Kristen Bell Spreads Her Legs In Naked Pic

Kristen Bell naked

Actress Kristen Bell appears to be in her natural state, spreading her legs while naked in the photo above.

When Kristen Bell isn’t starring in horrible “romantic comedies” she is probably down at the Hollywood docks, getting her orifices pumped by anything with a pulse and a compliment.

All actresses in heathen Hollywood are degenerate whores, but some (like Kristen Bell) take their depravity to nearly unfathomable levels as this naked picture shows.

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      I wonder how many Jews this disgusting whore has slept with to climb the coporate ladder.

      That’s why if I want to watch good movies I must look for the Bollihood productions.

      I only see American films starred by Mr Edd, Lassie or Arnold, the pig. In these dramas the actors didn’t sleep with the producers to get the role.

      • Nazi

        You are right Brother Hashim. If I ever saw this slutbag I would throw her in to a dark ally and stab her to death. DEATH TO ISRAEL!

        • Nina

          OMG. Kristen is my new hero. You go girl!. Show them all that your not afraid to expose everything.

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      • Moishe Goldberg

        Actually I heard Muslim guys produced Lassie and Arnold so they probably made those animals sleep with them to get the part. Muslims love their bestiality. They are universally famous for fucking camels when their dancing boys run away.

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      • Homeless Man

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      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        If its a good movie you’re looking for, I strongly reccommend “Innocence of Muslims” or, for homo like you, “Backdoor Baghdad” or “Cocks of Kabul.”

        There’s also Anal Abdullah’s favorite, he is the star of the film…….”Anal Love in Afghanistan.” He won the Gold Dildo award at the LGBT film festival for his work on that one.

        Those last three movies should keep you off this site and and wanking wildly for a good day or two.


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Small Worm Pete,

          You think that we don’t know that you starred the low budget porn movie “The Fag in White and the 7 Big Guys”, where you were ass rapped for 4 hours while eating popcorns…

          The film was a flop because you looked too enthusiastic and the main audience of the movie were google sadists.

      • Abdul the Sheep Herder

        She’s knocked up now. Once she squeezes out that infidel, she’ll be good for only anal sex.

    • Anubis

      Kristen Bell spread eagle in this position is quite common amongst western skanks, They are endeavoring to air out the rancid fishy foul stench from their well trafficked snatches. In most cases it only gathers flies and infidel scum suckers.

  • Ariq Hassan

    That is one beat up, used pussy.

    And I am not talking about Tom Cruise.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    She is wise to raise her legs unlike Megan Fox who kept her heels to the floor….

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  • cowbulls

    That bitch could take a fist all the way up to an elbow.

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    That’s the worst photoshop pic I have seen on here.

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    Social Sec # 155-84-1267
    Date of Birth 08/04/88
    Martinsville NJ


      Actually i was born in New Rochelle

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        Alicka DiAsshole

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