Kim Kardashian Wears See Through Skirt No Panties

Kim Kardashian see through

Kim Kardashian shows off her enormous ass crack while wearing a see through skirt and no panties in the photos below.

Scientists estimate that Kim’s butt crack is one of the deepest darkest recesses known to man, second only to the Mariana Trench (but with more of a fishy smell).

No one has successfully explored the depths of Kim’s booty and lived to tell the tale. Famed director and deep sea explorer James Cameron had expressed an interest in descending into Kim Kardashian’s crack, but later aborted the mission when he learned he’d have to dye his skin black.


Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

  • Charles U Farley

    How much of this Whore do you need to see,we saw her naked,we saw her fucking,anything less feels like a waste fo time…Whore.

    • Rasool

      They proposed that we introduce see -through burkas in our muslim countries as well

      Needless to say….they weren’t able to propose anything after that


      • Noelani

        I don’t understand why u criticize women that don’t cover their hair? I live in Canada. Had many Arab friends. They wore hijabs. But they all undercover whores. Only difference is they take it in the ass. So they can remain Virgins. Even though they have sucked more dicks than Kim k and Paris Hilton combined. They r bigger whores then any vatholic girl I have seen. They change at school. And at parties. They just take off the hijab. Such nice girls.

        • Noelani

          I’ve also been involved in a convo with a Arab HIJABI girl who told me when she’s gonna get married she’s gonna kill a bird and put the blood in a baggy and shove it up her vagina so he won’t know she’s not a Virgin. Ya. Nice girls lmao. Please.

          • Rasool

            Filthy kuffar Noelani

            ALL unmarried muslim women are must have been on crack when you imagined these ridiculous stories

            There is a very famous and common joke in our muslim culture about our women’s pussies being ‘cobwebbed’ owing to lack of activity down there

            And you dare mock them so shamelessly?

            Its a known fact that when us muslims take over the USA..Canada will surrender the very next day..and if I were you..I would store a lot of burkas for the’ll be needing them soon

        • Black Knight

          Muslims girls are big whores believe me. Muslim guys think they are innocent because they are religious or wear sheets on their face. But they be wild when you get them by theyselves.

          When I went to visit my friend up in Detroit I met a bunch of Muslim bitches. There are like a million there. I had sex with a few of them. Most of the Muslim girls I met there were real slutty. I dont like to brag but they seem to love the black dick. They craved it and talked real dirty in the bed. I guess it be like a forbidden thing because their family are racist and would hate them if they brought a black man home. So they just fuck us outside the home instead of dating us. Oh well I dont care. I only want to fuck them too.

          Muslim women love black men. Muslim men just dont know it. They prefer to live in a fantasy world and think their hos aint slept with anyone yet. Hahaha! Keep believin that dumbasses. Muslim women get around. Dont believe me? Go up to Detroit or New York and see how all those Muslim women act. They are far from pure. They only like you to think that they are. But deep down they are freaky.

          • aghmed

            Black men are great for picking many bales of cotton.

          • Noelani

            Thank you lol. I live in ottawa. They are the same way lol.

          • Arcachnar

            Just wondering something. You base those slutty girls that you’ve meet in Detroit and New York on ALL the Muslim girls?

      • Noelani

        Lol. Made up stories. Lmao. Please. Why r u so ashamed. Just say it. Our women are worse.

        They take it in the ass and in the mouth. But save their vaginas so they don’t get stoned.

        Most of these girl were the daughters of diplomats. Meaning. They disnt grow up here.

        Ill save some
        Burkas and give it to these girls when we go out partying together and they take them off. Then I’ll have one I can pull out for them. When the alcohol has taken over their minds.

        • Rasool

          Kuffar Noelani (who probably has a penis)

          Look at what you depraved degenerate mind is upto..duping our women with alcohol!!

          Ha… miserable kuffar..the joke is on you..Muslim women do not drink alcohol!!

          It is futile you perverted infidel ..your laughable attempts will not make us muslims doubt the sanctity of our worthless but faithful celibate women

          • Noelani

            Hehehe dump? Lol. They r the ones that bought the alcohol with their daddies money.

            Either way the. Point is. Ur women r trash.

        • Black Knight


          Muslim men are in the dark about their womens slutty behavior. They are hearing the truth for the first time so dont be surprised they cant accept it. They still actually think their women are all pure ahahahaha!

