Lindsay Lohan Converts To Islam

Lindsay Lohan Islam

By Muhammad’s beard this is shocking news! Noted drug addicted, lesboqueer, and bitch Lindsay Lohan has seen the light and converted to Islam!

As you can see in the photo above Lindsay Lohan’s “road to Damascus” moment came while out clubbing in Hollywood last night. Lindsay was overcome by the power of Allah and dropped to her knees and started praying to him right on the sidewalk. By the smile on her face you can tell she now understands the joy of accepting Allah as her lord and master, and will be reforming her former degenerate heathen ways.

Lindsay Lohan joins fellow celebrities Miley Cyrus and Sarah Shahi as the only devout Muslims in Zionist controlled Hollywood. Let us hope she shows the same level of commitment to Allah that they have shown. Allahu Akbar!

  • 162950374

    That’s why most Muslims are so filthy. They kiss the sand, in the Mid-West.

    • theheadchimp

      You live with googles and you are bitching about a little sand?

    • muslim

      hey ((polite)) man ,,,we don,t kiss sand we just thanking Allah for all the gifts he gave us he created us and make us alive isn’t he deserve to knee for him ((think a little please))..

  • gfnd

    hahahhahahhaha loool are u serious? she just go down on knee nd she see allah? ohh PLEAAAASEEE :D

  • iii respect others religion..don’t simply judge them..everybody has their own right to choose what the best for them. whatever the religion is, it teach us to be nice..

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You speak utter bullshit.
      No one can be a true believer and respect other religions.
      Religion by it’s nature is exclusive…because there can only be one that is true and the others have to be false.

      Islam happens to be true.

      Suck it mofo

  • miley’s abortionist

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  • linsaylohan kissmyass

    who the fuck wrote this article ??? You are fucking bastard stupid.

    Lindsay lohan is praying to my ass. Where got such thing praying in islam with cigarette in her hand and wear tight pants. fucking stupid writer.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dumbass mofo

      You loud mouthed idiot….why must you put someone down just when they are making a significant life change?
      I’ll tell you why…it’s because you’re an asshole.

      It took many years of degenerate behavior before Lindsay hit rock bottom and she can’t be expected to win this year’s “Aisha award for female decency” on day one (this year Miley has that award sewn up).

      It will take time to beat….I mean teach her how a fine Muslim woman is supposed to behave.
      I predict within a week you will see her ina burka and tending animals like a pro.

      As for now…watch your filthy infidel mouth!

      Suck it mofo

  • miley’s rancid vagina

    lilo must be really drunk in that pic

  • the most right religion

    why most of non muslim hate Islam? because they just jealous and scared that they would be fired and burning also stay eat the fruit and drinks of fire in hell after the muslim happy in heaven of truly god.

  • the most right religion

    yes. correct. lilo must be drunk in that pic

  • Bob F

    maybe she dropped her cocaine and is sniffing it off the road.