Kristen Stewart Shows Her Bare Ass

Kristen Stewart ass

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is nothing if not self-aware about her acting ability. She realizes that she has no talent whatsoever, and the only way she is going to continue to have a career in Hollywood is if she does a lot of nudity.

The clip below with Kristen Stewart showing her bare ass is a nice start. Unfortunately Kristen has yet to realize that her body pretty much sucks, and needs a lot of work if she is going to be parading it around naked.

Kristen Stewart ass

Kristen Stewart’s ass is flat and flabby from a sedentary Western lifestyle were women are not even made to harvest figs, so the only way Kristen Stewart is going to get a respectable behind is with a good old fashioned Allah sanctioned squats and lunges routine.

As a typical Hollywood harlot we know Kristen will continue to prostitute her nude body on film whenever she gets the chance. Let us hope she shows the same dedication into whipping her body into something that is aesthetically pleasing, or we will be continually underwhelmed with scenes like the one above.

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    What’s more disgusting about this kuffar whore in this scene is that she exhaled one huge and nasty blast from her ass to blow the blanket off like that! Americans do not just lack decency and morality but also common courtesy. I imagine all their fat asses do the same thing when stuffing their cow mouths at McDonald’s or having a latte are Starbucks.

    • john wayne

      sand googles are the true infadel.

    • Ken

      “What’s more disgusting about this kuffar whore in this scene is that she exhaled one huge and nasty blast from her ass to blow the blanket off like that!”

      It’s someone offscreen hitting her with a pillow, you ignorant fuck.

      • Abdul Matin Haqq

        Dear Ken the cock blower

        You’re obviously an idiot if you would believe such things. No true Muslim man is idiotic enough to try and stone this harlot to death with a pillow. Think things through before you say them, and bring me some stones for this monstrosity.

    • sincere

      Fuck you…you Muslim or Arab dickhead…scum of the earth…Allah sucks a fat dick in your gay Paradise…bin laden is dead bitch! He is sucking Allah’s dick in hell now fucking terrorist homos lol

      • Sok Mi-Dekh

        You pathetic brainless cunt, please end your life now, the mass of your stupidity is slowing down earth’s orbital course

      • Rokz

        Son of Bitch, if you stay in front of me i must kill you,

    • g funk

      Your an idiot Fukrubber. Your in the minority of people when it comes to being attracted to American women. So sorry you never get to have one.
      Racist prick. (Nationalist prick as well)

    • Jimmy Stone

      At least our country can keep everyone fed.

    • SamuraiCowboy

      Wortless dick sucking pig eating moron. Go back and fuck you father,

  • crazychristian

    Blow it out YOUR ass camel jockey. How can some skinny raghead who smells like an armpit talk about decency and common courtesy? Disgusting donkey lover.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a rude and crude infidel and your shitty ass disregard for other cultures is appaling. You have no decency and are discourteous; a trait common to all christians and jews.

      Know this you inbred swine….when the Jihad begins in your country, assholes like you will be the first to taste Muslim steel.

      • God

        You’re a faggot. Also, you’re not funny. Your writing is all stupid and recycled. Seriously, you sound like 4-year-old trailer trash.

        If you really want to contribute to the world’s comedic pool, kill yourself. It would be both beautiful and hilarious.

        You’re a fucking faggot.

      • mike

        whos the swine here you guys started this pointless debat over what a stuped ass picture wtf is point in saying war shit over someting so simple to degrad someone or anyones belifes over something so stuped is childish i served in the war it was pointless so many good people dieing on both side im american tooo but im not gonna start some dunb shit over a stuped picture butcher if ur so much more smarter dont even respond that go for all of you usa and all to degrade someone belifes over a stuped pictureb is just so unaplealing grow up all of us learn to respect one anoter dont fight over senceless shit like a picture like this it very sad to throw people relgion in over something so small come on now pll

        • theheadchimp

          Mike the retarded muthafucker
          What the fuck was 1st grade too tough for your widdle brain? What ever you are doing now (working at McDonalds) quit and go back and finish elementary school. Trying to read a post from a nitwit like you hurts my brain…
          PS. I bet your name is Bob but you just couldn’t spell it right, so it came out Mike.

