Kristen Stewart Topless Movie Pics

Kristen Stewart topless

Kristen Stewart goes completely topless in the screen caps below from an almost certainly horrible movie.

Kristen Stewart has the body of a young dancing boy (with the exception of the tight anus), and I’d find a warm breeze up my tunic more erotically stimulating then these topless pics.

Yes these Kristen Stewart topless pics are an abomination, and anyone who is aroused by this frumpy emo with an underbite is not only an enemy of Islam but also of good taste.


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart

  • Jamal

    I can’t wait to pour all my jihad over her..

    They should release the blu-ray version soon cause I am really getting pissed waiting this long to issue a fatwah

    • The Guy with the Eye

      Firsties to say firsties!
      Important anounssement:
      Me and my lover The Real Prophet are looking for men with big peckers to fuk our aces very ard.
      We prefer Muslim men because their manuood is biger.
      We give 20 dolares to each customer plus a Sesamee Street action figure.

      Big Dragon Pete don’t need to be jealouse. You can join us.

      • Khalid

        If you’re going to pretend to be GwtE, at least try to do it right.

        Imagine yourself a brain damaged (possibly a water baby eg hydrocephaly), incest abuse victim who subsists on a diet of Ramen noodles, semen and Diet Coke with atrocious spelling & grammatical skills.

        Also envisage needing to take a huge, painful dump because I can only comprehend that’s what it must feel like to use an inflatable butt plug like he/she does.

        Next, imagine living in fear of the jihad finding you and stoning your sick, freak watermelon sized skull at any moment.

        Then and only then will you be able to post like GwtE.


        • The Guy with the EyE

          You tell Um Steve Dave!

        • The Real Prophet

          ALLAHU AKBAR or what he said.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

          Brother Khalid:

          You are asking too much. It’s not easy to reproduce the Kindergarten couple mental condition.

          For us Muslims I consider it is even impossible, because our average IQ of 200 is not prepared to simulate a under 50 one…

          • The Real Prophet

            Hashit the swallower

            Yes your Intellectual Queerness is at 200% You’re Twice the homo the rest of your idiot camel humping, goat fucking friends are.

            Elif air ab dinikh

          • Rasool

            The Real prophet of dog shit

            Your queerness..sans intellectual (because nothing inside of you can be termed as intellectual) is…

   queermeter malfunctioned…Just how queer are you…you pathetic peice of trash?

   weary before using out holy arabic language lest you want to be bombarded with arabic word bombs all day

          • Rasool’s Boyfriend

            Come here bitch suck my winner. What are you doing on this most holy site. Your Queerness and the likes of you are not allowed here. This is a site for us Muslims to come and wank it to the infidels of the west.
            Cum over tonight I’m going to use the strap-on on you my little tranny. ;)

  • Khalid

    I’m not sure of Kristen Stewart is a post-op tranny or a very underdeveloped anorexic girl. Nor do I care.

    All I know is that a righteous stoning will cure both her and Western society of her pouty, piss poor excuse for acting & serial adultery.


    • Anubis

      Brother Khalid, I suspect that she is a post-op tranny that has a depraved vampire fixation complex. A righteous stoning would indeed be in order, not just for this shameful display of her blatant sluttery, but most especially for her total lack of acting skills.

      We must also thank merciful Allah that those pictures were taken of the slutty whore in the dark so that we pious Muslims wouldn’t have to bear witness to her wicked stink holes.

  • The west is the Best

    Use kotex Khalid

    Just as someday you may over come you serial cocksucking.

  • Dave

    You’re a piss-poor excuse for living if you think her acting is piss-poor!!!

    • Khalid

      Dildo Dave,

      Choke on elephant shit & die mofo.


      Tariq Khalid Hassan

    • HurrrkaDurrrka

      Your very post reeks of semen, anus and baby oil, you homoqueer. The only “people” who enjoy Kristen Stewart’s acting are faggots and the severely mentally retarded.

  • Abdul Rasul

    This may be Zionist Hollywood tricking me, but I feel this young American slut has potential. The sad look she always had on her face reminds me of the look on my wife’s face when piss on them or make lick the toilet seat. Plus she showed she wants a stronger cock after dumping that Jewish white boy who has sex with vampires. Am I wrong brothers or should I just put a fatwa on big gay Pete?

    • Riddle Cracker

      You can declare a fatwa on Big Gay Pete any way.

    • The west is the Best

      Abdul ass rash

      Did you mean the look on you goats face when you butt fuck it And by a stronger cock she does not mean a shi tcovered smelly one like yours you dirty ugly mofo.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    Also these are not even the BEST pics from the movie…They suck

  • stOOk

    nice tits khalid

    • HurrrkaDurrrka

      Can someone please put a fatwa on this mongoloid?

  • stOOk

    hurkahurttwat let’s go camel back snake piercing

  • stOOk

    don’t dislike my comment, my word is god’s WORD

  • Frank

    I can’t see anything in these. Too dark.

  • Hasan

    Alissa C DiCarlo, look out for the superbug strain of gonorrhea. It is incurable. Contage it, and you’re dead.