Kim Kardashian Wears Poorly Fitting Panties

Kim Kardashian lingerie

Poor Kim Kardashian I am starting to think she may be suffering from severe mental retardation. I mean look at the picture above of Kim in those ill-fitting panties. How could she possibly think that those panties are the right size when they barely cover her huge bulbous ass?

Obviously Kim Kardashian does not have the mental capacity to care for herself. From her slutty outfits to banging black guys, Kim Kardashian’s decision making has been horrendous.

The Kardashians should seriously consider institutionalizing Kim, or she will continue running around with her ass hanging out, slobbering all over black guys knobs, and bring much shame and dishonor to their clan.

Let this picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass be the last one we see before she is shipped off to a home with her fellow mongoloids.

  • theheadchimp

    There ain’t no panties made that will fit that mudsharks fat ass. Try to picture that ass in 10 years from now…….They will be making a movie of it called “The ass the swallowed the ghetto”.

  • Abdulla The Butcher

    I tire of seeing this fat ass, google fucking whore.
    I count the days until she is stoned to death.



      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Listen google….I know all you coons like big ass bitches….. but normal humans don’t go for an ass the size of a SUV.

        Now shut your greasy ass, chicken eating mouth….you retarded yard ape.

  • Dead Ed®

    At first glance, I thought it was another pic of that other retarded version of Snookie.

    Wow. Kin has let herself go.

  • Jihad Shah

    Allah cursed this poor woman with a disgusting ass and no strong male to shield it from the eyes of lecherous American pigs. I fear that a swift stoning is the only remedy for this sad state of affairs.

  • Osbama bin Biladen

    I attempted to stone this slut the other weekend, but her massive backside only grew with each stone I threw. I fear for this pitiful nation, for soon Kim Kardashian will have whored the entire place. I would suggest stoning her, but all I can really hope is that some of the dark meat she regularly interacts with will give her AIDS before she has her own zip code

  • will

    damn thats a sexy ass. all u fuckers want to stone her because use all know
    that never in a million years would u ragheads hav a chance with her.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Now I know you are crazy.

      There is no hope for you on Earth kuffar; and none in the afterlife.

      You are one fucked up mofo!

  • theheadchimp

    I said it before and I say it again…..I wouldn’t fuck that whore with Wills dick.

    • will

      you wouldnt fuck her with my dick because like the prophet mohammad you would rather
      fuck a child with your own dick and then marry her. sick motherfuckers

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Back off willy wanka……aka….fucktard

        You are a sick, degenerate asshole, and you do deserve to have your ignorant head rammed as far as it will go up that big, fat, google fucking ass of kim whoredashian.

        If that bitch isn’t dead from aids, when Islam takes over….and if you are still alive…I’ll make sure that’s how you leave this world….by being shoved up that skanks fat ass.

        As for your evil claims against the Prophet….you shall pay for your insults….which means burning in hell forever.

        I still can’t get over the fact that you find that google humping, “elephant ass” bitch sexy.
        You are one sick MoFo and you deserve nothing better than google sloppy seconds.

        Argh…..I have changed my mind….the fatwa is out…..the Jihadists will be searching high and low for you….you fat ass loving asshole….and when they find you….your ass is grass…..and my Jihadists are the lawn mowers.

        You will burn in hell infidel!


        • will

          i think it funny all you do is make threats and talk shit, you never reply to what i saying because deep down you know its all true, but truth is you brainwashed.

          • Bebe

            I know these guys enjoy playing with clueless people like you, but I feel like screaming “Just take a look at the website, dude!”

        • Todd

          When islam takes over??? hahahahahahahahahahaha never happen…you are too weak

  • jose chavez


  • chigga

    i think the butcher likes gettin teabagged but is afraid to let his buddies know cause then he will become their bitch hey butcher is that sweet or salty balls you like

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      chigga da stupid nigga

      You sound like one of those militant homoqueers….the ones who march in homoqueer pride parades. you are a disgrace to the natural order…a worthless walking sack of shit.

      You must understand a few simple facts; regular infidels, googles, and homoqueers mean zilch to Muslims. when you have a homoqueer google, like yourself, that is what we call a “rock bottom” infidel.

      Your time is about up you sickening turd chucker….the world Caliphate is about to be instituted…and all who oppose Islam will be destroyed.
      Googles and homoqueers are on the top of the list!

