Kristen Stewart Lap Dance Video

Kristen Stewart lap dance

We have just obtained this exclusive security camera footage of Twilight actress Kristen Stewart trying to give an older man a lap dance.

Many have speculated how Kristen Stewart, a relatively unknown actress, was able to land the starring role in the Twilight movie saga. I think we just found the answer.

I believe this video to be from Kristen Stewart’s audition for the role of “Bella” in the Twilight movies, and she comes off as an even bigger whore than I would have thought.

Her foul mouth prattles on about how older guys make her wet as she sits with her legs spread eagle in front of the producer. When the producer tries to get a little role play going by hinting that she should pretend she is 15 years old, Kristen Stewart misinterprets him and thinks he is a cop.

They go off camera were I can only assume they work it out and Kristen gives him a blowjob. The rest as they say is movie history, but don’t take my word for it see for yourself in the video below.

  • soda

    wow i cant believe this. why would she do such a thing. she is a role model to little girls. Shame on her

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      That’s exactly why she did it. You sickly sinning American thrive on these “role models”

      • Riddle

        And what other role models do you muslims propose??

        A covered from head to toe smelling like an elephant carcass ugly as shit middle eastern woman??

        No burkas for us here…we are not ‘that lucky’

    • drogo

      You are not that smart dude, she´s a actress, she wants to grow as an artist and play other roles than “bella” in Twilight, she cant take roles just because shes a role modell,,omg u nerd…..

  • Dead Ed®

    Hey, Durka Durka,

    Some people are so ignorant and narrow minded. Not all Muslims are terrorists you know.

    Some are taxi drivers.

  • Gundar

    Any idiot can realize, that this is a clip from a upcoming movie…and besides who cares of an actress such as Kristen Stewart play’s in a scence like this. I say grow up you dumb bastards and let them live there lives as is. What do you do for fun eh?

  • curly c

    you all are nothing but a bunch of sand googles. america is going to kick your turban wearing asses lol

  • Jimmy

    Mmmk…this scene is taken from the movie “Welcome To The Rileys.”

    The above article doesn’t describe what happens in the scene correctly either, so don’t pay attention to that. The dude in the scene is actor James Gandolfini, who MOST will recognize as Tony Soprano from “The Sopranos”

  • Jihad Shah

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. Everyone knows that actresses in Whorywood are little more than high-paid prostitutes. I think I recognize that filthy old infidel as well. I think he might star in this new show that’s airing in my country about an Italian-Satanic crime organization.

  • Our Lord and Master

    The best part is, she’s not acting. I mean, she’s not acting even moreso than usual.
    …okay, what I mean is, she actually does this for money.

  • Boat

    Why has no1 said that this is Tony Soprano yet?

  • Jaco

    Haha… obviously this is off the Soprano’s. Do you half the people here ever pay enough attention to realize when you’re getting fucked with? :P

  • Taylor

    Thats from her movie Welcome to the Riley’s

  • colleen

    that was for a movie

  • christina

    this is awesome, I wish she’d give a lap dance to a girl instead though ;)