Kristen Stewart Naked Pic?

Kristen Stewart naked

Is this a picture of Twilight star and plain Jane actress Kristen Stewart naked? If it is they certainly airbrushed the hell out of her because I do not see a single cutting scar or self-inflicted cigarette burn on her entire body.

Of course Kristen Stewart is no stranger to underwhelming nudity. She famously exposed her bare ass here and then was caught on video working as a stripper/hooker here.

This nude photo is like all things that involve Kristen Stewart, uninteresting and offenseive to Allah. Even so Kristen Stewart must stop trying and failing to stimulate men with her frumpy body, or us Muslims will be forced to take action in the form of a strongly worded fatwa.

  • Ahmad

    @The Secret Player: Great name chicoe, if I do say so myself! And thank you for sharing! Personally I remember drawing all over those character sheets…weapons, scrolls, coat-of-arms, weird magic symbols — it seemed like the thing to do, what with all that blank space. @fjw70: Thanks for sharing! Yeah, they had obviously intended for the materials to be compatible with both versions of D&D, so after I made my transition to AD&D, I still had a vast collection of materials I could use. Although that didn’t stop me from buying more materials, come to think of it…

  • Dusty

    Looking frrwaod to the post on the tour. I have been wanting to go to Kangaroo Island for ages. Friends of mine have been there and have LOVED it.

  • sexyboy

    Wowwwwwwww so sexy… i love kristen stewart and want to spend one night with her and fuck her very hard..

  • Rabbit25

    Kristen stewsart was an awesome choice for on the road,that threesome seen is going to be epic.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I want to suck her.

  • fuckbuddy

    Imma fuck u so hard.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    She can be my fuckbuddy. That is foe show!!!!!!

  • Calvin

    Ehh..not so much.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I wish I could get past it. Im so addicted to sex and I dont know if its really even an addiction or an obsession or what ,but I cant stop and it led me to becoming a pornographic film actress. Then I got hooked on vicodin and percs and alcohol to combat the emotional pain and internal bruising.

  • Kafmed Kalil

    Alissa C DiCarlo you are nothing more than a fancy western whore. You should be whipped by whichever man rightfully owns you.

  • raj


  • simon

    fuck you

  • Warewolf

    Just viewing old pix.

  • Guess who

    Certainly doing your religion good here. Perhaps you should keep your opinion to yourself, lest you further the – in this case superfluous – stereotype that Muslims are all needlessly violent fuckwits getting involved in things that do not concern them. I suppose if you too are made in the image of your God that would explain your inability to choose hour words carefully That is not my real email so don’t expect a reply. Have fun