Leaked Pic Of Katy Perry Having Sex

Katy Perry sex

Ever since Katy Perry divorced her limey husband she has been reveling in the single lifestyle. Of course in the infidel world that means unprotected anonymous sex with strange men.

As you can see, the photo above appears to capture one of these encounters. It is difficult to say if the man inside Katy in this photo is a Muslim, but if that bulge at the top of Katy’s ribcage is the tip of his penis, and there is a picture of the Prophet taped to the back of Katy’s head, then the answer is obviously yes.

Katy Perry may be enjoying being single right now, but she will soon find that her life is unfulfilled. Because for Katy Perry (like all women) true happiness can only be found serving as an obedient slave/wife to a virile Muslim man. Allahu Akbar!

  • littlewhitenigger

    lol her tits aren’t big enough

    fuck u durka durka

    • Word of wisdom

      Try to use your brain, Sherlock : this photo was taken before her breast augmentation in 2004, when she used to keep her hair black. Besides, note that umbilical piercing offered by her then boyfriend Sh’muel Ginzburg-Avraamovski is there, and look at how her face is juvenile.

      • ME oryou

        your a fucking douche bag…rag head cab driver..

    • nigga12344321

      shut dafuq up nigga you can suck my hairy black cock its probaby bigga than yours 2

  • Kahlid

    Her freakish blue hair will turn red after a righteous stoning,

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      She dyed her hair blue (color of Israel flag) following a special instruction of Hollywood Jew showbiz owners.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    The tits may be too small…..but you’ve captured her essence……

    …when she finishes up…..have her gather the firewood…..

  • HONG




    • Trink

      You will die a true infidel death this day for you have disrespected the great Allah for the last time.

    • MrUSA

      Dude shut your fucking mouth you stupid perv. Nothing more then a fucking arab sand beaner go back to your own country you peice of shit!

  • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

    Clearly, brother Durka, there must be a misunderstanding. Having a picture of the prophet would be even a greater sin than intercourse with a heathen harlot like Kate Perry.

    Regardless, this can’t be a muslim man. Any decent muslim would take women only roughly from behind.

    • Word of wisdom

      Chillax, brother Salem, you can buy so many muhamad (mhsh) pictures on many markets the middle east. The aniconic tale is quite nice to impress the murkins, but we don’t need it here among us.

      I collect myself the ones picturing the prophet on his flying mare. I have doubles though (I’m not a very cautious buyer). We could trade if you want.

      My most exceptional piece is the one painted on the skin of an infidel by persian miniaturist abal al samad – alas, despite my many researches,I don’t know if it was painted before or after the skinning of said infidel.

      • Captain Cock

        Would you be willing to trade blowjobs and rimjobs with me?

        • Word of wisdom

          The only thing that I will trade with you are volleys of heavy stones to crash your homoqueer skull open on Fallujah’s marketplace, for the delight of the fine people there.

          • The Anti-Muslim

            You people are seriously fucked up. USA nuke the fuck out of all of these filthy sand googles. They aren’t even human beings. Another thing your religion is bullshit it was a way of your forefarthers to control your entire filthy fucking population, guess what it worked so well clearly. Again fuck you filthy sand people, you fuckin durka durka speaking, shit eating, goat raping, towel headed motherfuckers, I hope you all burn to death in the fires from the states nukes laying waste to the desert you call home

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Someones messin wit you muslims cause dats a fake the pussy is to tight on dat bith katys is loose dat dudes dick would be fallin out dis is da first time yous guy let one slip by all da others has been real just compare her pussy to dat one you will see what i meen

    • Serkan

      Father God, I pray for Katie, asking Lord that you will visit her, and cneounter her with your love. That the memories of being in your presence will bring joy and peace to her heart, that Katie can always know that she is your favorite one. In this day I ask that you will make her roots in you stronger, and awaken a stronger love for you. Reveal your Son Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

      • Katycat Kingzeus

        You wrote that 3 years ago butt yass last June 2014 I became Katy’s boyfriend and I AM the Lord GOD I have tried to give her love but we keep falling out she has many demons to exorcise but I stay with her through my unconditional love and I will bless her. I AM THAT I AM also Jesus she will be fine Katy is Mary Magdalene I know and her love for me is so strong but this sex act worries me but my LOVE for her is unconditional and she has already this lifetime bought me back to life from several deaths and rebirths but Katy (Katheryn E Hudson) Perry is also the Goddess ISIS of rebirth and resurrection

  • Big Pete

    That’s my brother, Abe, putting it to good ‘ol Katy. This is how women are indoctrinated in to The Klan.

