Lady Gaga Shows Her Ass In A Thong

Lady Gaga thong

Lady Gaga shows her good side by sticking out her ass in a thong in the photo above.

Though almost certainly infested with AIDs and various sex weebles, Lady Gaga’s rump appears to be quite plump and sturdy.

Lady Gaga would do well putting her buttocks to good use tilling the poppy fields of virile Muslims, instead of shaking it for her millions of fugly teen girl and homoqueer fans.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I would let her pull my plow across her lower 40….

  • Dick Hertz

    She is repulsive.

    • Anubis

      Yes, VERY repulsive indeed. Bitch Gay-Gay is a most hideous she-beast that must be stoned immediately for that photo of her grotesque ass, which is most offensive to Allah and us righteous Muslims.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    she scared my vagina

  • Jesus

    Jesus no.

  • Black Knight

    Somebody tell that whore to use to proactive on that ass. Who be wantin to eat out a pimply ass?

  • Cracker White

    I’d rather fuck my own ass, and my ass is gross

  • HurrrkaDurrrka

    I would love to fill her with my strong Muslim seed. Her face reminds me of a goat I had when I was little.

    • HurrrkaDurrrka

      Sometimes I could use an edit button

  • Jabbar Muhommad Kareem Jabbar

    I bet she reeks of cabbage and anti-dandruff shampoo. If this is the best music the west can produce, they are surely doomed. Her and that Koonye mongrol should do a duet on a sinking ship.

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Lady Caca is one disgusting american slut a disgrace to muslim girls everywhere. She is nothing more than a cheap knock off of.that reprehensable jew convert cunt Madonna! Both these harlots must be stoned under sharia law! We must get rid of these depraved “women” because they are cashing in for the jewish run entertainment industry. Death to.the wench!!!!

  • Tecumseh

    I really thought lady gaga was a transexual, when i first seen her, I had to look it up seems like I wasnt alone, If you go to google and type

    Is la

    before you can even get the full word lady in, there is already fility transexual talk about lady gaga, SHE HAS A DICK. she should fuckin cutt of her own dick and gaga her self to death with it. Fuck that marilyn manson wannabeee

    Most of us do not look as handsome to others as we do to ourselves






  • Muslims eat pig shit

    You pig shit eating muslims no one wants to see lady gag ga’s smelly ass it’s almost as nasty as you muslims.

  • The Messenger

    Please stop this hatred.

    • Anubis

      The great Prophet had spoken out against such hatred. If you must kill your infidel neighbor, do so with much carnage, but never hate while doing so. Hatred corrupts the soul, like western whores prostituting their slutty bodies.

      Everyone knows that we Muslims are the most peace loving, caring and a very non violent civilized people. Just ask your Muslim leader Hussein Obama who will state this as an irrefutable truth.

  • luke e

    funny thing about this pic is if this is lady gaga she looks alot like britney murphy that actress that overdosed wierd

  • Janxen

    If thats lady gaga then justin bieber is my daughter.

  • LolleyGagger

    Too bad that’s a man’s ass, false advertising

  • Umar the Brown

    Is she two feet tall? This Italian slut needs a few cranks on the rack to straighten her out so that she will be able to take my Islamic RPG of love while bent over my 16th century Persian Ottoman.

    • Odin the Destroyer

      Umar who takes it up the brown.

      You’re tiny Islamic surface- to- ass missile will not even amuse her. I don’t think she’d want to be bent over your Ikea 80$ or best offer ottoman, you filthy scavenger. Retire to the desert, Jungle Nuts. Puh!

      • Umar the Brown

        You think you can step to this? Your homoqueer western pansy ass would pass out when you even saw me and my mighty Damascus Steel Scimitar headed for your neck. You’d wake up to find yourself tied down on the ground with several fishhooks shoved into each of your nuts and the other end of the lines tied to two camels headed in opposite directions. After I’ve made you a eunuch, I would then make you the ass-cleaner for my old camel, Thor. Your tongue will be the best tool for the job, homoqueer, so work out with your boyfriend now in preparation.

        All this will come to pass once Brother Obama wins the election in November!

        • Michelle Western

          what the hell is wrong with you?

  • osama bin laden

    WTF!!!…Gaga is a man, isn’t it???

  • The Guy with The Queer Eye

    Is it weird if i want to Gaga in her ass? I mean i do it every weekend but is it weird?

  • Madonna

    She’s not worthy to wipe my AIDS infected arthritic ass.