Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Video

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

We here at Celeb Jihad would just like to take a moment and remind the world that Kim Kardashian is a whore with this video clip from the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

How quickly the origins of Kim Kardashian’s fame have gotten distorted. Kim’s PR team have worked tirelessly to cover up Kim’s porn star past, and portray her as a classy fashionista who became famous because of her looks and sense of style.

Allah willing, may the world watch the video below from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and be reminded that the only reason anyone knows her name is because she filmed her fat ass getting railed, and the tape leaked.

Kim Kardasian’s sex tape is aptly titled “Kim Kardashian Superstar”. This video certainly does show that Kim is a superstar… a superstar at getting taken to pound town by moderately famous black guys that is.

So let us never forget that Kim Kardashian is a porn star whore who deserves nothing but our scorn and ridicule.

See the Full Tape Here

  • Luciaaa

    wow,you guys are trying to ruin her life,like seriously? bug off because kim isn’t perfect at all & we make mistakes!

    • shifalaqalamukala

      you’re dumb, this sex tape is what MADE kim famous. a sex tape made her famous, and you look up to her. false idols!
      yeah, we all make mistakes, like forgetting to bring paper to school and smoking our older brothers weed without asking. but making a sextape, and “leaking” it onto the web? it was obviously intentional, idiot

      • Kim

        This guy can’t spell!

        • DUM LIMP NUT

          kim shut tha fuck up about grammar jesus christ

          • sam pepper

            didont know you was god and why dont you shut up haha

          • Penissucker

            Suck nuts bro

        • Ben

          he had no spelling errors in the previous post dumbass

          • The best123

            The dude that keep calling people Nigars u need to close yo dumbass mouth cause u proably steal more than the average black male so fuck u o by the way u wrong I never heard of fucking Kim before the sex tape and that all i got to say bitch ass thieving cracker

        • bna

          you’re a fucking retard.

        • Amir Ha Rashid

          You are a stupid infidel the only thing better than kim kardashian getting the allah forced out of her is 2 camels and 1 goat

          • Allah is a faggot

            Like your mother?

        • Emily

          Dude nothing on the Internet is private. This is her fault.

          • Logan

            Fuck you

      • Crazy

        I am so sick of these celebs? if that is what you want to call them, getting famous for screwing and then, as we all know, THEY leaked them! The K’ family does not represent what the American people are all like 98 percent of us are not spoiled rotten, whiney brats whose parents are even cashing in on the imorality of their children. I think their mom is not a good parent by seeing nothing wrong with this. Again, most people in general are not like this. I hate the fact that these celebs make us look like we and are children are this way. No, we try to raise our children with morals and to not be grown up brats who care only about money!

        • quedo

          great comment

          • lorraine


        • M

          What kills me is that men take women who openly have sex on camera, seriously. The woman has been proposed to and married by now she’s going to have a baby with Kanye West who I’m sure will marry her too. If not him, someone else. Sex used to be a private intimate act between two people in love and now it means nothing and men don’t care if women are whores. The more whorish and immoral the better and they get down on one knee. They have nothing but respect for adult film stars who perform filthy acts with tons of guys. All the porn stars are married!

          • lorraine


          • Voice of reason

            Dude, if you think that then why are you on a flipping porn site?

          • danila

            really bhaijan, these people have ruined almost all the young womens around the world ,what to do , almost all girls are now behaving like a whore , because their famous superstars ,who they are fan of are whore

          • SS

            Why does that bother you? I mean … you don’t have to marry anybody you don’t want to, but why does it bother you that other guys might like promiscuous women?

      • pixplex

        she’s hot

        • Penis complex

          Hell yea she is

      • fuckkkiiiiing religion

        haha you wouldnt have to smoke your bros weed if you had your own

      • Me

        This sextape was very recent you idiot, and she was famous before this.

