Kim Kardashian Tweets Lingerie Pic

Kim Kardashian lingerie

In an effort to prove that she isn’t just famous for being a whore with a sex tape, Kim Kardashian posted the above lingerie picture to her Twitter.

This Kim Kardashian lingerie picture does portray her in a whole new light, for not only is she clothed, but she doesn’t even have a black cock stuck in her ass.

With this photo Kim Kardashian will finally realize her dream of being recognized as just a regular slut instead of a porn star whore. A distinction that will mean nothing when she is standing trial in Sharia court.

  • Umar the Blue

    Lovely photo..

    Too bad she is a google lover..if not she would have definitely landed a decent white actor

  • bin-laden alive

    Fuck!!!…what a delicious whore, she deserves to be fucked by all my muslims friends.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    If this photo was taken in a casket……it might be sexy.

    • Mufti David

      Fabulous photo!

      Too bad I am gay.

      Otherwise would have enjoyed this photo thoroughly..what say Kahlid honey?

      • Kahlid

        Hear, hear my love!!

        Now come to bed sooooon

        Allahu Akbar!

        • Black Knight

          Sheeyt, nigga! You frontin’! We all know you beez dat homo Jacks Off Hogs.

          Gits off da’ Net an’ cleans up dat room or yo’ momma won’t give you yo’ daily Hot Pocket.

          • Jack

            You stupid birdbrained google..

            I won’t even dignify your remark with a response..

            All I will say is..I never indulge in such is too trifling and beneath me.

            Some goddamn faggot is going around using my name and its far from funny..just stop it motherfucker!

          • Jack

            I like big dicks and I cannot lie

            You other googles can’t deny

            When a hunk walks in with a humongous dick and a round thing in my face I get sprung……wanna pull out my tounge…..

            Baby got Hard-on LOLLLL!

          • Real Jack

            You fucking asshole..just stop it

            Have you but no shame at all??

            Have you no self -respect?

            You are pathectic you asshole..just kill yourself

  • Mufti David

    Looking at the time span between the above comments I can safely say that they are all posted by the notrious homo and gloryhole maniac, Big Fag Pete.

    • Real Jack

      I am thinking the same thing

      Its as if his ass is on fire when he is posting..he wants attention any way whatsoever..and goes to any shameless length to get it

      • Mufti David

        I think he wants to suck our muslim dicks……

        Well SO AM I!!

        Why don’t we all start doing it? I would love me some big KKK balls

        • Mufti David

          Dick Sucker

          You must be Big Fag Pete’s right-hand-man or as you are known in the gloryholes, “Side-dick”.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Dick sucker David

      I can safely say that you’re a big butt plumber and enjoys “snaking the anus.”

      Hopefully you give the common courtesy of a reach around to your butt plugging counterpart.

      Ha. Of course you do.

      Suck cock mofo


      • Grand Dragon Pete’s Brother

        Bro, stop it! This is immature

      • Dan Hooch

        You worthless sand google.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I am watching her fuck-tape as I type…..and I must conceded……she does grunt like a pig when she is being fucked……

    ….which reassures me that the muslim forswearing of pork was wise…..

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Our Ottoman brothers should of finished off the Armanians in the early 20th century. Their descendants are nothing but middle.class prostitutes making money with their jewish collaboraters. Allah has a plan for these hairy ingrates…DEATH by an AK death squad! Praise ALLAH!!!

  • Umar the Brown

    Is there really any need to comment on the filth that this hairy armenian whore has drug up? She should be flushed down the great universal toilet and, if it please Allah, this will happen very, very soon.

  • miley fucks goats


  • The west is the Best

    Come on now all you rag heads want her big smelly ass it would remind you of your camels ass

  • fireonacrackapieow!

    All you twatskinned animal crackers need to quit being mad because your girls butts look like a pancake and although you prefer your pink snotskinned boy body for a woman you frequent sites where you can see what you cant have on your own

    • Kahlid

      Muslim women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They all have some most luxuriant back hair in the entire world. Like caressing a silk blanket.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I wanna squirt pussy juices all over her in that fur. She’s so sexy.

  • Dicktwister


  • Dicktwister


  • adrian


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Im planning to make a video of myself fucking the prophet mohammed in the ass with a 12 inch long dildo.

    • The west is the Best

      Cool ride him hard

  • Ed

    I think we should all chill out.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Now us Muslims know why googles love this fat bitch…she looks like a giant possum dinner.

  • Ari Goldberg

    Kim, really Elli Meirstein is one of our most prized Mossad agents. She made the video with that google Kanye to show Barack Hussein that she is available and will do anything for his black cock, even fuck Kanye.

  • MinecraftTrolling

    Abdullah the Asshole.

    Go fuck yourself
    -With lots of love…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      cock-sucker troll

      wipe off your dirty sanchez and change out your gerbils.

      eat shit and die mofo

  • sajidmajeed

    anyone here should respect all religion, due to this girl, avoid to blam eachother religions. who the person is real christen will not say against Islam.
    only the person who have no religion then he is not more then bastered, we can’t listen the bastered bcs they are very small can’t hear.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sad shithead

      Your post was stupid and confusing.
      You must be a retarded dope addict or a google.

      Respecting the fake religions of the jews and christians is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since Brother Obama said that us Jihadists didn’t build that IED.

      You will get an axe between the eyes and I hope I’m there to see it.

  • jew boy

    i’d even pay to hit that,not too much of course,you know us jews