          I have met thousands of Muslim women and most of them are even sluttier than normal black, white, or Asian Western girls. It is because they are rebelling against their conservative parents. Their parents say to stay a virgin, well they go off and fuck a lot of different guys. Their parents say to only date Muslim guys, well they go off and fuck us black men all the time. Their parents say to dress modestly, well once they are away from their parents they dress like whores.

          Muslim men are in denial about their slutty women. They should go to Dearborn or Detroit Michigan where millions of Muslims live and they will see a bunch of trashy Muslim whores there.

          Even in the Middle East the Muslim girls are notorious for doing oral, anal, and titty fucking. They think that despite doing this they will remain pure and innocent ahahah.

          • Noelani

            I know. What’s the point of wearing a hijab if they pancake their makeup on and wear clothes a size too small to show their boobs and ass??! So pure I see

          • Arcachnar

            @Black Knight Thousands? Come on. That can’t be true. Middle East? Is this an assumption or have you actually been here?

            Just because some Muslim girls are like this in Dearborn (where’s this?) or Detroit Michigan, it does not mean ALL the girls like that.

      • RoboBat

        I am glad that I am an American.I don’t know how you people can stand living in that shit hole you call a country.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says


      If there was only this filthy slut on Earth, even me would be more sympathetic with fags like Small Worm Pete, and instead of stoning them I would be mercifull enough to just shoot them in the head.

      Note – This is a important lesson for those that consider Muslims not indulgent people.

      • Rasool

        Well said brother Hashim

        Mercy and Peace are synonyms of Islam.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

          Yes brother Rasool, you are right.

          Muslims are a very peaceful people. Not like those hippies bastards, of course, but the Roman way.

          They used to say: “Si vis pacem para bellum” (if you want peace, prepare for the war) – if you want peace, you must destroy your enemies first…

          That’s why in Islam we make peace not with flowers, but with scimitars.

          • Noelani

            Ya ur so peaceful u only think about killing everyone. UR SO PEACEFUL. every other comment u have on this site just proves that more and more. My ex husband was Muslim. They were nice people. U r the ones he used to tell me about. Crazy gay idiots. Just go kill urself please. Ur such a waste of space. Or just wait whatever for the army to kill u. Either way. Ur in no way religious it peaceful. Ur a joke.

          • Noelani

            And btw brother gay mother fuxker. Go home if u don’t like it here. Simple as that. And please take deodorant with u and introduce that shit to ur people. PLEASE DO THE WORLD A FAVOUR. Why do u come here. Oh ya. Cu ur country is poor. Go home if u want the peace u speak of. Nobody is ur enemy. If u Would all understand that everybody is different. U would have no enemies. Fuck off go back to ur counteu and leave us alone please. Bye bye.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

            Noelani whore,

            Address yourself to a Muslim man with respect. Bend over when talking to him or you will be fustigated with 34 lashes.

          • Noelani

            It’s funny how you can’t actually defend urself. U just answer with a dumb response.

            Like I said. You would have no enemies if you all knew how to accept other people.

          • Rasool

            Noelani – Your name itself is an open invitation for a fatwah. I am still confused as to insult you as a man or a woman.

   dare you question the integrity of muslim women??

            The dicks you referred to must have been lollipops that you seem to have misinterpreted as penises in you dirty filthy mind

            I shall issue 2 fatwas for you..1 for your baffling name and other for this insult

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Noelani

            Brother rat shit. I know how it is. I’ve seen it all with the girls I used to go to school with.

            I’m a women btw.

          • Rasool

            Brother Hashim

            The prophet ( PBUH ) couldn’t have said it better himself!

          • John Grande

            Tell that to Al Qaeda.

          • John Grande Is a Faggot

            You Mexican google, listen up!

            You are a brain damaged fucktard who is not wanted here.

            Please do the world a favor and jump into an active volcano, you fucking evolutionary cul-de-sac.

            That is all.

          • John Grande Is a Faggot

            You Mexican google, listen up!

            You are a brain damaged fucktard who is not wanted here.

            Please do the world a favor and jump into an active volcano, you fucking evolutionary cul-de-sac!!

            That is all.

          • John Grande

            Im not Mexican or African you dumbass. I don’t have brain damage either and I may not be wanted here but I have a great reason for being here.