        • sincere

          But you talking shit…you are an ass fucking fag!

      • Tanner

        All Christians and jews? Wanna know something fuck head, if you were half as descent as you preach about, you would know not to generalize. So keep your retarded comments to yourself you Arab fag.

      • hardfugoo

        Muslims have steel?

      • Ken

        Weird. You point fingers about disregarding other cultures, but you end your post with a statement about Muslim culture taking over.

        You’re a fuckslap.

      • Andrew

        “You are a rude and crude infidel and your shitty ass disregard for other cultures is appaling. You have no decency and are discourteous; a trait common to all christians and jews.” Actually you started the disregard for other cultures by what your buddy originaly said. “Americans do not just lack decency and morality but also common courtesy” i believe that was uncalled for and unprovoked. We are all human beings and equals I feel sorry for you Abdullah and Ali I really do. That you are so deperate that you attack americans the way you do. Americans are the same as me and you. Remember a certain famous speech involving the phrase “…if you cut me do i not bleed?” Racism needs to stop before we kill each other off like wild dogs. Stop bickering over pointless Bullsh*t and grow up and that goes to both sides americans and what ever wonderful nation you other people are from. Abdullah and ali i think you guys need a hug seriously. Feel the love guys. Hate is bad for the body and soul. Also doesn’t the Koran preach love and acceptance of other cultures? I am a bit confused by your aggression.

      • Nick Frahm

        Shut your fucking mouth you retard. God created all of us and he doesn’t want his children killing each other. All people like you are doing the Devils work. If you dumb mother fuckers believed that Jesus was a prophet, and it says in your holy book he was, he said love EVERYONE and treat each other EQUALLY and all you bastards hate everyone. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU AREN’T DOING YOUR GODS’ WORK YOU ARE DOING THE DEVILS WORK! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

        • Kahlid

          Jesus was a dirty Jew and a Djinn.

          Just like you’re a homoqueer and cocksucker.

          Ha! Take that mofo.

          • christian

            okay so first of all. your religion is based off of Judaism and christianity so you insulting them makes you a hypocrite because your following a religion that is false as well since your prophet was formally a jew…. second of all i think this whole website has gone completely the wrong way and is defying all of the beliefs your religion preaches and making people turn against each other.. this is horrible and saddening to see.

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      crazychristian did i hit too close to home with the ” I imagine all their fat asses do the same thing when stuffing their cow mouths at McDonald’s”.

      Perhaps you commented from a McDonald’s as your fat ass American self and fat ass family members played pass the air biscuit?


    now i know what you may think about our country
    and ill admit we need to work on some things just like any other country…even yours
    but the difference between us real christians and americans and YOU is that we dont need to be accepted by you or anyone else, in fact… we dont even care…, And we dont need to go parading around the internet in our much more advanced computers and verbally abuse people to hide our own insecurities, And we get to love people through one of the most powerful ways possible (something you may never understand unless you convert), And we dont need to use profane language to get a point across… even if we want to.
    and by the way Abdullah The Butcher…
    by saying we have a disregaurd for other cultures
    and then calling us infedels and indecent and discurtious
    your just showing us how hypocritical, unadvanced, and idiotic you actually are
    dont worry about commenting back
    i wouldnt want you to strain that little noggin of yours too much

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      That was typical supremacist talk you bleeding heart conservative racist!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      STFU you degenerate subhuman.

      Your posts are nothing but racist rants against the most peaceful people on the planet; we Muslims!
      You need to read the Qur’an and live a better life?

      • God

        Dumb. Idiotic. Recycled. Unfunny and clearly a sign of the author’s cum-guzzling bitch nature.

        Go fuck a knife, you fucking faggot.