      I hope Allah keeps your sorry ass alive until the Islamic Revolution begins…….so I can be the one to personally send you to hell!

      Now, get back to your glory hole… degenerate mofo!

      • will

        abdulla i like the way u dont reply to my posts, witch tells me you know they all true.
        all u do is sound like a broken record like most brainwashed muslims.

      • Sean

        Abdulla I am very sorry that you are the voice that represents Islam in this forum. You certainly contradict the message that Islam is about peace and conciliation. It is people like you that deny the rational followers of all religions to endeavour to live in harmony. In a few short statements you have painted Muslims as racist, sexist, extremist and generally prejudiced, which I know does not apply to all Muslims. Moderate Muslims would be ashamed of you……. I am not a Muslim or the follower of any faith. I simply abhore extreme Christianity/Judaism/and any other religion, just as much as extreme Islam……… Go Speak with rational, moderate Muslims and re-evaluate your thoughts and behaviour.

        • Abdulla The Butcher

          You are a stupid infidel atheist and your views on anything don’t amount to shit. I am 100% Muslim and my thoughts and actions are in line with the Qur’an. As for moderate Muslims, there is no such thing. They lay in wait for Jihad to begin; which means they too want to kill all infidels.
          All Muslims see non-Muslims as subhuman; so you see smart ass….you don’t know squat.

          I would like for you to visit Tikrit….I’d love to show you my knife collection.

  • A concerned nigger

    Oh lawdy!! Jebus Christ! I be axing yous whys he has da he be jebes?!

  • theheadchimp

    I wouldn’t fuck that mudshark with your dick because if its like your IQ its pretty small.

    • will

      like i sais before its a well known fact muslims hav the smallest IQ, because like a child they are
      told what to believe and how to live so they do, and if not for white man inventions like guns and
      explosives they would be fighting the americans with sticks lol reply to that

      • Abdulla The Butcher

        Even with sticks we Muslims are more than a match for you pussy boys.

        I look forward to ripping out your heart while you watch.

  • theheadchimp

    Don’t be such a dumbass. The white man did not invent guns or gunpowder. Plus you fucking Irish have nothing to be proud of. Those bucktoothed English have had you under their thumbs for centuries. What did you do about it? I’ll tell you not a goddamn thing, you would rather fight other Irish than those Brits. So what do you say about that you pussy……you are owned by a bunch of lily white Englishmen. No wonder they treat you like googles.

    • Maher

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  • will

    yes i live in ireland but im from scotland u raghead, but scottish irish welsh english
    we all the same realy we all celts, so heres a history lesson for ya england has been the worlds superpower for centurys so little ireland didnt realy didnt stand a chance. and another thing america was founded by irish and scottish settlers and they pissing all over the arab world.

  • will

    lol i like your other comment i will take that as a compliment.

  • theheadchimp

    You better study your history Gomer……..
    1. England was never a superpower, they were an empire…..big difference
    2. Remember 1776 America kicked your ass
    3. Remember 1861 America (the north) used you dumb fucks as cannon fodder to free googles
    4. Remember 1937 The Huns kicked your asses good until US bailed you out.
    5. Now go get drunk and tell a Scot that Irish and Scots are same. I smell an ass kicking for you.

  • Abdulla The Butcher


    This willy is one dumb and irritating mofo.
    I can see now the US helped the wrong side during WWII.

  • theheadchimp

    Its a different dumbass every week. Keep up the good work, it takes a little bit before they finally see the light.

  • will

    its easy to point out some bad moments in a countrys history but you can say this the uk has had more victorys than its had losses, but truth is all our wars are in the past and we all allys now and most importantly we all live in free lands. now muslims who are behind us a few hundred years behind us are starting a war against the west wich they cant win. and fyi northern irish and scottish are very close.
    you embarrassed to tell me were u from? u probly a uk muslim immigrant living on my tax.

  • Saint

    I love that ASS and would like to smack her 24/7-365 days an year. Its delicious

  • theheadchimp

    Free willy
    WIlly Willy what do I have to do school you in history? The only victories you have is against the French and the poor sheep in the Falklands. Don’t be so proud, everybody beats the froggies. And the sheep….well they now baa with an Irish accent. As for being an ally of the US, well they are using you like the bitches you are. Do you even have a clue why you are in Iraq? Think dumbass and tell me why Iraq is a threat to the UK?

