Kristin Kreuk Poses In The Nude

Kristin Kreuk nude

Kristin Kreuk, the star of the hit CW shows “Smallville” and “Beauty and the Beast”, appears to pose nude in the photo above.

After spending years in relative obscurity on cable TV shows, Kristin Kreuk is obviously hoping this nude photo will take her career to the next level and get her a series on network TV.

Unfortunately for Kristin prostituting her naked body may not be enough to get off of basic cable as she is too skinny for CBS, too young for ABC, and not Jewy enough for NBC. Kristin Kreuk best shot for a show is on FOX, but she is either going to have to become a cartoon or take another photo fingering her butthole.

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  • Duelist

    Fake. This has been photoshopped. What is wrong with you people. Kristin does not do nudes.

  • ZennieOne

    Don’t know the actress, but the combination of perfection of face and perfection of physique STRONGLY suggests this to be ‘shopped. Still, nice work. I’m not on board with the official comments above. But I appreciate the artistry of the this merged imaged. People forget that there is a middleground between hardcore and commercial mainstream, and sometimes therein is genuine art. Like this.

  • Jack Reeves

    Kristin as great shape and she is as beautiful had sun beam , Kristin your going to make it, a lot of women posed nude and the made it big, so do as your heart tells you to do and you’ll get there , your half way there any way. I like you and there a few million more that do. May be you need to get back on a supper man series. Love tea sweetie, Jack

  • Corey

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