Lady Gaga Flashes Her Post-Op Vagina

Lady Gaga vagina

American transsexual pop star Lady Gaga was caught flashing her disgusting sloppy post-op vagina in the picture above.

This Lady Gaga fella must be pretty proud of the work his doctors did on that sorry excuse for a snatch to be flashing it in public like this. It just goes to show you that celebrities like Lady Gaga are completely delusional about their appearances as that is one of the nastiest looking vaginas I have ever seen.

To make matters worse it appears as though Lady Gaga’s labia are pierced. Can you imagine being the poor bastard that had to pierce Gaga’s saggy, stinky, disease-ridden lady lips? I shudder at the thought!

  • theheadchimp

    Are you sure that just ain’t a little dick?

  • ABDG

    Smells a bit like wet garbage and roof tar..

  • Anubis

    Tranny shemale Bitch GayGay is such a putrified low life piece of filth that ever slithered in the grass. It has the sex appeal of a google’s pile of stinkin’ crap squirted with his AID’s infected cum on it.

    The person that had to pierce that disease ridden sex organ no doubt had to cut his hand off that had the utter misfortune to have to touch it, or committed suicide afterwards. It almost made me puke glancing at it. I can imagine the foul stench that no doubt emits from it, like something died inside.

    I think a disclaimer warning should be posted that only the strong stomached should ever dare attempt to view that creature’s revolting private parts.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I hope to conduct lady gag-gag’s autopsy……and find out just what the fuck this abomination is.

    • theheadchimp

      The autopsy results are in….its a chick with a little dick. Just like all the Michael Jackson supporters on this fine site.

      • Anubis

        Brethren Abdullah and Headchimp, when performing that autopsy, I hope you took total precaution by using thick gloves and disinfected your hands thoroughly afterwards. I’d hate to catch something from that filthy diseased tranny creature.

        Speaking of MJ supporters, they are known to have lower IQ’s, a bit illiterate, and get highly incensed when someone speaks the negative truth against their freaky dead pedo idol. I think it’s about time for some more articles of that white wannabee freakazoid so we can laugh at their outraged replies.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Yes…it is time to once again expose the exploits of america’s most famous pedoqueer….michael jackson.

  • Heil Jesus

    I admire the courage of whoever got close enough to her alien vagina to take a picture. If this brave man or woman would have taken even a second or two longer to get the shot, then the tentacles in Gaga’s pussy would have grabbed him and ate him. Lucky for the photographer, Lady Gaga’s species is cold blooded so she only has to feed once every few months.

  • avenging angel

    wot a great site, slagging popstars etc, love it! ga ga by the way is a complete twat! if i was american and ok i would kill it to prove that all my country men arent total piles of steaming shit cos the “acts” they export certainly give the impression that americans are crap!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      avenging asshole

      If you really hated shitty american celebs, you’d convert to Islam and wear the suicide vest and prove you mean what you say.

      Talk is cheap, the suicide vest is not. It is your ticket to 72 hot virgins and eternal happiness.

      Think about it asshole and then give al-Zawahiri a call. You will not be sorry.