Kim Kardashian Wears Kanye’s Dried Up Facial

Kim Kardashian facial

Porn star Kim Kardashian appears to wear boyfriend Kanye West’s powdery white dried up facial in the disturbing photo above.

Kim better be careful wearing Kanye’s spunk on her face around her family as there is not one member (including step father Bruce) who wouldn’t jump at the chance to lick it clean.

With this photo Kim Kardashian has once again shown herself to be one of the vilest gutter skanks in existence. It is no wonder that the moronic degenerate infidel masses worship her, as a fat ass deity.

  • Tecumseh

    Indians rule muslims droooool

    • Jenny


  • o_O O_o

    bitch -.-

  • Tecumseh

    But really, the google aids has taken hold of poor kim, I could cure this dreadful disease, I dare not touch someone who has been with a spook. She could still be a golddigger, but she ant messin with no spooky googles anymore

    • Open the Scroll

      Well said brother Tecumseh.





    • Black Knight

      Fuck off you racist Indian shit. Blacks have higher status then your dumbass race. Would Kim ever date some Indian? Ahahaha. NO! Would any womans ever date some Indian? Ahahahaha. NO! Black folk are lusted by all girls. Indians are short weak little bitches. You more womanly then women!

      • Arcachnar

        @Black knight Why are you calling him a racist, while you do the same thing? Higher status? Not that much. Lusted by all the girls? Not all the girls. Don’t aggravate.

        • Black Knight

          Shut the fuck up cocksucker. Im not going to make fun of stinky Arabs cause all yall got black blood running through your veins so lets just stop it here. You dont want to get on a niggas bad side.

          And yes all girls lust after black men. We are the most manly with the biggest dicks. We are the true blue alpha males. Black men fucked your Arab woman and that is why most modern Arabs are part black. Actually the real Arabs who came out of Arabia like 1500 years ago were black. All Arabian Arabs are black. They descend from Africans who moved there from East Africa. All North African Arabs are also part black. All Southern Europeans are part black too. Most Mediterranean peoples are part black because we ruled over the region during Egyptian, Carthaginian, Arabic, and Moorish times and fucked a whole lot of people.





          • Arcachnar

            @Black Knight Great. Anyone who gave you history lessons should been fired. Do you even know how long it was ago, when they went to Asia? It have been around 2.0 million years ago that the Homo erectus migrated out of Africa and dispersed throughout Eurasia!

            Some remains dated back to 450,000 years old! (I am not going deeper into Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic periods and so on. Or else it is going to be too dry.)

            In the Bronze Age, the Middle East was the cradle of civilization. The rise of the first cities in southern Mesopotamia dates to the Chalcolithic (Uruk period), from ca. 5300 BC.

            Around 3500 BC the Sumerians established one of the first civilizations. As I said before, nobody knows for sure where they came from. Most likely that they were already there for a while. The Akkadians (later known as Babylonians and Assyrians) flourished in this region as well.

            Soon afterwards, the pharaohs unified Ancient Egypt in the fourth millennium BC. Later on, other civilizations began to flourish to west coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

            Now, who ruled almost the entire Middle East? The Assyrian Empires. As you may know that the Assyrians would bring the highest civilization to the then known world. From the Caspian to Cyprus, from Anatolia to Egypt.

            Carthagian was a Semitic civilization. (Phoenician colonists from modern-day Lebanon, led by Queen Dido founded Carthage)

            North-Africa, Spain, et al became Muslim when it was conquered by Islamic conquests of the 7th century.

          • The west is the Best

            Black homo at night

            You are one dumb google you must be one of the few little dick black men that would explain your anger but look at it this way you have a small brain like the rest of your low class you have something in common with the rest of the groids just don’t let the brothers see your little black dick and you should be fine.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy asshole

          I’m a klansman and we’re the most intelligent people on the planet, so of course I know everything about history.

          I know about everything from the great pyramids in Libya to the chinese bombing pearl harbor to the death of Osama has bin Laden in Iraq. I also know that the US has never lost a war.

          You’re no match for a powerful klansman……intellectually or in the manhood department.

          Suck cock you dumb homo


          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Irony at its finest. No. You don’t know anything about history. Great Pyramids? That’s in Egypt. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Osama was killed in Pakistan. Intelligent people? You just showed that this not the case. Go back to school.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Stupid and ignorant Small Worm Pete:

            There are no pyramids in Lybia. You are messing it all: maybe you are thinking in Las Vegas, where you started your career of fag, when you were 14 years old.

          • DeShawn

            Fuck you, KKKracker!

            Was talking about this with my homies earlier: WHY ARE WHITE PEOPLE SO ANGRY AT BLACKS?