        • ahmed ahmad

          Please… this sextape is old as hell itself…. why the fuck do you think that tape is selling like hotcakes again!! Because people dind’t get the first round since they didn’t know who the fuck this bitch was, now that the media babbles her name everywhere, people are curious… bitch ass kardashian, the new name for trash!

          • shampo

            fuck you home boy

          • boricua

            all i know is that Kim kardashian is a google lover just like her sister

        • Gia

          No, she really wasnt. No one knew who she was except as some bitch who paris and nicole kinda knew…Kim’s dad was the only one with money and fame, especially after the OJ trial. Get real.

        • Bdatpop

          Hahaha your a fuckin idiot this video is old as hell and it’s what basically made her famous

      • Sharon

        This website is ridicilous! Claiming to be muslims or whatever and have a website filled with sex and nudity. Yeah cuz this is allright cuz you do it in the name of Jihad? Really? Grow the fuck up, you wankers (cuz that is what you probably do all day anyways, sooooooo religious) You should be ashamed of yourselves and look in the mirror cuz you are just as evil if not more evil than the people making these tapes cuz the people with the tapes dont claim to be religious but you are so i guess they will be laughing in the end!

        • shakeel

          completely agreed sharon… well said. bloody Hippocrates they are…

        • Racist mother fucking bitch

          1, All these terrorist turds watch dicksucking.
          2, they are all hores.


          she became famous because of this, They are only showing the truth. they arent ruinig anybodys life. I like kim k but im NOT in denial and i understand that she became famous because of this tape. u just gotta get over it.

      • dfhsgkihsdf

        actually E! had already filmed there show “keeping up with the kardashians” before the sex tape leaked. They must have knew her to give her a show. and fyi ray js friend is the one who sold the tape to a porn company he go the tape from ray js house with out him knowing. do research.

      • Sean Kelemen

        you’re the real idiot here, no one sees a sextape and goes, hey! let’s give her a t.v. show! her father was a lawyer in the oj simpson case and had shit loads of money, and that is why she’s famous

      • Haiahsvbdigdhvd

        Says the gay guy

      • joe

        only a whore ends up pregnant with another guys kid while still married kim K = WHORE

    • mikie

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      • White girl

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        • Hussein

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          • babakanish

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          • Your mom

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          • andre

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          • Nikky

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          • Crip4life

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          • BrotherMan

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        • Eddie Gee

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          • Eddie Gee

            I rather like the giant sister, who is kind of the Frankenstein of the family, and the step-dad who had the head transplant.

          • honest john.

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          • tosh

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          • Kelci

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        • Bitch

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        • Bitch

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        • pakistani boy

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          • Negligentleman

            Mate you just proved her point. You focus on this one small EXAMPLE (got a feeling this guy needs things written in BIG letters :P) that she gave to prove her point and then ran in the completely wrong direction with it(<–This is an analogy by the way). you basically parroted what she said and then tried to palm this train of thought off as you own. So one more time just to make sure theres no more confusion or misunderstanding on your part, she was using a common stereotyping comment to prove her point and these are not her actual views nor how she perceives peoples of a different race.

            Bye bye dear

          • Henchman

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        • nimd4

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      • Freya

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        • McMeep

          You spelled “manner” wrong. And, DISLIKE…this video has nothing to with race, people of all races do crazy things to get famous…and that is all this was.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            only a perverted whore fucks googles to get famous

          • Nome

            Get a life Abdullah,
            You have no real reason to be racist. Nice way to fallow the crowd.

          • religionisshit

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          • Nikky

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        • DUM LIMP NUT

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        • popeye

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      • boob.

