Kim Kardashian In Slutty Lingerie Pics

Kim Kardashian lingerie

Kim Kardashian poses in the slutty lingerie pictures below, while still maintaining that she is a not a porn star whore.

It appears as though Kim Kardashian doesn’t know what hypocrisy is, as she once again shamelessly uses sex to sell herself, despite the fact that she claims she is famous because of her “sense of style”.

I don’t know if you can call taking big black cock up the ass a “style”, but I am no fashion expert. The infidels probably see Kim Kardashian as the second coming of Coco Chanel, and will soon be walking the Paris runways with their fat AIDS infested asses hanging out.


Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian


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  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Kim and Koonye will look great after The Klan gives them their Christmas gifts……both will get a thick nylon necklace that is long enough to reach a somewhat low hanging branch.

    Some of you may know it as a noose.


  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Small Worm Pete,

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    Wow she looks beautiful, even her butt.

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    She should prepare for a life of working in Sweatshops, because when the west is invaded, that is where the whore will be going

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  • Joey Chen

    She’s not all that. She’s kinda big and bulky and has a weirdly shaped butt.

  • Jimmy C

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