Lindsay Lohan A Reborn Christian, Shows Boobs

Lindsay Lohan bikini boob

We here at Celeb Jihad had such high hopes for Lindsay Lohan once we learned that she converted to Islam, but unfortunately her salvation was short lived as she has now become a reborn Christian.

As you can see in the picture above, Linday Lohan celebrates her relapse into heathenism by showing her bare breast while wearing a large lower case “t” (which is the sign of the Jew God Jesus).

If it was ever in doubt that Christianity is a corrupt and amoral religion that turns women into filthy drug-addicted whores, then this picture of the reborn Lindsay Lohan should put those to rest.

Thanks to Lindsay Lohan flashing her tit, Islam has once again been proven to be the one true religion! Allahu Akbar!

  • Prophet Mohammed

    As a muslim I wouldn’t want this ugly freckled skank amongst us good muslim mens. It is clear that she is not only a damn homo but also a future port star, something Allah will not tolerate. With this final act she has sealed her fate as an infidel and will die with the rest of americans infidels.


  • alice in wonderland

    Hey! I love this site, not because it’s fake and harrasing a lot’s of people and really respectless, but because you get gossip and pic’s that you can’t find so easily. thatpic is actually a acciden that sometimes happends to me and pobably a lots of other girls/women, but she woud do something like that anyway…
    so just keep it going. and please don’t hurt peoples feelings for beliving in what they belive.
    thanks and peace out.

  • theheadchimp

    dumbass Alice
    If this is an accident why does she have her tit in a headlock? I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings…….this is a nice peaceful site bitch.

  • Happy Infidel

    Hey Prophet Mohammed: What the fuck is a port star? Thought I would throw that in since Chimp Shit and Abdullah the Prick always criticize everyone else’s typo errors.

    • Prophet Mohammed

      I was so enraged at this infidel Lohan that I must have mistyped you dump homo. Then again, being the dumb american that you are you probably can’t figure out what I meant to type. Go back to your gutter, suck some google dick, and await your death.


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    At first i thought it was a pic from a national geographic special on “sunglass wearing orangutans” but upon closer inspection, I see it is only the infidel whore Lindsay.

    I hope that bitch soon dies from AIDS; I am sick of seeing her orange, freckled skin.


  • muktar

    kendra luks hot

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      koon-dra is a low class skanky whore.

      only a dumbass loser would think she’s hot.