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        • Kelci

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      • blackside

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        • Draconian-Alpha

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    • opie

      Isn’t perfect? That whore isn’t even close to getting up to “isn’t perfect”, and losers like you who worship her are the problem. Hopefully she dies of aids and people can stop talking about her. Burn in Hell, whore

      • trolled..again.

        seriously. only extremists in here? o.O either there’s “she’s the devil reborn” comments, or worshippers. remember; there’s few cases where the truth is at either of these ends. the truth is always in between. calm down, and think about it. being mean to somebody doesn’t really make sense, but we all do it don’t we? we all lie, for bad and for good. some do it in other ways than people usually do, and some on a grander scale; but that’s all there is to it. i don’t stand for nor against Kardashian or anybody else, i’m here to enjoy the ragewar that’s constantly going between the extremists. (not that i enjoy negativity, but when it’s irreversible, it’s better to enjoy it any way you can, than sit around being pissed off ’cause of it :D ) have a nice day.

      • jonno

        opie so what if she was a porn star she got railed and paid for it, i say kudos to her anyone who would give greif over that is just a jealous religious nut, and just to quote i don’t worship her found this from a pop up. and losers in my eyes are people who think they can critisise people from their actions/pastdoings and i mean seriously “burn in hell, whore” what are you? still going to sunday school and talk about heathens, lol hahahaha on a factual note it is called RIGHTS & FREEDOM OF PERSONAL CHOICE!

        • slim

          Well, I guess I’m one in the same company you would be. Don’t really care that Kim made the tape. I think it was a huge mistake(history now prooves it) but whatever. It’s her ass not mine. Truth be told, I like her ass and I’m sure many others who criticize her like it too. Hey, I like the rest of her sisters as well. Nice looking bunch of Gs!!!! If people are so repulsed by her and her fam, why watch vids about her or them, why comment and waste their time?? Now that seems weird to me!! ♂

      • Hello

        someone is a little jealous. how much do you weigh behind that screen.. just because someone made a sex tape with a person that they are with does not make them a whore…now a fat ass bitch climbing in the bed with someone every chance she gets..cuz she don’t know when someone will give the fat bitch love that is a whore… dumb ass hater

    • Noel

      and thats why you ended up here.. were you looking for the video too? LOL SCRUB

      • Hello

        Everyone in the flippin world looked up this tape.. women, men.. old ladies…idiot

    • James

      Kim K. is a moron in the first place – fits right in with the rest of the braindead family. Let her have her 15 seconds of real fame.

    • muslim girl

      salam. wat is this website. this is wrong the true meaning of islam is being defamed. no muslim nor any one should judge ppl only allah is able to do so

      • Kahlid

        Take your kuffar lies elsewhere, you Zionist infiltrator!

      • CBJames

        Fuck Allah. Dont you have a goat to fuck, or a bus full of children to blow up? Or maybe go kill some nuns or something to prove how peaceful Islam is. I have tried for a very long time to be tolerant of muslims, but you people are nothing but fucking savages. You should all kill yourselves… oh wait, you do.

        • muslim girl

          like i said no one has thr ryt to descrimnate any1. and you little kid you yourself on last hour eill be readin that kalimah. and embracing islam. we all have our own beliefs buh there was no need to insult me lyk dat

          • enlightened_1

            how ironic coming from a follower of islam! hahaha this is too funny :- D made my day.

          • DUM LIMP NUT

            muslim girl shut tha fuck up u people don’t even fully understand ur false religion its a fkn joke u motherfuckers talk about taking over america lol america would b a shit hole y do u pathetic people come to america fuck y did america let iraq stand

      • Hello

        there is only one god…which means there is only one religion and i doubt it’s guys are FN weird

        • Nick

          You mean there is no god? Yea, I agree with you.
          Like almost every other Atheist, I ask you, where the fuck is your proof?
          And like every other religious person, you have no valid answer. Good game.

          • Man with a purpose

            There is a God…only one…the one that loves you and me….i know i shouldnt be on this site…I am a sinner just like all of you reading this…we all have a part of God in us..( The Holy Spirit) God is one prayer away…he loves every person..every Athiest, every Christian, every rich and poor person,and every race…he created us all for a purpose that only we could fulfill. Wether you believe or not he is Alive.the proof is he is recorded in time by a man who sent out to prove he was not the messiah but then turned into a follower..and the romans probably have something else…but no matter how much we sin or dont believe..he still is our father..this is my last time on this site.. Im adicted and need many prayers…..hope i helped

          • Imam Khalid

            All of you inbred, mouth breathing googles and google lovers on this thread are some of the most illiterate cretins I have ever seen!

