a baby would want to chew on maple bacon)

    This time, she was really agitated and not only bobbing her head back and forth but was jiggling her whole massive black body up and down. “Sheet! You all just be bullsheeting me now….put my muthafuckin maple bacon on the muthafuckin coupons!”

    By that time, the manager came over and went between them and settled the situation somehow. I’m not sure exactly what happened after that as I was hurriedly rushed through my lane and went out to my car. The manager must have just given it to her for free or something to get rid of her.

    This supermarket, being in a black neighborhood, had a big problem with losing so many of their shopping carts so they installed an anti-theft device in the parking lot. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s a device that attaches to one of the wheels of the cart that locks up and seizes the wheel of the cart in the event that it leaves the parking lot. I believe it works on some sort of magnet system, I’m not sure. There are bold yellow lines painted in the lot with warnings that the cart will lock up if taken beyond those lines.

    As I was heading for the exit in my car, I saw her pushing her cart and heading for one of the yellow lines, trying to push the shopping cart all the way home, completely oblivious to all the warning signs around her. (Many of them even had the warnings posted as graphic cartoons for people who couldn’t even read and she didn’t even comprehend those!)

    I decided to hang back and park with my lights off to watch her.

    Sure enough, she approached the yellow line still bitching to her kids about the maple bacon incident when ZAP! The right front wheel of her shopping cart locked up on the yellow line and sent her big fat black body spilling over the front edge of the cart and knocking it and all the contents over the side. Her milk, eggs, bread, and yes…her precious maple bacon all were knocked over and spread out in the parking lot.

    It was truly a sight to behold. She looked like a huge black blob encased in spandex lying in the middle of spilled groceries and a shopping cart with her two kids standing over her.

    There was a slight moment of silence. An uneasy silence. The kind of silence you feel right before Old Faithful erupts or the Space Shuttle launches. The silence you experience when you know that all hell is about to break loose.


    “What the hell kind of sheet is this? What the hell is this bullsheet?”

    Just then, her 10 year old said, “Momma, all the stuff spilled!”


    With that, she got up and started to walk back into the store. She didn’t bother to pick up any of her groceries or even turn back to make sure that her kids were following her. All I saw was 210 pounds of black ass walking to the store saying, “I’m going to tell them muthafuckas a thing or two…sheet…dey aint heard the end of dis sheet..they better come out here and clean dis sheet up….”

    I could just imagine the impending scene in the store.

    I considered going back into the store to pretend I was shopping some more just to hear the scene she would make but I had a better idea.

    I put my car into drive and slowly drove away from the parking lot, making sure that both my tires ran over her precious maple bacon.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • fuck haters

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  • Kahlid

    This kuffar’s story is interesting but a real man (aka an Arab Muslim) would have beheaded that nigger sow before the minute she waddled her jungle bunny lard ass in and asked for pork.