Lindsay Lohan Naked In Playboy Preview

Lindsay Lohan naked

The infidel press was in a tizzy yesterday over the news that skanky drug addict Lindsay Lohan has agreed to show her disease-ridden nude body in Playboy magazine.

Finally regular Americans will get to see what only a few thousand Johns and lesbians in SoCal, and anyone with a computer has seen, a naked Lindsay Lohan! In honor of the momentous occasion of Lindsay Lohan finally taking naked pictures for Playboy, here are naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan she took for free years ago.

Now remember these pics will only give us a rough idea of how Lindsay Lohan’s nude body is going to look in Playboy, she has had quite a few years of hard living since these came out so we must prepare ourselves for her to look even worse.


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  • theheadchimp

    She needs to do a spread in The Farmers Almanac, nobody wants to see that pig naked anymore.

  • ahhgmed

    I well bet any of you 10 camels that Lindsey’s next move will be a centerfold in Hustler spreading her lady parts and eventually a double anal double vaginal gang bang in BangBros.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Lindsey looks like shit warmed over….the result of years of abusing alcohol, drugs and being, rode hard and put up wet.

    The rug munching and extra large dildos have not helped her looks either.

    She is a prime example of the common american female… other words, a worthless infidel bitch.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • abdullahfucksgoats

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  • Anubis

    This infidel sure traveled down the dark path of life since her starring role in that Disney remake of the Parent Trap. That’s what happens to gals when they sign up for a Disney contract. After awhile they become drugged out degenerate sluts, temped to the dark side. Her pussy has seen more action with more mileage than most vile whores living on the street, and worst of all became a flaming lesboqueer which is an abomination to Allah, worse than the new beaner upstart Selena Homez.

    Lindsay the slut wears tons of makeup to hide her freckled body, but can’t hide her sagging tits and large stretched out pussy lips. If she flashes her worn out pussy to the paparazzis once again, the camera lenses may shatter.

    I got to admit though, her naked wretched body would make a great slutty witch horror costume for Halloween.

  • Yushi Samagura

    Yushi find sight of Lohan vagina very unappealing. Why shave for all to see shriveled labia? If Yushi have face like Lohan vagina I grow full beard. Also wear big floppy hat and sunglasses.

  • D4N2Y

    These conversations are making me piss myself

  • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

    i aree with you about disney stars becoming hoes but so far selena gomez hasnt done any nude stuff neither has bridgit mendler not yet anyways

    No doubt that they will i mean the only thing Selena Gomez has done that is wrong is date that horrible excuse that canada calls a boy Justin Bieber

  • wag

    be peaceful