Kim Kardashian Claims To Be Bigger Than Jesus

Kim Kardashian Jesus

Kim Kardashian has long been worshiped in the African American community as fat ass fertility goddess, but now it appears that Kim is taking her celebrity to the next level by claiming to be bigger than Jesus.

As you can see in photo above, the pregnant adulterous mudshark mocks the famous Jesus statue in Rio by flaunting her wide ass in front of it in a hideous pink dress.

The message here is clear, Kim Kardashian thinks she is the new messiah, and that she was sent to earth to preach the gospel of interracial sex and reality TV fame whoring.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Nonsense! Jesus was 6’5″ and weighed 250lbs…..of pure muscle! He also had the second largest cock in the history of the world…..just two inches smaller than a certain Grand Dragon of the great state of Alabama.

    This mudshark Kim Kartrashian must be brought in for questioning followed by an immediate execution. Before the execution…..our calvalry swords will shave her ass to the bone.


    • Zohair – The Good One


      Your knowledge of Cock sizes is very ‘deep’ indeed

      One can only wonder how……

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Nohair on nuts

        The Klan doesn’t care to know that you take cock “deep” in your asshole……because we already knew this to be fact.


  • Fucker

    she must suck an arabian cock to be greater than jesus

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Boy fucker

      The only Arabian this google lover would suck is an Arabian horse.


  • Lanny

    She is disgusting.

  • Anubis

    If you notice there is another filthy whore in the background doing the very same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Christian crusader onlookers beat the crap out of them for their mocking blasphemy against their god.

    Knowing western whores adversity to cleanliness though, it may that their armpits reek so badly that they are merely airing them out. Pray to Allah that they don’t try to air out their stinkin’ pussies and ass holes as well.

  • aghmed

    The fat from this harlot’s flabby arms alone could heat several small households for days.

  • The truth

    I’ve never seen a more blasphemous site than this u better repent while u still have the chance

  • Henchman #122

    Jumping on the Henchman bandwagon!


  • Nice guy

    One day I will rule the world

  • white power

    if you look closely, you can see that a google is taking the mudsharks photo. Possibly from a stolen Camera.

  • Imam Khalid

    She certainly is “bigger than Jesus”.

    Jesus wasn’t a obese lard ass coal burner.

  • praise jeebus

    typical mudshark! you can see a klansmen brother standing near her. After this photo was taken She was bound and gagged and dumped over the cliff.

  • Nazi valley girl Greta

    She is like such a fat race traitor! Not me though, the only thing gettin’ near my schnitzel muffin is white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant!

  • The West is the Best

    Once Again you post this mudshark now she is showing the world how much wider her stinking ass will be after the implants.

    • The West is the Best

      I have absolutely no idea what ‘ Punctuation’ means, and I obviously don’t care that it annoys the shit out of the readers.

      This proves that I am a google.

      Also, the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ is a mystery that will elude me until the day I perish

      • The West is the Best

        Allsmelly DiCarlo Aka west imposter

        I don’t care what annoys the readers like you there all pieces of shit who fuck whatever anmials they can stick there little dicks into how i write is none of anyones concern so fuck off if ya don’t like it don’t read it so all you mofos who are complaining stick that up your asses.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    kim koon-lover kardashian not only is bigger than jesus…that google loving bitch is bigger than the west bank and the golan heights combined.

    Us Muslims hope she dies soon from google AIDS.

    • Abdullah fucka

      You’re the biggest dumbass I’ve ever seen.

      You obviously can’t get through a paragraph without saying a racist, homophobic, or religion-hating essence. And you talk of war and how you’ll defeat the west with the Iranian atom bomb, let me tell you something. Your country has absolutely no chance of winning a war against the USA.

      And you’re a pussy; hiding behind a computer screen talking all this shit. When in reality you just got a raging vagina.

      (P.S calling me a “cocksucking faggot bitch ass google” not only will not make any sense. But won’t help your case.)

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        fag fucking google bitch

        stop spreading lies. Us Muslims only tell the truth and talk peace.

        Now, go fuck yourself with a chain saw and kill your yourself you filthy cock sucker.

  • Mulah sahib khalid

    brothers, of kkk and of islam, why do we not join together and end this fat bitches life already?

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    What a fat bitch.

  • Treehugger

    Her ass maybe

  • The West is the Best

    Allsmelly DiCunto

    And you smell who cares.

    • Imam Khalid

      West, I appreciate your jihad against the cunt but could you and the other mouth-breathing asshole infidels learn to use the REPLY button?

      By the Prophet’s Beard!

      It makes all you donkeys look as though you’re muttering to yourselves like a bunch of un-medicated schizophrenic wandering around in a city park!

      • The West is the Best

        Imam Kahlid

        I do use the reply button it’s DiCunto who does not she also is the imposter west Her IP number comes back to both DiCarlo and the imposter west I have told her this and the dumb cunt still does it. you should hire her to clean up after your camels and dancing boys if you have any donkeys watch her very close around them she has a thing for donkey dick.

  • Umar the Brown

    Like my favorite Islamic blues singer Bull Camel Achmed once saing, “An ass so big you can see it from the front…means the husband needs to beat up that cunt…send her to work out in the fields…whip her when she is late with his meals…oh, yeeaaaaahhh… .”

  • Ade Ojo (Nigeria)

    The whore couldnt have equalled herself with Jesus under normal circumstances how much more saying she is greater than Jesus She should have her head examined medically Jesus is a Saint while she is a whore a mnaterial for hell fire She should repent and ask for forgiveness

  • TsvarTjoliskijos

    her ass is bigger the Jesus ass

    • Abdul Kiar

      I disagree.

      Jesus barely ate,and had bones sticking out of his ribs.

      Jesus was not Muslim,but had a better body than Kim K .

      At least he was not over weight.

      And it’s scary to watch,she was a fat pig to begin with,but now her being preggars by
      that google Kanye West ?

      I wish the Kardashians would stop breeding like a cat in heat.

      And I hope this bitch never visits Afghanistan again.

  • Governors in hell

    People who celebrate Eastre or as stupid earthlings call it Easter, even Born again Christians are celebrating a non-Christian pagan deity along with the satanic Helloween oops I mean Halloween even though there is nothing hallowed about it along with another day God would frown upon us doing and that is attempting to celebrate Jesus birthday by celebrating a Druid holiday called Christmas. It must be a Druid holiday if they are using Pine trees that are decorated, yule log, mistletoe. God is going to send every Christian in the world to hell who celebrate pagan Easter, Christmas, Halloween and any other holiday that does not honor God the Father and God the Son, that is not biblical and scriptural. God and Jesus should have been anarchists and environmentalists who called destruction of the planet a atrocity along with the crime of being controlled by a wicked Obama government that loves making people homeless and throwing innocent people in a house full of cages if they don’t pay money. Cops in Newtown, Enfield, etc. are devils. If you say, do you know that’s “sexual” “harassment”? I “feel” “disrespected”. That’s Lucifer the demon talking through you and you will burn in hell for speaking those words as will the cowards who hide behind badges who committed the atrocity of coercing me into saying dishonestly, I’m “sorry” for something so stupid and trivial and inoffensive as complimenting a lady’s bust, cleavage, rear. The police will be sorry when they are dead including the Enfield mall police for holding a grudge against a young man over some trifle like that, a harmless, innocent, inoffensive, trivial compliment. God will punish the Newtown police for calling compliments “controversial”. The police and Baruch Obama ought to say I am sorry I made you say I am sorry for something you did not say wrong about her breasts, cleavage, rearend.