Kirsten Dunst Topless Pic

Kirsten Dunst topless

Actress Kirsten Dunst decided it was a good idea to defy the will of Allah and expose her sloppy saggy tits for the world to see.

Dunst was photographed wondering the streets topless with her breasts hanging around her hips. Like most American women she appears to be dazed and drugged.

How America can call themselves a “just” country when women like Kirsten Dunst can run around topless without a single stone being hurled at them is beyond me. Thanks to Kirsten Dunst the United States has once again shown themselves to be the Great Satan. Allahu Akbar!

  • IHateCelebs

    They looked much better in that rain-soaked shirt in the Spiderman movie.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Her tits are way too saggy.
    No doubt the result of being fondled by numerous hollywood big nosed jew producers.

    • Habib

      I remember her first movie where she fucked an ugly brown squat monster at the behest of her jewish masters.

  • SalamTheSandalmaker

    @IHate: yes, i think that her tits in Spiderman were displayed there at a time when she was slightly older than her prime breeding age (somewhere around 15). it’s sad that she didn’t bear any Muslim children at that time. Instead she focused on her “acting” career until now at age 29, her vagina is completely dry and her breast sag down to said vagina.

  • Habib

    Her tits are far cuter than her snaggle-toothed face.

  • Patriot 1

    1) You clearly like seeing tits, but pretend not to.

    2) How tough do you feel beating up on females?

    3) America is the best country that was ever created.

    And if you don’t like Mr. Speaker of the English language,
    then you can leave, and live in the infested deserts your self-righteous, hypocritical, phallus-loving ancestors call home.

    I’m relaxed because I know that you ignorant fucks know your place.

    Talk all the shit you want, we all know that you people would *never* say this in public because *Real Men* like myself would put the beating on you.

    Fuck whoever the hell “allah” is, fuck you, fuck your narcissism, and fuck your religion’s entire existence.

    And long live FREEDOM.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      patriot punk

      Shut the fuck up you ignorant, infidel mofo.

      Real gay men like yourself can be counted on for one thing; beating the meat of other homoqueers.

      When Islam takes over I doubt you will use such filthy and racist language in front of your superiors (us Muslims). I can promise, however, that you will be quickly stoned after your Sharia trial.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • peonurallah

    Allah n god are a lie your waisting your life beleaving in lies as far as usa being great thats bull too but it is better the the middle east in most ways but ive never seen a rpg in a kids hand in the usa so middle east has its ups truth is no one has a choice where they r born n most r stuck with what ever bull shit god their parents force fucked them in to fallowing all becouse peple are stupid n need to have a reson to live their shitty dumb ass lifes hoping there is somthing better for then when thay die fuck o yah her tits still look good to me id fuck the shit out of her only problm is the pic is too dark

  • тιмσтну

    Its you Muslim queers who need to m stoned