          • ladyboy amadinejad

            Hashim the destroyer of anus

            You did a great job on me and the grand ayotollah
            your tongue is like a lizard on our asshole.

      • Noelani

        Oh and btw brother rat shit. I disnt see it. I was told these stories by the same decent Arab women u speak of.

        • Abdul Rasool

          Google Lover Noelani, I’m sorry there must be a misunderstanding. We don’t allow jiggaboos and groid lovers here nor are we a site for lesboqueer hookups.

          You probably meant to visit some other site that caters to your tastes.

          Now, please fuck off and die, you whore.

          • Noelani

            Awww looks like someone had their feelings hurt.

            At least we r good at something else other than dying.

            Truth hurts huh mother fuxker b

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            nut-licker loonie

            Show respect to the Muslims on this site or you’ll find yourself with a big stone sticking out of your skull.

        • Noelani

          Really Abdullah. Lol. And yet u wanna claim ur peaceful. Great way to prove me wrong.

          See butcher, ur trash. I am not. I actually understand religion. I actually know the meaning of peace. Maybe I haven’t showed it that great here. Thanks to your misconceptions on your own religion. But I would never hurt or threaten to hurt someone because of a book written by a pedophile.

          I just hope wherever you are u don’t act like that in public. Your English is pretty good so u must be here in our dirty western country. And I’m guessing you come on this site to take out your anger on all the western ladies that have turned ur smelly ass down.

          I’m also sure you don’t express these thoughts in public from the fear of having ur ass beat the fuxk up. Pussy.

          • Tibetan Monk

            What is the sound of one whore talking?


            For, as the Buddha says,

            “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment, you dumb bitch.”

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            google lover nut-job

            You are wrong; you are trash and soon us Muslims will be dropping you off at the closest ghetto or city dump (same thing)…….with your head shoved up your ass.

            ANd you don’t know shit about Islam…the worlds most peaceful religion.
            So take your drunken, slutty ass back to the whorehouse and sell your crusty pussy while you can because when Islam takes over, its the AK47 for you.

            eat shit and die bitch

          • Noelani

            No no. Butcher. Ur better at dying than I ever will be.

          • Arcachnar

            @Noelani Muhammad didn’t wrote the Qur’an, He memorized ALL the verses, (he was illiterate), who were directly dictated by Allah. Could you just show some respect to the Islamic Faith. Don’t go and base everyone here on ALL the Muslims. If you know what I mean.

  • messerben


    • aghmed

      I have a special shower for you.

      • messerben

        wtf. u make no fucking sense! fucking muslim faggot. just kill yourself with the rest of your religion -_-

        • Noelani

          Lol. It’s just the gayness in them. Muslim men in the Muslim countries live out their sexual fantasies with men. That’s a fact. A lot of gay people down there. It’s just hidden from the media. Cu it’s a shameful fact to the be the gay side of the world.

          • Black Knight

            Yes Muslim men love their dancing boys and children girls who have boy bodies. Muslim men are really perverted and weird.

        • aghmed

          I have a special oven for you too.

          • Noelani


            I know I know. The truth hurts.

    • Hassan the Timid

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  • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

    KIM, KIM, KIM, gosh this bitch is famous for her ass n that’s it it’s CRAZY righ?

  • Akbar

    I’d eat her ass out

    • Cracker White

      You’d need four stomachs and two weeks to eat that ass. And a hepatitis booster. Good luck.

  • Khalid

    I would send one my martyrs out with a suicide vest to destroy thus kuffar and her brood.

    The problem is that her explosion would release a lard assed cloud of google AIDS that could circumnavigate and infect the globe.

    Sort of like radioactive fallout only deadlier.

    • messerben

      kill yourself and please take her and 1 million muslims with you! ur opinions make no sense at all and u are obviously mentally challenged as are all muslims. u are cancer. WE WILL KILL YOU AND SOON!

    • Anubis

      Brother Khalid,

      You are quite correct in your assessment of the aftermath if indeed this infidel pig were to be blown up. The reason her rotund ass is so enormous with her butt crack nearly as large as the Grand Canyon, is because the bitch has had so many groids shooting google AIDS diseased spunk in her interracial whore’s stink holes, that if it were to explode, the toxic waste would have an extreme world wide environmental devastation upon Allah’s blue Earth, worst than several nuclear meltdowns. We holy Muslims are true environmentalists that cares about this Islamic planet.