    • will

      why do you think your stupid raghead ass can speak english like most the world. because the english been owning countrys for a very long time. im not a big fan of english but il stick up for them on this one. and as for the war in iraq im against it, im a strong supporter of the british national party
      who want to bring are troops home, and then after that they gona send every fucking muslim immigrant back home to were they came from, yea ppl like you

      • thelazydog

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  • abdul_kebab

    but still i,d eat dinner of her ass crack…

  • theheadchimp

    You English dickheads have been getting punked for centuries.
    1. George Washington and the farmboys kicked your asses.
    2. The French kicked your asses in the 1500s..remember Calais? It used to be English….
    3. A little nonviolent dwarf kicked your ass in India.
    4. Battle of the Somme, a bazillion English dead at the hands of the Bosch.
    5. Dunkirk, Germans kicked ass…..English rowed back to the big island.
    6. On and on and on the English got their asses kicked by anyone who would fight back.

    ps Why do the falkland sheep baa with an Irish brogue? I’ll tell you why…..Irish lads got drunk.

    • will

      there u go again pinting out some defeats and im flattered that u googleing at this stuff just to answer me… back in gw days the u.s managed to defend against the strongest nation at the time. the english always owned the french from day 1. they also use to own the whole of india. and the germans with there big army still didnt take us. so leave the english alone i told u im scottish. so were u from? or are you still ambarrassed.

  • theheadchimp

    free willy

  • theheadchimp

    free willy
    Would you believe I am a Muslim living in Derry on the goverment dole? Thank you very much. I don’t have to google any of that shit, I am a history buff. Have I told you anything that wasn’t true? No I haven’t. You complain about Keffiyehs but Scots wear those silly goddamn skirts and blow on some old cows teats (bagpipes)
    We laugh at you bampots.

  • will

    its called a kilt bone head. and bagpipes made from wood and sheep skin, different countrys use different materials, and to let you know towels are for drying yourself not for wearing on your head.
    and your a dolebumm begger in derry lol the only reason your able to eat is becaus i pay tax.
    you hate the uk so much and talk shit about it but u live here so your home country must be realy bad.
    go and tell someone in derry how much you hate the irish and get yourself a beating maby evin better shot.

  • theheadchimp

    Willy who supports me
    You gonna bitch about a towel and your post admits you blow a sheep skin and wear skirts. Goddamn man admit it you probably screw sheep too. Who said I hate the Irish? Not me, never would I say that. I just said that you are dumb fucks. Big difference. You guys pay my bills, buy my food and a little hashish, who am I to complain. As long as you are working I am living it up on the dole. Hooray for the Irish working stiff I always say. As a matter of fact I will stick my head out the window of my apartment (govt furnished of course) and yell how much I love you guys making life so easy for me. See if you can work some overtime because I got my heart set on a new car….

    • Dead Ed®

      I’m not Irish, but I do like their women.

      Read my comment from earlier this year here.

  • will

    living it up thats funny dude i no how much the dole gives beggers a week and believe me i make more than that a day, so u keep living it up if thats what u call it. and wen u do get a car please send me a pic so i can laugh..

  • theheadchimp

    WIlly the peckerhead
    Why do you spell English so poorly. You reflect badly on us English speaking chaps. Lets look at it from my point of view ok? You work your ass off paying taxes so you can retire at 65. I am retired at a very young age, no taxes, no bullshit just free money. I make a lot more than you think. I am going to buy (oops you are buying it for me) a Skoda Superb. I will send you a pix as soon as I pick it up. Come down to Derry and I will give you a ride. I’ve got some food vouchers so it’ll be my treat.

  • Will

    Wow…blatant racism in both the original blog, and replies. You hate Kim Kardashian because she’s attracted to black guys? Really? I’d much rather spend my hate energy on racist bigots.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      will….kiss google ass

      the only thing worse than the shaved apes (googles) are stupid ass white people who always come to their defense….when the shaved apes don’t give a fuck about you misguided shit heads.

      face the facts will…..googles are subhuman animals who are incapable of taking care of themselves; they live off of welfare in the degenerate west and sit around waiting for relief workers to bring them food in that hell hole called “tarzan africa.”

      and….I’ve also noticed you democratic fucks don’t mind anyone having a certain opinion as long as it’s the same one you share…..when someone thinks differently they are called names like racist and bigot.