            And we came up with this answer: they’re jealous!

            Let’s see why:

            1) We got awesome resistance against the sun. Enjoy being burned.

            2) We are more fit, we can outrun any white male anytime. even CHUCK NORIS?!?

            3) We got bigger dicks.

            4) Girls dig us better.

            5) We have very wide social circles. White people have forgot how to live in society.

            6) We got rhythm. We can dance, rap, sing, make music, you name it!

            7) A black chick wouldn’t date a white boy. On the other hand, white girls would drop their white boyfriend anytime for a black guy if given the chance.

            8) We’re simply cooler. Admit it, maybe it wasn’t the case some 200 years ago, but nowadays being white sucks whereas being black is cool as hell.

            9) We got a sense of what family is about.

            10) We get MANY children so that our genes will last long on this motherfucking earth, not like your average pathetic two children.

            11) If you don’t die a virgin, and happen to get a daughter…chances are she’ll be sucking and swallowing black dicks :)

            I could be going on and on and on but you get the point by now.

            Enjoy being white, sucker :)

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy anus

          You are one dumb mofo.

          I killed many a muslim at the pyramids in Libya and my pa fought the chinese in WWI one after they struck pearl harbor. This is common knowledge stuff. My pa also climbed Mt Killamuslimjarro in Colorado.

          The aryans that help build those pyramids are going to bomb the shit out of it…..we know it doubles as a gloryhole.

          Suck donkey balls homo


          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Wow. Just. Wow. Way to fuck up the history. It was the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor in WORLD WAR II! Colorado? No. Africa. Great pyramids are in EGYPT. Aryans? Oh man.

            I am not sure what you’re doing, but this just proved that you are ignorant, uneducated and know absolutely NOTHING about history once more.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy ass

          I know I’m right, but it doesn’t matter.

          The important thing is that The Brotherhood knows you’re a poll polisher who goes ass to mouth. You’re no doubt a gloryhole hero.

          Prepare to die mofo


          • Arcachnar

            IF you think that you are right, only makes you a bigger imbecile than I thought. You just keep on proving that you absolutely are uneducated, ignorant and clueless about history. Not to mention geographical facts.

            Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in WWII with a surprise attack. That’s why the US declared war upon Japan and Nazi Germany. The Chinese were not the aggressors, but oppressed. They had nothing to do with it. I cannot believe you do not your own history. Awkward is not it?

            Kilimajoro (spelling?) lies in Africa.

            Why do not you just keep your mouth shut and let history do by the experts. You just keep on embarrassing yourself with this nonsense.

      • The west is the Best

        Black homo at night

        Kim would date any onewith money and a 12 inch or larger dick she needs one to get past her ass cheeks and big pussy lips so outta 12 inches once past those areas she getting only 7 or 8 in the ass or pussy.

        • Tecumseh

          Arachnar faggot.

          You are the biggest google out, your glory hole blowing fake history lesson days are over, I would shoot you with my Bow and Arrow if i knew i wouldnt hurt any of the innocent children you were glory hole raping. Arachnar faggot, I told you before, look in a mirrior, your a google, you got google blood, your momma was raped by a pack of lil wayne googles. And you will always be a google, Google truth hurts.

          Stop giving shitty kids long winded history lessons about your fake google history, the moors raped you.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            The cum dumpster

            I agree with you. Its too bad you’re a pimple faced redskin who must be executed.


          • Arcachnar

            @Tecumseh Told you before? Since when? Are you using another account or something? Fake history? Dumb ass, this IS the actual historically facts about the Middle East. Go to school and learn something.

          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Since when do YOU know about history?

          • Tecumseh


            how about right fuckin here. . . #118


            This is proof that sand googles are the biggest googles on the planet. You copy and paste the shame shit over and over again. You get owned countless times, even inbread Pete owns you, and that whiteman has a sister for a mother. Do everyone a favor and stop posting to long to read shit, about your glory hole facts, on how you arnt a google. Imbrace what you are, a google, try going to poopeyes chicken, im sure you would really enjoy it, try eating a watermellon, spit the seeds at Abudulla, I would probally remind you of dodging M16 rounds.

            You have a very weak mind, The moors son, they probally song straight out of compton, while they road there cadillac’s right into the middle east right before the raped your ancestors. Now get the fuck out of here, you big liped banana dong bastard.

            If you live in the river you should make friends with the crocodile

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Take cum and shit:

            Shut the fuck up, you perverted pepperoni skin.
            Nobody cares about a drunk injun says or thinks.
            Go practice your rain dance because it isn’t resulting so far.

