Kristen Stewart Topless Pics From New Movie

Kristen Stewart topless

Kristen Stewart goes completely topless in her new movie in which she plays a whore riding in the backseat of a car.

Of course Kristen is in the news right now for cheating on long time boyfriend Robert Pattinson with 41-year-old married director Rupert Sanders. Robert Pattinson is obviously devastated as he will now have to find a new girl to pretend to date to hide the fact that he is a gay.

Yes these screen caps of Kristen Stewart topless prove that she is a wanton Jezebel. Any man who is foolish enough to attach himself to her should expect to be made a cuckold.


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart

  • Talib Sulayman

    Ah. Just what the infidels have predicted in Hollywood movies. They all suck. The New batman movie sucks and so does your mother. Kristen Stewart on the other hand is the harbinger of ideal sex slavery. White women are the best sex slaves.

    • Bubba

      WOW!!!!!!!! Does She have some Big hooters or what?

    • The messenger

      Stop calling people infilids. Jesus wants us to love and show compassion to all people. Stop with the hate ok.

      • jujucru

        Jesus=love muslims=hate

        • Arcachnar

          No. You should not blame ALL the Muslims for the things that have been done in the name of Allah. Only a small group. Besides, Christianity is not free from slaughter and hate as well.

        • Trent

          Longton, a market town in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England; Hollywood, a glamroous neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California, USA. The latter is the celebrity capital of the world, home of the stars and the epicentre of modern cinema. The former is a suburb at the heart of the 1900’s British pottery industry. Very little in common you may think, but Longton has made a more than significant contribution to Hollywood style over the years.

    • Umar the Brown

      You speak the truth, my brother, on all accounts. May Allah bless you.

  • Dick Hertz

    Ah, that’s it? was that really worth posting?

  • Man4Man

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    • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

      Do you like getting double anal? Big Gay Pete has a tiny pecker so with me and him inside of you it would be more like 1 and a half anal.

    • Olivier

      Wow! You are incredibly rude. Adam Lambert naelid the performance. Brian May and Roger Taylor call him a genius. So what exactly are your music credentials? Do you even know who Brian May and Roger Taylor are? Hmmmm I thought not. (PS. it does sound like you have something against Lambert Meow)

  • bin-jamin

    The good thing is, we have free porn with all this hollywood bitches…I bet she is still horny and waiting for the next one in her cheating list…jejeje take me!!! bitch

    • The messenger

      Stop calling them bitches.

  • bin-jamin

    ok…so what’s the name for an infidel woman…????….player.?…foxy?….mmm?

  • Robert

    pics r good but u should find the three way scenes

    • john

      the car scene she was give the boys handjobs!!!!

    • john

      the car scene she was give the boys handjobs!!!!

  • Arcachnar

    The hell with her tits i wanna sniff those pits.