Lady Gaga Shows Her Vagina

Lady Gaga vagina

The Brit Awards (the UK’s Grammys) were held last night in London, and the big winner was Lady Gaga. Not because she won 3 awards, but because she was able to flash her brand new vagina to the world.

Lady Gaga showing her vagina in England last night is ironic because just a few months ago Gaga showed her penis to a crowd at an English music festival. Obviously now that Lady Gaga has had that pesky wee-wee of her’s removed she is excited and ready to show off her new mangled vagina to anyone who can stomach looking at it.

To me it looks like a chewed up ham sandwich, but that is not bad at all for a post op snatch… or so I’ve heard.

  • anchiii89

    FINALY!!!!!! I’m sooooooooo happy, this will be a year about her vagina, and not her penis( SHE DON’T HAVE A PENIS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Gaga forever ♥♥♥


    • God

      I still say it was tucked

      • Dead Ed

        I remember when my mum used to TUCK me in. She really wanted a girl.

      • Travis F.

        I agree with you…I believe it’s tucked. Why kill off the one-eyed trouser snake and show Indiana Bones and the temple of poon?

    • alex

      i fancy you babe

    • nonk

      besides she has de prettiest pussy , so pink and juicy

    • Michael ashton

      I’ll fucked the hell out of ladygaga

  • chuckjones

    Right – when would she have had time to have anything like that removed. So silly. What you’re looking at here, by the way, is her thong.

  • Joe H


  • Dead Ed

    I was pleased to see Lady Gaga pick up three Brit awards last night. Best female, Best Male and Best of Breed.

  • Dead Ed

    How are Lady Gaga and Wolverine™ similar?
    They’re both Ex Men.

  • Dead Ed

    Dermot O’ Leary asked Lady Gaga after her performance, “Have you got any advice for the guys backstage?”
    “Just be yourself,” says Lady Gaga, lying in a giant bath, partially dressed as a transformer, with horns sticking out of her head.

  • Dead Ed

    I just read that Gordon Brown was crowned this year’s “Worst Dressed Man.”
    Lady Gaga must be devastated.

  • Dead Ed

    All these jokes calling Lady Gaga’s gender into question are really immature.
    How childish to think, “He’s got long hair, he must be a girl”.
    Grow Up!

  • Seleno Gonads

    so yummy!

  • iwannafuckherintheass

    i wanna lick her pussy clean

    • mrloverman

      i wanna rape her ass ♥

  • devon

    what the fuck is your problem! lady gaga was never a man in the first place, the whole “penis” escapade is utterly ridiculous! That was a joke! damn people will believe anything they hear! lady gaga is gorgeous,kind,and creative ,she has changed what is “normal” in todays standards! you people are fucked! Do you honestly have to create some rumor about someone? all you are doing is coming across as is stupid,immature,jelous pricks! let me ask any of the girls that are saying this shit about gaga, how would you feel if a bunch of people started accusing you of being a man? wouldn’t feel so great now would it?I’m a straight guy and frankly I find lady gaga to be one of the most honest ,beautiful kind women, who possesses no manly qualities what so ever! you all need to take a look at people and think before you say anything because you honestly don’t know what this could do to that person, just take some consideration into what you say to people!
    Damn people are so rude! You never think do you?

    • rrere


      • fag

        your a fag

        • VirtuousJedi

          You spelt “You’re” wrong. Anus.

    • Diana

      I agree, people are ridiculously fucked up to think she was ever a man. She’s fucking hot, and with way more educational credentials under her belt than most people ever will have. Damn jealous fucks who hate her and say shit about her need to take a chill pill and calm down because its getting old. Obviously alot more people think she is great which is why she is still super famous and liked and will not “go away”. If you dont like her, then quit looking at her pictures and reading up on her just to say shit….seriously it is so stupid to do that. Anyway More power to Gaga. I love you baby!

  • Lucy N

    What a cunt!

    • goprogressgo

      this is the funniest comment.

  • 我擦

    Lady Gaga的 大B 真好看!!!

  • Lilbee Rose .x

    Finally the whole penis thing can be put to bed shes oviouly not a ma

  • Charles Dickens

    Dont be idiots by talking about nonesense and start fucking such an openly readily available wide pussy!

  • amon

    Wat do think about dis.?

  • Kasey

    If you look closesly you will notice that there is indeed a thong present. BUT you wil also notice the the thong has folded or sliped in between her vaginal lip and you see the lip sticking out more than the thong. furthermore lady gaga is indeed a lady with no penis present. if she were to have a penis when she is in most of her “outfits” even if she were to tuck back the penis it would be present in behind and noticed. much like within th emovie ace venture with jim carry. lastly at this angle of squatting and legs spread apart the penis would fall out of said tuck and be presnt, also do you fucking idiots know how much it would hurt to have a penis tucked into an outfit like this or tucked back, plus lady gaga’s rich bitch she could afford to have a penis removed if she ever had one!

    I’d fuck lady gaga she’s fucking hot.

  • Retardacrossthestreet

    For real bro you think she has a penis read my name “retard” and even i know that she has a pussy any gay ass who believes she has a penis wishes they had one

  • Adert-of-dabert

    OMG!!!!!! someone photoshopped a vagina onto lady gaga’s DICK!!!


    so cute, LG is cannot live without controversy

  • anyorgor

    what i think is to have sex with a lady

  • Ali

    I’m never going to forget the night me and Lady Gaga had sex for over three hours. I blew my cum ip her vagina but didn’t get ger pregnant. Damn. She gives amazing blow jobs :)

  • boris

    Lady gaga never showed her pussy!!! I do not know why!!! Lady gaga is pop star!!! Lady gaga is famous!!! WHY DOES NOT LADY GAGA SHOW HER CUNT??? Lady gaga!!! Please!!! Show me your pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!