          • Arcachnar

            @Tecumseh Hahaha. Ah. Yes. Now I remember. That was completely bullshit and an absolutely distortion of the truth of the historically facts of the real world. But, what do you know. You are just someone who is an imbecile and do not have any knowledge of history, religion et al at all. Not to mention, probably not a real native American either. Bows, arrows, horses, white men. Come on. This is not the Old West any more.

            Copy and paste? Are you real? I have NEVER done that. I type everything by hand. ALWAYS.

            Like I said, (a dozens of time) we do not have google blood. NEVER had. When will you get that through your thick skull? Or is it because your brains are too small for that?

            It seems the only one with the weak mind is you. Not once have you contribute anything to the topics at hand. Just talking like a cliche Native American.

            Owned? By morons like someone like you and Pete? Not a fucking chance. You, Pete and others just do not have the brain power or the brains to come with a good come back to flame someone. It is just too easy for me to win an argument here. I just kept on winning. But, I know. You just too simple to understand the concept of flaming.

            Why do not you look at my last post. There you will find the actual facts about the Middle East, Pearl Harbor and the Great Pyramids. But, alas. It probably will too difficult for that minuscule brains of yours.

            Edit: It has been 2.0 millions years ago that they left Africa! When the Sumerians came it already was 3500 BC. They just do NOT know where they came from. Probably from the south of the now called Iraq.

            Do you know what I mean? (probably not.) That means that the Homo erectus (and who came after them) already lived a long time in the Middle East and lost its black blood. IF they even had black blood in the first place.

            Ancestors? Oh. At least I know about my ancestors. I got high grades on history, biology and got specialized in the History of the Middle East and Europe at college.

            Why do you just shut up, before you embarrass yourself once more.

            Cadillacs? Now, you are getting ridiculous. The Moors? Oh man. Just go and look it up where the Moors lived.

  • Jabbar Muhommad Kareem Ali

    Ah, the insufferable mudshark has reared it’s semen stained head again. Naturally this attention whore is clearly a regular whore as well. A great stoning is due to her whole family including that chinese looking honkee Bruce Jenner. Stone him for just being an accessory to this infidel and her ilk.

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    • Rasool

      Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

      My suggestion would be …choose an avatar that looks that the true nature of our holy jihad is portrayed

      Preferable one of our most handsome afghanistan brothers eg amzi Yousef

      • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

        My avatar with a masked jihadists holding a knife is not extreme?

        • Rasool

          Its good I guess

          But its afar..the face should have been a little closer..but what the hell..its fine

          Btw… “Mr.” automatically makes you white…us muslims use SYED..or JANAB…or SAHEB

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            rat stool

            Us Muslims have to use salutations that dumbass kuffars understand.

            So keep your advice to yourself. This site already has enough Jihadists who know how Jihad is conducted.

          • Rasool

            Abdullah The Pig masturbator..

            You really should not poke your nose into every conversation..I was not talking to you..

            Also you need to understand how to distinguish friends from foes..and not lash out on the ones on your side..

            I was on your side until now…but after your lovely little comment..I have decided to switch teams..congrats..

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            rat shit

            you have switched teams…and now you too suck cock at the glory hole.

            This tells us real Muslims that you were a homoqueer spy all along.
            You are a pervert and us Muslims are glad you have revealed yourself.

            And you now will have to answer to the stones.

            suck it mofo!

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Mr. Nutt…….

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    • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

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  • Paul

    She has giant cheekbones like Cromagnan man or some other primitive sapien.

    • Kahlid

      Well, she is Armenian. Next to the Lebanese, they’re the biggest googles in the Near East.

      Not nearly as bad them fucking Turks. We Arab Muslims hate them Turk mofos.

      • The Messenger

        There is no room for hate in this world. Repent your sins such that the Lord will give your soul safe passage to heaven. Repent my son.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    that ain’t the mudshark kardashian….that’s big fag pete without his trannyklan hood.

    He is one ugly and cum-faced mofo.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Abdullah

      No way mofo.

      I’m a blonde hair blue eyed aryan with a monster dong.

      This is your sister after being taken by the US army of The Brotherhood in Iraq. She thought our cocks were big lotion bottles and requested numerous ‘facials’.

      Take that homo


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        grand fag prom-queen

        you may wear a blonde wig while working the glory hole but your google heritage has given you that “constant dirty look” like a gypsey or mexican mongrel.

  • The Messenger

    Stop that sinful talk my fellow.

