Kim Kardashian’s Fat Pregnant Ass Got Even Fatter

Kim Kardashian pregnant ass

As you can see in the photo above, ever since Kim Kardashian got knocked up her already enormous ass has gotten even more enormouser.

Scientists in Tehran estimate that if Kim Kardashian’s pregnant booty continues to grow at its current rate, its gravitational pull will begin affecting the ocean’s tides sometime in early March.

Yes it is clear that Kim Kardashian’s rapidly expanding butt poses a real danger to humanity. Anything with that kind of concentrated mass can causes unspeakable damage, and one shutters to think of the devastation it will cause when Kim begins unleashing a steady stream of noxious pregnancy farts.

  • Peter

    Zig Heil! Du bist eine kippes!

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Any moment now, there is going to be an explosion on this holy website.

      I assure all of you, us Muslims do not have anything to do with that explosion.

      If you’re clever, you’ll figure out what exploded (Hint: It has something to do with Google Loving)

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Nohair on nuts

        Oh Jesus…..another one of your sick, homo moments.

        Yes…..we all assumed that once you showed up…..Homo Hashim was going to “explode” all over your face.

        We didn’t need written confirmation.


        • Manti Teo

          Grand Buffoon Pete

          Stop being a meany.

          She is beatiful. That looks like my Girlfriend from behind.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Manti Gay’eo

            Ha. That was funny.

            I think you and all the muslims on this site shared a girlfriend.


        • Zohair – The Good One

          Grand Fagon Pete

          You seem to have missed the Google Loving part.

          If there is anything about you we muslims can count on, it is Google Loving.

          We have sattelite images of you getting pumped by that Google Kwane, and all of your Google hatred is just a masquerade.

          While you write about ‘exploding googles’, in reality, you are thinking about them ‘exploding’ in your mouth

          You horrible horrible homo!

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            You muslim idiots don’t even have running water, let alone satellites.

            Ha. You’re one dumb muthafucka.


          • Abdul Rasul

            Brother Zohair is right homo Pete. That’s all you homos do at you klan rallies, blind fold each other and play pin the black penis on the klan member. Your love for cock has no bounds and every night you leave those rallies with a load of sperm in your belly.

            Eat shit and die mofo

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gay pete

          Us Muslim know that you’d be tapping that big fat ass of kim’s……if she was only a man.

          • The West is the Best

            Abassholeh the sperm whale

            “If she was only a man” It’s about time you came out but everybody knew you were gay anyway.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay west

            you’re so gay that you put K-Y jelly on biscuits.

    • Bindie



  • Grand Dragon Pete

    The site of this google lover’s ass just made me spit up my eggs and bacon…..and dammit that was a good bite of bacon!

    For this crime……Kim Kartrashian must be brought to Klan Headquarters so can cook a fresh meal……and then be executed for being ugly, having a flabby body, being a google lover, and for getting divorced…..a major crime in the eyes of God.


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Shut up homo!

      The real reason behind you wanting to kill her, that’s because she is a woman and you hate competition.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        Don’t project mofo.

        You want this google lover dead so you have a shot at Koonye West stuffing your anus with his tiny black cock.

        Well homo…..I don’t know if Koonye will give it to you in the bunghole…..but I know Anal Abdullah will.


  • Good one!

    Pic’s terrible, but “Durka Durka Durka”‘s commentary up there is amazing!

    Good one, “Brother”!

  • Ali

    Looks like a tumor to me

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      “Tumor”…?? Looks more like “two more” asses were glued on top of the original one….

    • Arnold Schwarzenthingy


  • Wikuster

    Dear CelebJihad,
    I love your website and its photos.
    You are the most fucking racist bastards in the world.
    I hope all of you are rejected by Muhammed and the Quran burns.
    Sincerely, Wal Ah Tijani

  • Abdulah the goatsman

    Allah has been far to generous to Eddie Murphy by providing him with a Bactrian ( to humped camel to infidels) ass for his wife ! Oh/ Allah the generous.

    Blessed be the Goatsman

  • Reza the Persian Prince

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    • The West is the Best

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      You used the wrong word homo it should be licked ass

  • Dar al Harb

    Damn! I just vomitted up the halal lamb kebab I enjoyed for lunch.

  • mayhem


  • The West is the Best

    OMG. The Horror The stench coming from that huge ass must be so foul the only thing worse would be Alissa DiCarlo’s ass&pussy.

  • oh my goodness

    Wow that google loving whore is utterly disgusting! I’d rather lick Paris Hilton s snatch than get within smelling distance of that black hole!

  • Nazi valley girl Greta

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  • pesimist

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  • Faisal Bin Shafar Abdullahi

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  • Tom

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  • jerrybawlsmak

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