Leaked Naked Pictures of Rihanna Real


A few months ago naked pictures of Rihanna were leaked to the Internet. The rumor was that Chris Brown had leaked them to damage Rihanna’s reputation.

Internet skeptics dismissed the pictures because the naked woman in them has a nipple ring on her right breast. The skeptics swore Rihanna did not have a nipple ring. Well look at this.


For those that are a little slow it looks like the nipple ring is on the other breast because she is taking the picture in a mirror. So as you can see Rihanna does have a nipple ring that looks nearly identical to the one from the leaked nude photos.

Here are Rihanna’s leaked naked pictures for your enjoyment.


Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna

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    Chris Brown did not leak these pix….a hacker in Germany leaked these photos…peep the interview–>

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  • theheadchimp

    Abdullah this site has become infested with assholes who don’t have the common decency to type in lower case. They must be googles or wiggers thinking it makes them sound tough in caps.

  • ca$ey_

    lmao @ thor…COCK SOCKET!!!!!! LOVEEEEE IT LMAO

    and ur right about the mirror image thing, SHAD just looks like a bigger fucktard now lol

  • ca$ey_

    wtf does typing in lower or capitols have to do with been an asshole? seriously i dont get how ppl can assume it means yelling… quite funny if u ask me.. i type in capitol so ppl can see it and not just bypass it…

  • ca$ey_

    the racisms on this site is disgusting, u should all be ashamed of urselfs… we all come from somewhere and we r all different.. u might be accepted in ur own country but also look funny to someone else (only a racist) just remember that.. just making a point…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      No…it’s the googles on this site who are disgusting.

      • ca$ey

        i dont know what nash u r but im sure u just want to be excepted for who u r.. u dont have to be a certain colour to do bad things, everyone black, white or inbetween is capable or doing something bad…im not on here to cause fights or anything, i just dont see how racism is going to solve anything..

        • Sanusi Hayatu

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          • nom

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          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            Nobody likes googles, that’s why Allaha created africa. It was supposed to be a prison for them subhumans but the infidels hauled them out thinking they would work. What irony. Now the dumbass infidels work to pay for the google EBT cards. If some google tried to get money from me, I’d shoot him with the AK-47 and then piss on his big-ass nose.

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          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            Googles look and smell like apes. But then, if your ugly face ever looked into a mirror, you already know it.

          • William Parker

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          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

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            Quiet jungle bunny or I’ll pull off your lips and make a bungee cord out of them. No doubt, it would stretch to the top, of the new, world trade center, replacement buildings.

      • Cardinal Nero

        The Googles I call them BRICKETS or CHARCOALS. They are all same shits.

  • theheadchimp

    Listen up fuckwit, I don’t have time to school you in internet protocol. You would be an asshole in lower or upper case so it doesn’t matter.
    “the racisms on this site is disgusting, u should all be ashamed of urselfs. ” Listen up Sambo, yes we are all different, but some are nasty vile disgusting animals. Go sing Kumbaya with a bunch of coons for all I care. So fuck you and your little point…

    • ca$ey

      im a white australian, so maybe u should keep ur assumptions tightly locked up ur asshole!! as for educating me, i wouldnt even go there, u sound like an ass with a massive angry chip on ur shoulder…ever think to seek help for ur issues maybe then u might attempt to be a little nicer and less hell bent on causing a fight will a girl……………..

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        If you’re a white australian why are you communicating like a filthy google?

        If you don’t want to be identified as a coon; stop behaving like a coon.

        Death to coons!


        • Black lover

          Okay say this shit on the steers and u will be shot fuck it’s probly not going to be by a black guy come here I’ll shoot u and I’m white motherfucker!!

        • dickieg

          ABDOUCHE, you certainly are a total fucking moron, however I will also say that pretty much you all sound like a bunch of idiots, its 2012 not 1850 you fuckin clowns, no wonder this whole world is fucked up

      • theheadchimp

        I didn’t know they had any white abbos in Australia.
        Screw you, kiwis forever.

        • ca$ey

          white abbo? r u serious? its like saying i didnt know there were white kiwis…that would just be stupid.. as i said im not here to argue especially not with small minded racists like u 2.. ur both sad individuals with deep seeded issues, get help!!!!!

          • ca$ey

            p.s im not even aboriginal… there not the only people in australia u ignorant fool…

          • theheadchimp

            Abbos are the only decent people in Australia. You say racist like its a bad thing, you mambly pambly liberals assholes make me sick.

          • ca$ey

            ur very contradicting, first u call me a coon witch is racist speak for aboriginal then u say there decent? make up ur mind.. dont judge a person by there colour! thats not gonna make someone bad, its the upbringing that’ll do it..

  • theheadchimp

    Coon means google………it doesn’t apply to abbos. You find me a decent google and I will wont judge them by their color. If I judged them by their character……….they still would be goddamn googles.

    • ca$ey

      where r u from? here in australia people call aboriginals coons, murrys, abbos, etc.. and they get treated like shit even tho they owed the land first.. but some r not even nice at all and some white people r exactly the same if not worse..

      • Ectomorph

        No, the whites own the land because they discovered it. The abbos didn’t discover it: they were just running around throwing boomerangs and eating insects. The only other thing they did was worship Ayers Rock, and they should be grateful the whites gave it a sensible name.

  • theheadchimp

    Googles refers to those lazy fucking Americanized fuckups. Aussies are just criminals, the abbos owned it first, here the Indians owned it first. The googles didn’t own shit except for a boom box the size of a house trailer.

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      • Faith

        I cracked up when I read it. You speak the truth.

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        I like it!

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      • Rayne_Man

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • neena

    @Abdullah the butcher :You are making yourself and your religion look bad. Islam isn’t supposed to be about this kind of negativity. If you are truly religious you would know that God loves all his people and dosen’t like to tolerate the mistreatement of his children. Your a poser if you claim to be Islamic and make such ignorant comments. This is not what the religion has taught but simply ignorant posers such as your self making up things and making your own religion look bad!! You should be ashamed of yourself and if there is a self rightoues God(which there is) surely there is a spot specially reserved for you in hell. Hyprocites are one of the worst kind of people.:(

    • Franco Ieraci

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  • neena

    Wow this world is a sad place. 2011 and ignorance is still being displayed in ther form of racism. Makes me wonder what God is thinking as he looks down on his people. People who claim to be religious but yet make racist comments that go against what their religion is meant to stand for, people who judge a race as whole instead of getting time to get to know the individual.@ Thehead chimp:learn to spell learn before you go off on Chris and isn’t it quite ironic how you choose to call Rihanna a gorilla when your name says it all:You are the head chimp.When it all comes down to it beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are made in his image. But if you ask me she is beautiful and you need to look in the mirror at yourself be for you start judging others.Take a look at not only your feautures but your personaility as a whole. Now that I have wrote this long paragraph I’m done. If you don’t get it you probally never will. There is nothing left to do but hope that God is forgiving and takes mery on the ignorant.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Nobody asked you anything dirtbag, so shut the fuck up.
      I’ll tell you what Allah thinks when he sees you. He thinks, “what a dumbass mofo.”

      • mcneez

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