Lindsay Lohan’s Duck Lips

Lindsay Lohan lips

Lindsay Lohan’s gigantic duck lips look great. Normally I have to punch a girl repeatedly in the mouth to achieve such an aesthetically pleasing look. It is great that Lindsay found a doctor to do it for her because my hand is starting to hurt.

For someone who is supposed to be all about munching carpet she is certainly going out of her way to get some DSLs (dick sucking lips). Perhaps this is Lindsay’s way of saying she is ready to get back on the pole. Or she is just hoping people will throw bits of bread at her in the park.

  • oke doel


  • meow

    she can suck my dick with those lips

  • coz

    Lindsay I love you and your liferaft lips babe*

  • Ricardovitz

    Them lips ain’t 1/10th the size of Barack Obama’s thick lips. And, I’d bet she would run a country a heap better than dumb ‘ol Barack Obama is.

    Thick Lips = small brain.

  • Ricardovitz


  • Ricardovitz

    Lord knows why a perty white girl would want google lips! Gotta be all that crack she’s smokin – that why black folks is always tryin ta git white girls on the crack – I reckon they know that crack makes the uggliest of uglies look perty.

    Crack is the Devil’s Great Lie, boys and girls……smoke it and you might think chimp-lips is perty too.