            Your poor grasp of the English language hurts my fucking eyes. English is not even my native language and I comprehend it better than 99% of you mongoloids.

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    • sayalol

      seriously ?

    • Hate sluts

      Bud, shut up, thts annoying when people do tht, its her fault shes stupid enough to do tht!! So stop acting like a team leader!!

    • will

      wow kim i never thought i would see you on a sex tape . i laughed my ass off when i saw this wait till khloe little son finds out he will think she is a pornstar even though she is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.SHE FUCKED UP HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mike

        Yeah, Will you messed up your life too, Once! You were born! I’m wrong, that would’ve messed up your mom’s life! You’d think your mom was a porn star, if you knew the things she did on the night you were conceived!! Ask your dad.. Lol… Point is everyone has secrets but for whatever reasons hers just ended up on the big screen.

    • Kelci

      All of u guys are SOBs

    • Shawn


    • Stormin Normin

      I agree Luciaaa, everyone should have a chance to be forgiven. But my problem with this was that she used a dirty sex tape to gain fame in the media. The Mainstream media should be separate from Porn. And it’s a line that is being worn thin day by day.

      Many celebs are doing these things like Paris Hilton. I’d rather these women gain fame and notoriety by legitimate acting, music, business, the arts, or television work.


      kim is a google fucking whore tryna get rich remember tht kk


      no kim is a google loving whore any bitch that i hooked up with cheated on me with a coon i would kill both

      • black n proude

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    • Megaperv

      Dumb bitch.

    • Megaperv

      You dumb fuck. Havent you realized that the kardashians suck? (in both ways if you know what i mean.)

    • Nick

      You look up to a woman who was a prostitute, and filmed herself having sex and then leaked the tape onto the internet?
      You have some pretty screwed up idols.

    • Rojay mathew laeo

      shut the fuck up!!!

    • karl pilkington

      oooooohh chimpanzee that monkey news ya twat .. orrite this weeks monkey news ray j was caught in bed getting high with a 64 year old prostitute when he was asked why, he replied: coz kim won’t let me near her crack anymore

    • Brek

      You guys are embarrassingly ridiculous. Arguing about race and who has the bigger dick? Grow up kids. You all and the kardashian family are whats wrong with our society.

    • Yilmaz

      All read all comment all people here stupid

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      No, ahe’s not perfect. She’s a retarded Slut.

    • kareemdb

      thats stupid what your saying this simple thing cant ruin her life she isnt worring about this she has to much money an fame pally

    • sam pepper

      not everyone makes a sex type by mistake

    • Mike


    • JinxDomos

      Its a mistake to do a porno? No, its a mistake to forget your keys.

    • jesus is not a god

      fuck kim ! who cares about her celebrity ass .. and fuck the christian asses who kept naming there selves (allah is a ******) etc .. cold blooded bitches !!

    • Recardov

      ya….destroying the life of whore

    • Annoying is back


  • Jayde

    yeah no shit luciaaa,
    they have no life, and they are jealous they dont look as hot as her in bed ;)
    ignore haters!!!!!!!! :)

    • Nick

      They don’t look as hot because they’re not fucking women, you bloody moron.
      And we hate her because shes a bimbo that filmed herself having sex to become famous.

  • ohmyguinness

    She looks like a man. i probably took 6 pounds of wax to get all the hair off of her.

    • Hello

      lol if she looks like a man then you must look like a bad case of syphillis you ignorant F***

  • “Bug off” whore worshipers!