      And as everyone knows, we pious Muslims are the most peaceful, loving and civilized people this world has ever known. Disposing of filthy heretic infidels like the scum that makes vile comments against us and this most holy Islamic website is Allah’s will, and their demise would make this world a more peaceful better place to live. As it is written, blessed be the holy Islamic peacemakers, for they shall inherit the Earth.

      Allah’s will be done!

      • Abdul Rasool

        Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu, Brother Anubis!

        Perhaps we can solve this troubling quandary by having Kim Whoredashian be the first infidel to space jump into the Sun?

    • The west is the Best

      Used kotex Kahlid

      Martyr right more like one of your butt boys with a butt plug to shove up your stinking muslim ass

  • Abdul Rasool

    I’ll bet it takes an entire roll of toilet paper the wipe that gigantic, disgusting google butt of hers. And I bet she never gets it entirely clean.

    • messerben

      kill yourself u mentally challenged, muslim ape

    • The west is the Best

      Abdul assdrool

      Thats why there are people like you around to lick that big ass clean

  • Mittstheshit

    I plan on making Kim my ambassador to anywhere in Africa. Finally she can use that ass for good and not evil. There will be peace, or a piece, in Africa after my inauguration.

  • Kabal Muhammad

    In the name of Holy Quran . If 2 other googles are banging this fat object they never meet each other.

  • mayhem


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    this google fucking whore has an ass bigger than Kuwait….and its twice as oily.

    • Anubis

      Very true indeed.

      Brother Abdullah, I’ve noticed that you and brother Khalid have both changed your inset picture icons. It’s an excellent likeness of yourself which no doubt the filthy infidels that see it will be envious of your handsome Islamic good looks. It would have been better though if it was in color, but still quite excellent.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Anubis

        Thank you for your usual keen observations.

        This pic was taken at my graduation from Madrassa….back in 1986. My friend Sadaam was the guest speaker and he gave me advice I have never forgotten: He said, If you can’t Jihad the one you want….Jihad the one you’re with.

        On that day, I knew I had to kill all infidels.

        And now we stand on the verge of Islam taking over and destroying the great satan!.
        It is a good time to be Muslim!


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Also…I took your advice and did another update.

          • Anubis

            Brother Abdullah,

            I must congratulate you on your latest updated picture. This one in color is so much better than the other one, and is truly excellent. The blue turban and matching attire is extremely elegant and at the height of Islamic fashion.

            You look very wise, debonair and command a quite powerfully foreboding presence to take on the many filthy homoqueer infidels that dare leave offensive comments on this most holy Islamic website.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Anubis

            Asalamu Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh!
            JazakAllahu khair!

          • Farid

            Brother Abdullah

            Might I suggest avatar of one the most handsome sheikhs – sheikh sudais

            Or even sheikh shuraim

            These newer avatars really lack the handsomeness of you first avatar..who was a sheikh

  • Tibetan Monk

    I would recommend a Sherpa to carry the burden of her gigantic Himalayan sized back porch? Her back must be killing her.

    As the Buddha says,

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and a huge ass.”

  • Revan

    Lmao! That is some of the best ass jokes ever! Ahhh i love this site!

  • Revan

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  • Tecumseh

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    and another deepest darkest recesses known to man, would be abudulla the butches glory hole, your new picture sucks google spick, go back to the old towel head one, faggot.


    We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky. – Shawnee

    • Guy Who Says Fag

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • Black Knight

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  • Lowdawg

    Kim Kardashian is on my top ten list of females that I’d love to $@#&

    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

      And you are on the CDC & WHO’s Top Ten List to get Super Google AIDS for which Kim Whoredashian is Patient Zero.

  • steve

    I’m sorry but that thing is just getting to wide to be wearing something so revealing. She needs to head back to the gym. Pretty soon it’s going to need it’s own zip code.

  • The west is the Best

    Muslim fags you wish your women look as good as kim K yes she is a mudshark and a self centered bitch with a huge ass that stinks but she is 100 times better that any muslim women.

  • kenjo

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    • The west is the Best


      Middle east women are all smelly,hairy and ugly thats why there is so many homo muslims.

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  • Christian Whore

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      • Christian Whore

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  • Jarvis Stone

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