Kristen Stewart Down Blouse Cleavage Pictures

Kristen Stewart

I’ve always seen Kristen Stewart as an asexual pale blob who did not require a burka because she lacked any sex appeal. That is why I was shocked and greatly disturbed when I saw these down blouse pictures of Kristen Stewart shamelessly flaunting her cleavage.

If Kristen Stewart is going to run around bent over showing her tits to the world, I demand she be forced into a burka immediately. I know Kristen is desperate to draw attention to her little satanic vampire movie, but she is crossing a line by whoring her bosom out like this.

See for yourself Kristen Stewart shameless act of depravity as she bends over to display her fleshy white chesticles in the pictures below.


Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart

  • Someone Named Something

    She cant help it. She doesnt know your actually going to take a picture of that. Your probably some perverted creep just tring too look for something scandelous to put on the internet to try and ruin her carreer. You probably try to ruin her carreer and other celebs becase your jelous so. Just get over it. iTS PEOPLES LIVES. its not a big deal so just shut the heck up/

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      She is definatly wanting it, after looking like that she can’t help but to try and whore herself out. The burqa would solve all problems. She wouldn’t be seen anymore. And maybe she will have a chance at finding a man.

  • laineyy

    she looks like she fucking fell and her boobs fell out . you are so fucking retarded ! i hate this website ! it is nothing but straight up lies !

    • laineyy

      sorry not fell but was just bending over and she cant help if her fucking boobs hang out !

      • jack

        u also fucking …..when she unwear clothes will come so i attack her boobs and i put my dic her anus whool n she shout so then i pull n push her hibbes she will get pregnent n i always kis her boobs n she kis my anus…hahahaahah

    • lee

      Then why are you on? After this, as usual, no one will listen to you again, LOL

  • Bread

    I just stumbled upon this website and I have to leave some sort of fucking comment for the idiotic fucks that claim they “hate this website”.

    Let’s start with you “Someone Named Something”. First, learn to use a fucking apostrophe. Second, your grammar along with your spelling is horrendous. Last, within five minutes of being on this website, my brain had enough fucking power to realize that the writer is a satirist. He’s KIDDING. He has strong, in your face opinions, and I highly doubt that he cares a goddamn bit about her failing “carreer” as a so-called actress. I also doubt he’s the one that took these photos. Ugh, I’m done with your ignorance and stupidity.

    Now we come to “laineyy”. Thank you for correcting your mistake from your first comment by saying she didn’t fall but instead bent over. You really saved my a day of worrying about Kristen Stewart’s well-being. And how is this website “nothing but straight up lies”? The title of the article is “Kristen Stewart Down Blouse Cleavage Pictures”.

    Uhh. I think that’s exactly what these pictures show. And to say she can’t help it? My black fucking ass she can’t help it. Put on a bra. Done and done. Her boobs are then secured and they won’t go all flippity floppity out of her shirt.

    This is the first and last time I will ever leave a comment on this website, so I hope you fucking morons that come here looking for the celebrity gossip that you desperately desire to make yourselves feel more whole find some comeuppance for your hypocracy. You think this website is terrible? Leave. Click the X on the top of your browser.

    Once you’ve clicked that tiny little X, do the rest of humanity a favor and choke on a railroad spike.

    • just saying

      Totally agree.. and btw she does have a bra on if ya look closely at the 4th pic

  • your fucking mother!

    Do you really think she knows this is happening? if she knew someone was taking a picture of her she probably wouldn’t have bent over like that!

    • Bman

      Right. Just like Miley didn’t mean to have that pic taken with her legs spread open.

  • Spencer

    She doesn’t even have any boobs, there’s not much to look at …


    God, she’s a surfboard with two mosquito bites. She looks more masculine than Joe Jonas!

  • this site sucks

    um first off she can’t help bending over to get in a RIDE other celebs show way more on purpose but u pick on her when she didn’t even do it on purpose and second of all wat u mean she ain’t pretty??????????????

  • you=moron

    This is all satire lighten up

  • Wow, you guys are gay

    let her be u queers!!!!!!!!!

  • allah is false death to islam

    what cleavage she has no fuckin tits………….on a side not death to all that worship allah I shall come to you’re straw and clay huts and cut off you’re head

  • Gilad Schalit

    I have to say that these pictures have made my day. The savages holding me refuse to let me view playboy, so I have to make do!

  • Katy Jane


    And I may not like Kristen, but in this one case I WILL defend her… even though I insulted her chest. Like many others have said, it’s not like she knew fucking perverts would be taking pictures down her shirt! GET A LIFE PEOPLE, COME ON! :)

  • hah

    she deserves it

    • ?

      no girl deserves to be violated like that, fuck you

  • iamtheviltwin

    “asexual pale blob who did not require a burka because she lacked any sex appeal”

    priceless :)

  • xp

    fuck muslim assholes

    • Dar al-Harb

      Your death will not be quick kuffar! Allahu Akbar!

  • chrissy

    obviously shes trying to have fun at a theme park like any other human being she just has people like you up her ass taking photos and shit 24/7

  • HA

    I can’t stop laughing at how serious people get about shit like this. I mean the poor girl bent over to get in a boat, okay maybe her shirt was a little loose, but honestly I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally flashed cleavage because my shirt was loose. Jesus christ you need to calm the fuck down. I’m not even going to comment on the “satanic vampire movies” because that argument would go nowhere. I have a feeling the author of this shit is not a woman, and “demanding” she wear a burka is so offensive. Kristen is kick ass. Oh and btw it cracks me up that you shame Kris for “whoring her bosom” while you use tags like “cleavage” “boobs” and “breasts” to get more views for yourself. Up yours mother fucker. Oh if your looking for that little thumbs down button it’s right bellow this comment. <3

  • alastair

    Get a life durka you disgusting pervert. A waste of server space.

  • Admiral Tom

    ..uhh. it’s really not that big of a deal. have you never seen boobs before?