Kim Kardashian Posts Yoga Pants Booty Pics

Kim Kardashian Blac Chyna

This weekend porn star Kim Kardashian posted more Photoshoped fake candid pictures to her Instagram in an effort to prove she isn’t disgustingly fat.

As you can see in the series of photos above, Kim Kardashian and her friend “Blac Chyna” (I kid you not that is her name) show off their bulbous asses and remarkably narrow waists in yoga pants.

However, on closer examination of the first 2 photos, you can clearly see by the warping off the door frame and tile where Kim’s Photoshop team modified the pics to eliminate her bulging rolls of semen stained fat. In fact the 3rd photo in this series appears to be the only authentic picture of the bunch.

  • Jesus H. Christ


  • jew boy

    She is sooooo hawt.

  • In fact, is so fat, that her gravity warps the space then the pic looks photoshoped.

    Applying Einstein’s equations (proud jihadist) we can detect that what looks more narrow and thin really is the most massive and fat.

  • Biggjuicey

    Not kim FAKE like all your pics

  • Bohemond of Taranto

    Ugh those filthy prostitutes look like some of the many Middle Eastern women who scrounge my fine Principality of Antioch looking for a manly Crusader to get with.

    • vbac23

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  • Whoopi Goldberg’s Lips

    When I see disgusting photos of women like this, I begin to think that being gay isn’t really so bad. Modern American whores are turning me queer.

  • Vidal Sassoon

    Nice pic of the happy couple. When did Kanye dye his hair blonde?

  • Aghdullah

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  • Imam Abbas

    By the Beard of The Prophet (PBUH) !!!

    Those ass cheeks are large enough to generate their own gravitational field!

    May Allah (SWT) protect us from such trollops!

  • Brandon Hayes

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