      • Nick Frahm

        peaceful? You muslims are the ones who started this war and are absolutely they MOST RACIST troop on this plant. If your prophet muhammad was still alive he would be ABSOLUTELY ashamed of you all.

  • careem abdul jabar

    Great post. Nobody could have said it better. Who gives a fuck about a bunch of dune coons. Those backward muslim motherfuckers are equal to our googles. Which means they are less than dog shit on a shoe. I say an American smith & wesson trumps muslim steel anyday. In American the googles are winning the battle between them and muslim party store owners. The last party store I stopped into the place was barricaded like Fort Knox and the muslim clerks were hiding behind the counter deathly afraid of the next google to walk in the door. So until the muslims take care of the black problem in this country I ain’t worried about no mooslem bullshit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You drunken asshole!
      What do you know about anything?
      I’ll tell you….Nothing!

      So talk all want, but know there will come a time when you subhumans will have to pay, and by pay, i mean die.

      • Canuck

        hey there buddy, wanna dial down the death threats a notch there eh?. that’s kind of mean don’t cha think? Was just wondering are you guys gonna jihad all over Canada too? cause you know we got enough bacon and maple syrup here for everyone and if you need somewhere to stay you can just move to Canada we like other cultures and embrace new religions. Can you explain this jihad thing? it seems really pointless… Oh ya and when it gets too dry where you are. One day if your nice Canada will sell you some water. Maybe trade for oil y’know. You guys should all read up on slavery cause you sound like slavers from back in the day. Don’t let history repeat itself stop spreading hate. Anyone can be racist not just Americans. calling someone subhuman makes you sound exactly like the people your are insulting except i think they said lesser thans a lot more. Anyway study history and you will see the path you are on leads to destruction and misery. Your hatred will bring about the end of days for the whole planet you narrow minded fools. You are all killing the human race with your close minded selfish hatred. There is only dark and light and this hate is dark whether you think you are on the right side or not. Do you think threating jihad and people lives is going to get you anywhere? When you pass on you will see your mistakes in life and become one with the universe only to relize you are the same as everyone else even us subhumans.

  • pencildick

    I want lay on her and rub my skinny little dink in her ass cheeks and I cum and smell her hair

  • theheadchimp

    You sick ass mofo. Go put your fathers playboy magazine away and shut the fuck up.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      this pencildick must be one douchebag.

    • God

      lol, both of you faggots are fucking each other in the ass thinking it makes you look intimidating.

      Newsflash: it just makes you look like faggy cocksucking bitchboys.

      Drown in piss, you miserable cunts.

  • theheadchimp

    Abdullah The Butcher
    The way some of the dickweeds like pencildick talk about women is just a shame. Hell even the sheep run away when they see this asshole coming. Did you see the post where that asshole said he doubted Butcher was your real last name?

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I suspect it is time to build Soylent Green factories.

    • God

      Damn, you guys just keep on assfucking each other’s dripping, bleeding, cum-encrusted buttholes.

      The most hilarious part about all of this is that this sort of failure and idiocy comes from both of your attempts to do your jobs. This retardation is, in every literal sense, the greatest result that your efforts and piss-poor capabilities are able to produce. You don’t even get to use the excuse that you only sound like retarded pre-teen girls because you’re not even trying; this is actually the MOST that both of you dickweeds have to give. Fucking pathetic.

      Drown in piss, you miserable cunts.

  • moslem ass

    Fuck U Fucking Moslem Terrorist

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Shut the fuck up you ignorant special ed retard

      The word is Muslim…….and the only terrorists are you asshole infidels!

      You must be one lazy ass fuck-wad to not even spell the word “you.”

      When Islam takes over in america it will be a breeze, because you lazy motherfuckers won’t even move out of the way, when we start chopping heads.

      I would tell you to prepare for death….. but I know you’re to lazy too do anything but drink and pass out.


      • God

        Unfunny. Recycled. Idiotic.

