Kristen Stewart Naked Photo Leaked

Kristen Stewart naked

A naked photo of Kristen Stewart has just leaked to the Web.

As you can see, the photo above appears to be of Kristen Stewart lying naked on a bed showcasing her famous dumpy pale ass and underbite.

The timing of the leak of this photo is suspicious as Kristen Stewart’s new Twilight movie is set to debut in theaters tomorrow, and Kristen certainly isn’t above leaking a naked picture to increase box office returns.

  • Dave


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    • Muslimslovecock

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      I grew up in a very insular community and change is very difficult for me to accept. It’s very hypocritical of me to foist off this hatred towards Muslims. It is also because of the sheltered childhood that I am very angry at the same time.

      What it really is that I’m gay and am getting married to a lovely man and Islamic hatred towards gays really upsets me. In fact, I am the one that shouldn’t be here because it will just anger me further and this is my problem, not yours.

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      • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • Nazi

            I’m pretty sure that was a rumor. As a child Adolf Hitler was Catholic, so where his parents. As a adult Adolf believed in the Aryan Christ, which was a Christ who fought the Jude’s. He was not Jewish, his ancestors might have been but I highly doubt it. He could of still been a Catholic as an adult but I am not sure.

          • TBEAR182

            Nazi, whether or not the rumor is true I dont know why you would want to associate yourself with that guy. He believed in making Germany into the superpower of it’s day and he could have went down in the history books as one of their greatest leaders but he went down a very sick and wrong path which ultimately destroyed her. I’ve seen that you said you hate Americans well we wouldn’t have a base in Germany there today if it wasn’t for Hitler so maybe your hatred is misplaced.

          • Nazi

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    To be honest with you brothers its one of her better displays, no nipples, no fanjita, no butt hole, i think kristen may be turning to the dark side of the force, ALLAH.

    Let us pray


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      Dammit. I meant Paris Hilton. There’s still some kinks to be worked out on our new WhiteBerrys.

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