    Celeb jihad is just telling the truth!


      lol bug off u don’t know wat truth is then


    What kinda self respecting woman would make a sextape? Just asking? If this is the kind of “mistake” mentioned in previous responses please tell your current partners about the myriad of diseases located firmly in your crotches. Good Luck!

    • Hello

      you dont’ have to a whore to make a sex tape u idiot.. Married people do it all the time. a self respecting woman is one whom respects herself and her imagine. now if she wants to go and screw her HUSBAND on camera she may do so.. IF Kim K wants to make a sex tape with her partner(s) that is her business and if other people want to watch that is their business… screw yourself that’s prolly all u get considering your previous statement..seems like a jealous fat ass too me..

  • Farooq Hussein

    This sextape of Mrs Kardashian with Bobby Brown is very nice

    • fucku

      it is kim kardashian and ray j fucktard not bobby brown

      • Hussein

        Does it really matter which google it was?

        • GodLoved!

          The only googles I c here are the mutha fuckas that r ignorant enough to call the next person a google. Bobby Brown, Ray J and any other famous black man is now where at all a google compared to ur ignorant dumb ass. They made it making way more$ than you. So who seems to be ignorant? That”s what I thought!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            damned dumbass

            A stupid google is still a google…no matter how much money he makes from other googles paying their “stolen and dope money” to hear his incoherent babbling.

            Also…all the money in the world is worthless when you are on the receiving end of an RPG.

          • cortez

            My brother, it is no need for these insults on Black men, you yourself is black. You are the prime example of the white mans curse. The clan man is laughing at you, but im laughing at both you and the white man because I am a black man who knows that you all come from the black race, you being simply a mix breed and the white man just bleached and deprived of pigmentation

        • Hello

          calling people googles?? with a name like hussein u might get the shit beat out of u

          • Seraph

            Two of my best friends are black, we met in college, tight and always had each others back. His shit talk got him an invitation to Kansas City, MO. I told abdullah to get 20-40 soldiers from his mosque and bring all the weapons he can get his hands on. Gave this fuck-tard my encrypted e-mail so we can go to the country and dance. I’m a competition pistol shooter and a long range rifleman, with my Armalite AR10T i can make kill shots on human targets at 1000 meters(close to 1/2 mile). I’ve shot many people, murdered none. The bigotry against blacks, whites and Jews is driving me. If this Abdullah the Butcher lives in this country I’m going to work hard to lure him out, then I’m going to make a martyr out of him and any Islamic Idiots he may have to cover his play. If he meets with me his fate is sealed. Motherfucker is probably all mouth and doesn’t have the grit to defend his Satanically inspired religion.

          • Arcachnar

            @Seraph Kill shots? Come on. This is not a kind of video game, but the real world. This country? Where do you think that Abdullah lives? IF you want to lure him to the US and shoot him there, then you will know the consequences. Prison or the death penalty.

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          • Shotta

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          You know I felt a little bit bad at the beginning but now I’m pissed. How DARE you say these kind of things! You’re just a rascit pig. And why is your name Osama bin laden?! I live in new York city! My cousin died in 9/11 thanks to your “great” people. Your a disgrace to everyone.

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    • Dar al-Harb

      Learn to spell. I see your name is Juan and so you’re probably a recent illegal immigrant. That is no excuse. I am here from the the holy Arabian lands on student visa (learning chemistry for bomb making) and have a better grasp of english. Truly Muslims are the best of people! Allahu Akbar!


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    • Dar al-Harb

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      • Tony

        You are the ones getting all the hellfire. Here in America we live in peace.

        • jesus is not a god

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  • Gisela

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  • Med student

    What sort of website is this? Who ever made this. Does ur religion teach u to make fun of other religions? Jihad means striving for ur religion and it’s teaching. Going for education is jihad. Standing up to you while defending Islam is jihad. Please don’t use Allahs name in ur pornography. Have some shame.
    P.s get a life. Don’t u have a job or school or something.

    • Lorry

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