    Katy is now ready to serve the aryan race and slaughter all spics, jigsaboos, jews, homos, and definitely muslims, although that last bit is a bit redundant as all muslims are homos.

    Yes, Katy is making everyone proud.


    • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

      Yeah we should definitely kill all those other dirty races. You and me will only have intercourse with other clean white men. Just like you said last night as I was pounding you in the ass, “There’s nothing as good as getting pounded in the ass by red neck hill billy and then having him dump half his load in my ass and the other half in my mouth.” That was true poetry.

      • Big Pete

        Sucks a queer’s peter

        If its poetry you like then its poetry I’ll give you.

        You got in your truck and drove through the snow

        All to get to your boyfriend and give a great blow

        You got on your knees and sucked his cock with care

        He then turned you over and fucked you all bare

        You screamed for more as he started to cum

        Then took his load down your throat as if it were coke and rum.

        You are one sick bastard.

        If AIDS doesn’t kill you then The Brotherhood will.


        • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

          Hickory dickory dock
          Big Pete was sucking my cock
          The clock stuck 2
          Out came my goo
          I dropped him off down the block

          I love you Big Pete. Pounding you in the ass after Klan meetings is what you and I love doing.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Queer Pete’s Boyfriend,

        I’m afraid to tell you this, but if you really are Tiny (aka White Shit) Pete lover you are doomed to die of a VD (venereal disease). His filthy masochist Jew ass has already been fucked by miles and miles of mates in his KKK meetings.

        No righteous Muslim man would be stupid enough to conspurcate his manhood in such a manner. Disgusting. Are you a google by the way?

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Little dick pete.

      Your not in the kkk-y they don’t take homo mofos. The kkk-y does not how women are indoctrinated into the kkk-y They lick da smelly dirty hillbilly pussies of dem bitches and da bitch is to good looking and skinny the kkk-y bitches is fat must be 250Lbs or more have few or no teeth arm pit and unkempt pussy and ass hair and shower once a week Chew tabbaco and drink cheap \

      beer and fart alot.Hey pete sounds like your mama is she a kkk-y groupie to bad your a homo she may have gotten you in cleaning da out house and da tabbaco spit on da floors.

      • Big Pete


        Jesus fuck, I can’t read a god damn thing you write. You know the english language about as well as a muslim knows about pussy, and they know nothing. Of course, they are experts at the back pussy, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

        Holy fuck. I just tried to read your comment again and I am now even dumber after doing so.

        This is a perfect example as to why googles need to be killed.


        • Tyrone shoelaces

          Little dick pete the child molester.

          Your just pissed cause the truth hurts Fat smelly toothless women are the kkk-y way.But you ain’t in da kkk-y cause dem would kill yous homo ass.

          • Rodney The King

            Tyrone be speakin da trufe. He makin good since 2 me. Rite on Tyrone!

          • Kahlid

            Be silent, googles.

            f we need someone to stand on the lawns of Celeb Jihad, Inc in Tikrit and hold a lantern or if we throw out some left over halal fried chicken, we’ll call you.

          • Tyrone shoelaces

            Damn stright my man Rodney all des mofos here trying to be black but dares only one thing wit dat dem ain’t got the dick for it .Lol

  • The Guy with the EyE

    Im Offended Katy perry was fake with such lil titties..at least be anotomicly correct.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      guy who loves brown eye

      I’m offended a homoqueer like you is posting such blatant lies.
      I hope you find a IED shoved up the next asshole you pound.

  • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

    It is true. Us Muslims are only offended when an infidal posseses a picture of the prophet. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such rule prohibiting Muslims (male) from possesing said pictures.

    My favorite ones are those depicting Mohammed enslaving infidal cities and slaying many of its populace with one mighty swing of his saif. Alas, for an infidal to behold such fine piece of art it would take a trip to civilzed countries like Jemen or Qatar.

    • Word of wisdom

      Ah, I am happy that I met a conoisseur in islamic visual arts. I have bought myself a nice series about the prophet (mhsh) “sleeping” naked in the grave with Ali’s dead mother, Fatima, an excellent depiction of Jalal ul-Din Al-Suyuti’s report.
      It’s quite arouging.

      If you want to trade, I have a engraving with the prophet (mhsh) pressing his naked torso against a young man and kissing his from the bellybutton to the armpits, according to the famous (and extremely sexy) hadith contained in Sunan Bayhaqi. I can trade you too the series where he crossdresses with his wife aisha’s clothes (as reported in Sahih Bukhari). I make it cheap for you, because I bought them by mail, and they were delivered in a rather mediocre state. I should never have trusted this indonesian seller : they’re all thieves.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    I put Jihad on you!

