Lindsay Lohan When Samantha Ronson Is On Her Period

Lindsay Lohan blood

Lindsay Lohan emerged from long time girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s apartment late last night proudly showing that Samantha is on her period.

Lindsay has long been (what is known in lesbian slang as) a “red wing fighter pilot”. She braves wave after wave of menstrual blood when her girlfriend is on her period just to get her fix of the puss. In fact if this picture is any indication it appears that Lindsay Lohan enjoys the taste of period blood as she is quite pleased with her self.

If it is true that Lindsay Lohan has developed a taste for period blood, given her addictive personality I fully expect Lindsay to be caught going through wastebaskets in women’s restrooms looking for discarded tampons to suck on soon. When this happens remember you heard it here first!

  • Anubis

    After looking at that picture of Lindsay, it is obvious that she had one disgusting homoqueer rugmunching sexfest. She had to be so horny that she went down on Samantha even when she was on the rag, splattering smelly mentrual fluid all over the place while crazily waving that crude bloody dildo in her hand. Makes one want to puke!

  • Heil Jesus

    Someone needs to tell ms. Lohan that she can give a rimjob without using her teeth.