        Christ almighty, retard, you’re pretending to be a muslim terrorist. There are countless different directions you could go in-character to come up with something hilarious.

        Yet, you’re such a fucking queerbitch retard that you only have one moronic face to offer. It’s not remotely clever, not remotely entertaining, and as equally worthless as everything else you’ve ever done in your life.

        You’re too much of a pussy to pull off the Islam shtick, faggot.

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      • Half-Lebanese

        ok abdullah the bitcher/clerk first your full of shit ok maybe camel shit now on to my real point i have a strong feeling your not a muslim ala hulakbar means in the name of god and you put that after a sentence in which its unnecessary so i believe that your some kid who watches too much family guy in which alahulakbar is said quite a bit now assuming you are muslim where is the logic in killing yourself to kill others for that you earn nothing more than a one way trip to hell and 72 virgins come on who wants to teach 72 virgins women or men how to have sex and if you are muslim its because of assholes like you that i cant get through an airport without a “RANDOM” security check grow up asshole

        • theheadchimp

          Who gives a shit what a mongrel like you thinks. Whats your other half, African?

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          I don’t know which half of you is google, but if you keep running that mouth…the half which is your ass is going to get kicked.

          And, you sound like one of them homoqueer mofos….the perverted assholes who ask for an anal cavity search; so shut the fuck up.

          eat shit and die mofo

        • Kahlid


          The Lebanese are the googles of the Middle East.

      • Satan

        To Abdullah and other racist muslims: islam is a plagiarism of Judaism. The Quran is a copycat of the Bible. Muslims are just wanna be Jews


    and you have no life other than the computer
    where you illiterately harass american citizens

    “Rebuke the company of spearmen, the multitude of the bulls, with the calves of the people, till every one submit himself with pieces of silver: scatter thou the people that delight in war”
    –Psalms 68:30

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lazy christain

      Your immoral and bigoted attack on Islam clearly demonstrates your innate racism; especially since you employ a verse from the jewish book of thievery and racism (the hebrew bible) as a weapon of hate against the peaceful followers of Allah.

      Pay attention to what follows you deluded and confused infidel….and benefit from this verse from the Qur’an:

      Allah – there is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi (Footstool [of His Throne]) extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great. (Al-Baqarah 2:255)

      Instead of insulting the true humans of this planet (Muslims) you should fall to your knees and worship Allah.
      If you choose to stay with your pagan god… will face the wrath of Allah and his Jihadists.

      The path of the infidel ends in death!


      • RustyGtheAmerican

        How are you going to say your people are peaceful, and then threaten to cut off our heads. Sounds like more confused dumb Muslim talk. U know why your speaking English? It’s because you want to be like us, you see that we are supreme, an are now running your deserts and shithole towns. And you still call us terrorists, when you ragheads attacked first, and then blow yourself up in crowds of women an children and innocents, you are the terrorists, scum of the earth, we police you poor bastards. And hey the Muslim religion may b one of peace but you Deffinatley aren’t one of those peaceful Muslims, your a jihad, even Muslims hate you, because they know your not even Muslim, because of your violent ways. So shut the fuck up about hypercritical talk, becausefrom why I’ve read your the biggest hypocrit here. All hail te conquering heroes!!!!! Thanks for your time dune koons

      • God

        Your idiocy knows no bounds. The whole “pull a verse from the Q’uran” thing works, though, because it allows you to use words that aren’t your own. Really, that’s the most you can hope for. Communicating any of your own ideas, even in jest, does nothing but reveal to the world how dysfunctional that pile of carbon shit inside your malformed skull is, faggot.

        Go fuck a knife, you cockswallowing shiteater.

  • theheadchimp

    Now that we are quoting scripture here is one for you google lovers

    Ephesians 6:5 (NLT)

    5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You know…if that bunch of googles back in the 1700’s and 1800’s were as lazy as the current lot of welfare googles….I don’t see how any cotton got picked.