  • Eroc

    You muslim homies cant deny america has they greatest diversity of women on the planet. but russian bitches are still hotter.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Say what?

      They also have da most stuck up bitches also.And dem Russian bitches have smelly pussies and hairy pits dat stink cause they don’t shower enough or use deorderant.

  • Super JEW-el

    Stupid muslims, that’s obviously not Katy. I guess you were too busy stoning Jews to notice.

  • selena is hot

    katy had bigger tits when she was 12 than this hoe

    • Habib the assassin

      Selena is smelly

      Dumd ass mex lover this pic is pre boob job and she was 13 when this pic was taken.

  • Jihadmynuts

    Look just below her neck. Evidentally there’s no technology in bumb fucked middle east . We here in the real world call that photo shopped. Even Katey Perry isn’t that enthusiastic about getting a dick rammed in her twot . Lmfao. What’s funnier is how freakishly tiny Muslims dicks are compared to Asians haha.

    • Teroris

      IT IS NOT A SIN in the bible it dont say dont be gay or don’t be homosexual or bi or iesblan never I read the whole bible it ticks me off that all these people r like O gays a sin I hate all gays they can’t go to heaven UR ONE THAT TICKS ME OFF Ok facts gays can’t control it’s hormones u can’t control itU people sicken me I actually got sick reading these comments gosh this song is about being ur self Now please don’t respond cussing me out or calling me names and use

      • Kahlid

        Faggotry is banned in the heathen bible in both the old and new testaments.

        You homoqueers keep trying to justify your mental illness as a ‘lifestyle’ but it is a sickness.

        One that will be purged from the Earth once Sharia Law rules.

  • Habib the assassin

    Homos on your nuts

    It’s twat not twot and Bum fucked not bumb.You know a lot about asians dick size is that from sucking them alot

  • Lord Semaj

    Is that Big Pete beneath her? I think so! Note the diminutive manhood. See also that this man lacks even the slightest hint of body hair: Big Pete waxes his entire body for playing dress-up with his brothers at KKK meetings. I hear that he looks so great in a bikini that Sports Illustrated has offered him the cover for the next Swimsuit Issue!

  • Alpha

    Thats not katy perry. LOL

    Not even close.

    • Guest

      Don’t bull shit

  • Erica

    Shame katty shame

  • ohwow

    your all idiot this picture is a fake

  • Dave

    About as real as the tits on katy price

  • slap’dat’ass

    imma make a sperm stew if i keep at dis

    • slap’dat’ass

      hey man i hate dat photo that is not mine

  • German

    I’ve had sex with Katheryn Hudson I know how her body looks . The picture is fake her tits are different hey good one by the way

  • Dude

    This is BULLSHIT!!! Any fucking retard could see that this is her head photo shopped onto some nasty bitches body. Katy’s body is WAY better looking than this. Fucking morons.

    • poloman764

      shut the f*ck up dude who are you to say that!!AND I HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY IT JACKASS

  • Matt

    Fuck muslims …. Dirty assholes

  • Kilroy

    cant u see the different between real pic and the edit one?

  • awesome

    Um… this isn’t Katy Perry and… people we are in the 21 century now you can stop speaking about stoning and other stuff..

    America rocks!

    • ssara

      Stoning? Yeah youll be stoned. Didnt think they still did that but if all you have to work with is rocks then yea youll be stoned

  • victor

    This pic is fake..another girls body and they added katy’s face…the internet is so lame its pathetic half the crap is fake

  • jack

    not her,,,,,ive seen her really nude,,,,,,, shes my cuzin lol


      hey liar

  • vgb


    • fag muslim bastards

      ummm…its illegal for a 13 year old to look at porn…im reporting you to police

  • Hi guy

    It’s a fake photo I’ve said this before about another on your shity website but as you have no human rights and don’t like opinions you probably didn’t put it on. All you Muslims should back to your country and blow yourself’s up like your retarded god Allah wanted you to do. We let you come into our country and you start causing trouble. You would probably cry like a baby and cause a fucking riot if we did it to your celebrities. So go fuck yourselves if your not to live by them. CUNTS!

    • katykat10

      thank you, somebody!!!!! besides she doesn’t have a bellybutton piercing duh! oh yeah……FAKE HEAD!!!!!! (put on there)

  • hi


  • Loves Pussy

    Why the fuck would a man want a picture of another man taped to the back of his woman’s head in that position? This is the proof we were waiting for of the faggot shit that goes on in that cult. Now that we have confirmation that all Muslim men fantasize about “The Prophet”, we can assume that they all believe they are unworthy of life. Faggots

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