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    that dumb armanian cunt slut must be cut! And whats with these drunk buffalo hybrids invading our site. Just stay on your reservation and shut the fuck up! It was your anscesters that sold you out to.the white devil for horses and gun powder. Then you started fucking the horses with the buffalo fucking you! your casinos and fire water. Youre are not worthy for a Jihadist bullet!! And fuck the jews too! Allah is Great!

    • Tecumseh

      Bury all Saudies

      Youre are not worthy for a Jihadist bullet!!

      I’d did haven’t not could’nt not read that’s is don’t it dipshit. . .

      we have better school’s is on the reservation. No wonder why you fucks can’t not figure out the A-bomb

  • The west is the Best


    The only History known to you is all the boys you have raped and the lies you post .

    • Arcachnar

      @The greatest imbecile of the west are YOU posting uneducated and ignorant posts again, which NEVER contribute anything to the topics at hand? Come on. It would be better to discuss or debate than foolishly accusing others.

      You say it all is lies? Bullshit. I NEVER lie about history. That is because I have high degrees in history and biology. (Specialty: History of Middle East and Europe.) YOU just keep on proving (like Pete) that you do not know anything about history, biology, religion et al at all.

      As I said before it have been in the days of the prehistory that (circa 2.0 million years ago) that the Homo erectus migrated out of Africa and dispersed throughout Eurasia! People have found some remains dated back to 450,000 years old.

      Archaeologists have already proved this by finding much proof that dates around the Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic periods.

      Now, about Mesopotamia. NOBODY knows where the Sumerians came from. Most likely they were already there in the Middle East.

      Why do not you go and look it up in the history books, asked teachers or professors or just go and look it up on the internet? Come on. You can do it.

      JAPAN attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. That is in WWII. (1939-1945) You really should have known that WWI was from 1914 to 1918. Anyone in the US should know this. Why not you and Pete?

      The Great Pyramids are definely in EGYPT, NOT in Libya.

      • Tecumseh

        Achy Ass

        Everyone is fucking amazed, that you graduated from the University of Pheonix online, Im sure your great history degree, and your biology are top notch, the only thing collage is good for is fucking young stupid girls. No one fucking cares about your middle eastern degree, If you wanna do a research project try finding out who your real father is, cause everyone knows hes a google.

        Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance.

        • Arcachnar

          @Tecumseh What? Graduated from the University of Phoenix online? Where did that come from? Now, you DO have to get a degree or a diploma to get a good paid job. That is why you should go to college et al.

          The Middle Eastern degree is just as good. My father is a google? No. Just as your father is black neither.

          • Tecumseh

            Yeah I went to collage, I went to some of the best schools the white man money can buy. . . . You know why>? Cause im a full blooded Redskin, the stupid ass white man paid for me to go to school.

            I graduated from Harvard lawschool.
            My major was in kickin stinky sand googles asses on the internet. . .
            My second major was in tomahawk throwing, and head scalping(most of the time we just decapitate are enemies)

            I run some of the largest business in america, I take the white mans dollar

            Now Arachnar

            YOUR majors were penis sucking and getting pounded in your glory hole. . . .
            but like I said above, you went to school at the University of Phoenix online, a very good online school you say. . . Too bad your teacher was your mommas new boyfriend Bubba, enjoy the anal bleeding bitch

            The rainbow is a sign from Him who is in all things.

          • Arcachnar

            @Tecumseh Really? Tomahawk throwing and head scalping? Really? Now, you sound like a cliché Native American again. Come on. We’re not in the times of the Old West anymore. Do the Native Americans even talk like this, in these days?

            Kicking assess on the internet? No. Perhaps you can stand your ground against some others, but you’re still an amateur if you actually try to flame me. Yes. Your comebacks are NOT good. Now, you really need more practice. Advise: Do not come with the same insults and NEITHER with the homosexual tinted ones. Okay?

            (Do not worry, this was not an attack, just some advise.)

            Majors in sucking and pounding? Now, you are making a fool of yourself. Just stop.

            University of Phoenix online? No. I never did anything like that, but went to an actual college.

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Tocuminyourass? Is that suppose to be some cute injun name like Shitting Bull or Pokeahotass? I have more respect for jews than you stupid, worthless, ingrate, hybrid, always shit faced injun buffalo lovers! And I hate jews!! Death to jews and injuns!!

    • Tecumseh

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      Many have fallen with the bottle in their hand.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Take cum and shit,

        In school the most you learned was to count feathers on the head of your father, the great injun chief “Sucks Cock”. Since he had only two, no wonder you are so stupid.

        So shut the fuck up, you filthy pepperoni skin.

  • jew boy

    looks like kim gives rim jobs ,those lips are a little too black for her lovely skin….

  • Anubis

    Looks like she’s ready for Halloween early.