  • Jihad Shah

    Why do these ignorant and prejudiced hillbillies come to this site? This site is a sacred place of worship. It’d be like us showing up at your local McDonald’s and snatching the Big Mac from your hand. Or going to your church and asking why your preacher is driving a Mercedes but still asking for hand-outs.

    • EveryoneIsWrong

      “This site is a sacred place of worship.”

      If that’s true, then ingesting my semen will double the number of whores you get in heaven.

      On a side note, whores in heaven are okay then–just not the earthly whores? I’d like a little clarification on that one. Thanks in advance!

  • theheadchimp

    Jihad Shah
    I think they come to this site to release their frustrations. They work long hours, pay outrageous taxes to support lazy googles, put up with bullshit everyday from assholes. Hell if I had to put up with googles everyday I would be a prejudiced hillbilly too. But your preacher analogy was a good one…….

  • Paddy

    Thank fuck those films have Anna Kendrick.

  • allah susks dicks

    even with all the imoral self absorbsed ways of this great country we americans stil are thousands of time better than you scum sucking infadails so go to hell were you came from devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      allah susks dicks

      You sound like the illigitimate bastard of mush mouth from fat albert.
      It is clear that you are a piece of shit google.

      • WTF?

        WHAT THE FUCK? how do you even know about mush mouth? I feel like you’ve spent too much time studying american culture and not enough of your own

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          It’s no wonder us Muslims are kicking the shit out of you infidels the world over.
          You dumbass homoqueers spend your time getting drunk and abusing drugs. We Muslims spend our time studying you….our mortal enemies. We know all about your fascination with all things hollywood and it is your downfall.
          Yes, I know about the shitty ghetto cartoon about the fat google called albert; it has taught me much about the google way of life, and how easily they are tricked into doing the bidding of the honkys and jews.

          Learn to speak Arabic asshole because we Muslims are taking over.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • WTF?

            Last time I checked you guys are too busy with an ongoing between Sunni’s and Shiite’s to be kicking anyone else’s ass besides your own. Oh shit, you didn’t think I’d actually know about your culture huh? Take care of your own problems before you start trying to solve others.

  • theheadchimp

    allah susks dicks
    You stupid Americans are so fucking dumb you can’t even spell sucks right in your screen name. You elected a google for President……what does that tell you? You spell like a 3rd grader, but I might be overrating you. Tommorrow is welfare check day for you, hi yo Boones Farm it is, know whats I be saying?

  • Fuckislam

    All you Muslum motherfuckers can eat my ass. You all need to die. FUCK ISLAM.

  • theheadchimp

    Jump on a plane muthafucka, before we eat your ass it has to be BBQ’d and we will do it……….

  • Nina23

    You seem to be trying to make Kristen’s nude pictures a religious disagreement. The truth is most Americans wish she was from somewhere else and if we can’t have that we would love for her to move with Robert back to England. Kristen can’t act, has a terrible body no moral’s to speak of and would make fun of anyone’s religious beliefs. The truth is Kristen is a waste of space and certainly a waste of your time.

  • Happy Infidel

    Nina23 dear, these asshole Muzlims make a religious disagreement out of everyone because they are sick bastards. They obviously don’t have real jobs (talk about lazy) and just sit in front of their computers ridiculing anyone who isn’t their religion. They say they are peaceful, etc,. HA!!! Yeah right just listen to their filthy mouths and they have the nerve to criticize us. What a joke these pukes are. I wouldn’t even honor them with comments because that’s what they want. They don’t have a fucking life or they would be doing other more constructive things.

    You ragheads should get a soapbox and preach about Allah if you are so damn dedicated to him.

    BTW- there is only ONE God, whether he be Allah or anyone else we pray to. That is our own damn business so don’t threaten us with death you low-life motherfuckers.