      Fuck you….you drunk, sheep fucking asshole. Allah tells us to hate the infidel and since googles put the “I”in infidel….and the proof is in their brainless pagan ways….and their inability to wear pants…….and their inability to talk without spitting……I’ll exercise my right and duty as a Muslim to hate those chicken eaters with all my hating ability.

      I also hate you will…….and wish the worst of plagues to fall upon you now and for you to later burn in hell with all your google friends.

      • will

        abdullah the racist
        every post you have wrote dude is the same old racist crap, i dont hate you i take pity on you,
        you angry because like every other muslim you envious at the west because we live our lives free and happy. then you cowards take it out on your woman and oppress them sad realy and obviously the work of the devil.

        • will

          if u do get a new skoda witch i realy doubt enjoy it while it lasts. because wen the BNP comes to power you muslim cunts are going back to what ever desert use came from and then ur back on ur camel.
          and for you jihad shah
          you just sound like the rest of them try think for yourself for once. and whats up with that 72 virgins crap. thats not heaven that called hell, why would i want to go through teaching 72 woman how to make love lol no thanx

    • Bryan

      ’t reap the benefits. Instead of tniyrg to figure out how to rehash the same old stuff all over again spend some time figuring a way to be innovative. Prime example of innovation at work would beJohn Cow’s being *cough, cough* hacked. How did it turn out for Mr. Cow? Not bad at all from what I’m seeing. Innovation drives success. This is especially true in saturated markets like blogging. Build strong relationships There is no substitue for building strong relationships with

  • Jihad Shah

    It is good to see that others see the error in this “will” infidel’s way of thinking. He clearly has not felt the light of Allah shining down on him. No, he is a man cursed with small penis and no virgins. So angry that he must lust after a loose slut like Kim Kardashian and defend her soiled honor. This blog pierces his heart like black penises do to his infidel dream whore.

  • gotohell


  • theheadchimp

    willy the dickhead
    What the fuck would you know about virgins? I bet you couldn’t find 72 virgins on the whole goddamn island.

    • will

      well i no your a virgin, thats why you pissed off all the time

  • Dead Ed®

    You know you’re Muslim if you own a 3000 buck machine gun and 5000 buck rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      Have you ever tried to kill a jew with shoes?
      yes, it is possible….. but the machine gun rocks when it comes to jew killing.
      Anyway… are for infidel pussies!

  • theheadchimp

    Dead Ed®
    Its all about priorities man……….

  • theheadchimp

    Willy the gullible peckerwood
    Do I sound pissed off to you? I have been so nice to you, but now the gloves are off…………

  • FogNoggles


  • Vairo

    Horror stories aside (I’ve had a few bad games and ltorls my self, but they are a minority in my sample, and I’m sure I’ve won a fair deal due to disconnects and ltorls on the other team), elo hell is really just an ego hell . It’s basically a point where you can’t carry your teams consistently anymore, and your movement is either slowed or you plateau. It’s more about a discrepancy between self perception and actuality.Back to the actual issues though, majority of games people really do push their lanes too hard, I absolutely agree. Even if you manage a kill, the lane will usually get cocky and start tower diving, which without a certain amount of finesse is usually just a suicide.Oh, and ignore crybabies and just work on your play. A lot of the times people will ask of you something that you either can not or should not do. These requests can be disregarded.Yeah, there will always be games where there is nothing more you could have or even wanted to do. But there will also be games where someone blatantly carried you. They’ll even out over the long haul. I think the main take away really is to just keep playing/practicing, and not to look at elo as a definition of yourself as a player, but rather as a fluctuation of the skill level of opponents you will face next match. The higher you are, the more difficult a match will be, the lower, the easier it is to stomp PS: Good call on re-watching replays, I’m assuming you already watch big name streamers. I know a lot of my good games as Udyr came from watching saintvicious playing him.

  • jow

    her ass is not big its actually perfect, if she is real she is an amazingly gorgeous girl and one of the best butts ive ever seen lol

  • pierre

    How come the camel jockies and rag heads don’t like a nice bum.Maybe they prefer the rear end of a camel.I think Kim is stunning.

  • dazman0106

    fuking pakis