Leona Lewis Got Punched In The Face

Leona Lewis punched

Pop singer Leona Lewis was signing copies of her new autobiography “Dreams” in London today, when a man who had just had his book signed punched her in the face. According to a friend of Leona Lewis…

“The man queued up patiently, then as soon as she signed his book he smashed her in the face. He didn’t say anything to her and she is at a loss as to why anyone would do such an evil thing.”

The only thing that would have made this story more amusing would be if the man had smashed her in the face with her own autobiography. Leona Lewis is 24-years-old! What kind of self-absorbed twit writes an autobiography at 24?

Autobiographies should be written by those who have actually lived life, and want to impart hard earned wisdom. Not some 20 something tranny looking pop star. Leona Lewis got what she deserved.

  • martin

    Ho ho ho you fucking morons. Very funny. I just wonder if your mother or sister had been punched in the face and were injured if you’d find it fucking funny?

    Why am I betting the people that write this shit probably download kiddie porn as well? Do you like to see babies raped as well then shitheads?

    • Twig

      Foreal, dude. Totally agree.

    • a whitey

      no. im gonna have to go w/ you two homos are sick. of all the things you could have said you brought up pedophilia?? hmmmm. thats odd. i pretty much never talk or think about unless i see some old weird guy w/ a pencil thin mustache. FUCK OFF, i hope the two of you get punched in the face

  • Dead Ed

    Durka Durka said, “What kind of self-absorbed twit writes an autobiography at 24?

    Autobiographies should be written by those who have actually lived life, and want to impart hard earned wisdom.”

    I agree. Obama wrote an autobiography at a young age, too. At 35. What a snob. And it wasn’t to impart hard earned wisdom. It was to bitch about how he thinks “America is a down right mean country” and “white people’s greed makes the world in need”. (Why do colored people always gotta make something rhyme?).

    Anyway, Greed is not defined by “keeping what’s yours”. Greed is defined by “demanding what’s NOT yours”. Whether it be money, or drugs, or the labor of a medical practitioner, you don’t own somebody else’s stuff simply because you exist. You have the right to sit there being totally unconcerned & not care. If you don’t have that right, what’s the government gonna do? I shudder to think.

  • Sid

    Smack that bitch down! lmao!!

  • a whitey

    LOL! look at her. shes crying. what a baby

  • Dead Ed

    I just got back from Ashley Cole’s book signing in London.For some reason, he had hair extensions and was dressed in drag.So I punched him on the side of the head.

  • rachel

    what goes around comes around and I hope those who think its funny, find it just as funny if they have the same thing happen, she cried coz she was shocked not necessary coz it hurt. maybe she is too young to have written an autobiography but if u got paid the same amount as she did, u would do it too!!!!!!!!!

  • Bartholomew

    idiooott can you even read? where the f*** does it say about paedophelia sick soab

  • Dead Ed

    She thought to have obtained two black eyes, but it has now been confirmed she had those before the attack.

  • Dead Ed

    Anyone who says onions are the only veg that make you cry has never been hit in the face with a turnip!

    My point?: I dunno… maybe she’s crying because she didn’t get hit with a watermellon.

  • Dead Ed

    Apparently the man misunderstood when he was told to go find a BLACK & DECKER.

  • Sean Serritella

    She probably liked it!

  • Prii

    WTF!!!!! Nobody deserves that!!! Especially Leona Lewis!!!!! Your just jeolous of her, you fucking asshole!!!

  • polarchicken

    When i heard about this, tears just flowed from my eyes…

    yes..i was laughing that much!!

    hahaha..aww poor dull,dumb,camel-faced one hit wonder….

    ..at least she got some comeupance for all those times i had to hear her on my radio station at work..three or four times a day..

    ..i guess she kept bleeding,kept kept bleeding blood after all!


    no leona well dint deserve it mate
    and what makes it worse that its a man
    shes gone far in life unlike all you low lifes that finks its funny
    MEN SHOULD NOT HIT WOMEN end of .. vice verser .. pathetic
    shes a lovelyy womann :)
    should off smacked him back in his jongleys ;)

  • Danielle

    dya know what the things that you people write is fucked up you nobs…
    some little computer geeks more than likely that ent got fuck all 2 do but write shit about people that have got somewhere …
    fuckin stupid nobs… you need to get lives you silly cunts…
    hope you all get fucked up!!!

  • Charlotte Wade

    helloo my name is charlotte
    i am 13 year old
    i think leona is one of the best singers ever and i voted for her when she wasin
    x factor
    love you leona
    that man was a stupid ediot