    You don’t see us threatening to kill you if you don’t believe in our religions, do you? That’s ludacrist for God’s sake. Get a life and close this fucking website. Get a real job and stop threatening us Westerners because you don’t scare us. Seems you have some hostility against blacks and jews…tsk tsk. You are so damn obscessed with this crap already. Oh there will be jihad alright, but its you camel jockeys that will get their fucking ragheads blown off.

  • coolman8445

    lol dumb racist bastards



    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lord moldy

      You are one ghetto google.

    • theheadchimp

      Your monkey ass rant is about as ignorant as you are. Whats the matter? Your welfare check late?

  • WrathOfGod

    all radical muslims will burn in hell for their sins after they are put to death in AMERICA for their crimes against humanity….or after they blow their own stupid asses up haha wow you idiots are the biggest hypocrites on the planet and you smell like shit you dirty motherfuckers. nobody cares what the hell you think so have fun in your third-world piece of shit country hahaha

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You not only talk shit; you’re full of shit.

      Suck on that mofo

  • WTF

    WTF does any of this have to do with Kristen Stewart!! All of you just shut up!

  • Open the Scroll

    This worthless trash has a flabby, shapeless ass only the subhuman darkie would love to piss off his own kind because of their( womens) repulsive feature’s.

  • Roy Mabe Jr.

    Kristen Stewart has a nice behind ,it just needs a little cultivating and she will be in great shape.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      roy the gay boy

      kristen is a lazy whore and her ass will never be worth a damn.

  • zillaman

    Abubu get of his nutsack. He’s not afaggot like yu iz nigga.

  • demi hoe fatso

    damm that butt is sexy. unlike demi’s fat ass

  • Average White Man

    Fuck sand googles and skypes. You are all faggots in any gods’ eyes.

  • Paradox The Indifferent

    This is a tad necro-posting, but I feel as if I should indulge in this racial discussion.

    I agree with some of the Muslim/Jihadists, as well as the Christians/Americans.
    I think that some of the Muslims here are being ignorant; claiming to be peaceful while threatening to kill those that don’t believe, and live their lives differently to that of their own. To be peaceful is to accept those unlike yourself, and see them as equal. If you want to understand true peace, I suggest seeking the guide of Buddhists.

    As an American/Italian-born, I think that every woman on the planet is beautiful in their own way. Regardless of the shape of the body, beauty is the personality of that individual. The looks should never matter, but the eyes in which we find the truth of their soul, should.

    The world is a dark, evil place filled with anger and hatred among all nations. Some of it is out of jealousy, spite and ignorance. Yet with all that, there are also the good people that attempt to truly spread peace throughout. If the Muslims claim to be those people, don’t resort to violence to spread your peace; instead, try to enlighten through acceptance and equality.

    I don’t think any race or nation is better than the other. I think we’re only as good as those that exist around us; without the rest of the world, we’re not a humanity. Just like, in the Hewbrew Bible, we built the Tower of Babel, we must eventually stop fighting, and learn to work together; maybe then, one day we’ll reach unto the heavens and find true prosperity.

  • CMortis

    So I’m an American, and while I vehemently disagree that all Americans are fat (just as I disagree that all Muslim men are sexist, primitive, superstitious terrorists…ah, stereotypes, what would we do without you? Actually meet people ourselves before passing judgment?), I am afraid I must admit that Kristen Stewart has no talent and has a flabby ass. I don’t think I’d go so far as to call het a whore, but IF you are going to go out of your way to show your ass to the world, you really have to be prepared to face the fallout from it (and yes, I do mean sh#t — my attempt at a pun).

    • Kahlid

      All you Americunts are such fat-asses you have so many double chins that you all looks like you’re staring at each other over piles of pancakes.

      Eat a bag of dongs, fatty.

  • I hate camels

    You guys there is no talking to camel jockeys. Their whole lives is living with rags on their heads, smelling like ass, and living in a hut or a cave. They’re all crazy. Don’t even pay attention to

  • derkaderka Abdullah the ass licker

    I didn’t realise they allowed you camel fuckers to use internet! Do the entire world a favor and prove how worthless your lives are and strap a bomb to your ass and one by one set them off in your homes so you can rid this earth of gods mistake…..YOU :D I enjoy treating you stinky inbred fagots like the trash you are. In America you guys are a joke and are used as door mats. You smell really bad idk if you guys are afraid of soap but its horrific how bad you douche bags smell. You literally have stink up a city smh. There is no Allah and you guys are mistakes brought into this earth. If I could have my way I would let you all burn in napalm

  • Tony

    You know she has a great ass so what is all the fuss about? Any man who doesn’t appreciate her ass is obviously gay. Anyway your comments are very funny…keep up the great work.

  • True speaker

    U people are all ignorant. The way u state all Muslims or all Christians as the same is just dumb. Everybody is different. It doesnt matter what religion or culture u are. Oh and most of u probably think that just because some one is Muslim they are automatically Arab. Those who do are stupid.

  • danny

    I like kristen asss very much.iwant to entre in it.

  • Dredderick

    Rediculous Arab, sand bathing, fuck heads are in no way proper. From the way they oppress women to the bullshit god the worship. Killing and oppressing for no fucking reason. the middle east has been destroying itself over a Christian Reich and jihad Alah bullshit lies.

  • wow…scary.

    holy fuck……this is a terrifying group of comments. god damn. seriously, the people hating on musilms here are the reason why muslims wanna kill us americans. then again, the muslims that are on here are the type that re-confirm my belief that we should just nuke the FUCK out of all the “terrorist” countries. jesus christ. by the way im a “skype”….and if you said that to my face, id knock your fucking teeth out. no question.

  • wow…scary.

    oh…and i have a big black “google” room mate that would pluck all your racist heads from your bodies.

    • Jack

      Does he have a huge cock because I really like BBC!


  • wow…scary.

    i hate how i find out how scary this world really is while just simply trying to jerk off to kristen stewarts ass…unfortunately this picture just doesnt do it for me…

  • jason

    Wow you kids are blind she is perfect the way she is she is hot and talented and I would fuck hr and most of all I would love her the way she is I wouldent chenge a thing so shut the fuck up all of u assholes and stop putting eachouther down if u don’t like the pic don’t look at it and if you don’t like u are nuts

  • omfgREALLY

    Ah, ignorant groupist mentality at its least entertaining LOL

    Anyway, I think she’s a whore, not because she is showing parts of her body that people have chosen to believe is wrong to show (because seriously, it’s skin-wrapped fat, muscle, and bone–quit thinking you’re so special simply because you’re human–the universe doesn’t function that way), but rather because she, while in a long-term (supposedly) committed relationship, cheated on her partner with a man who is married and has two children–shame on them both!

    But despite her shitty moral compass, she might actually be cute if she didn’t always look like she’s about to vomit–of course, she doesn’t exactly look healthy, so she very well may be perpetually on the verge of tossing her cookies. Either way, I’d rather not stand near her, let alone come into physical contact long enough for any fluid swap to occur.

    Egad–now I feel like I need to vomit.

  • dylan

    ali bin you need to die in a plane crash like your brothers

  • The Death

    Shame over all of you. You argue about such stupid things like that. Why don’t we all work together to build a better world.

  • pleases

    i would stick my face in it anytime she wanted me to!!!!!!!!

  • Skip Mohdaveb

    This is one instance where “I really like to watch her leave” just means you’re actually happy she is leaving. Praise Allah, death to the world. Habib menenda yahtma jiha. Fire, fire, Omaha.

    • Brad Abdul-Jabbar

      Yes yes yes! It is true as you say, oh Holy one.

    • Timmy Abdur-Rahim

      Your wisdom clear to all must surely be. Graces graces many thanks toward your teachings.

    • Lisa Rashad Khabiridibidad

      I heard talk of this place where wisdom glows like mucus discharges in the scientific fiction movies. Thank you, Oh thank you! Ali uatu marina shafir.