Kim Kardashian Caught Cheating Again?

Kim Kardashian cheating

Recently In Touch magazine published a cover story claiming that Kim Kardashian had a 5-month affair with self-proclaimed NFL star (he has only played in 2 games in 5 seasons) Bret Lockett.

Since Kim is a whore and Bret is black it was extremely reasonable for In Touch to believe Bret’s story even though he could not provide any details about how they would meet. Later Bret admitted he has never actually met Kim Kardashian in person.

Quite an embarrassment for In Touch magazine. That is why when we were approached by a man named Leroy AKA “Dat Nigga Tootie” outside a gas station, who claimed to have “f*cked dat Kardashian bitch in her fat ass” we checked out his story thoroughly.

First we examined his skin and it appears to be black so that checks out. Then we questioned Leroy on how he met Kim Kardashian, and he explained,

“Dat bitch horny for dis dick. She come by the hood and smoke some weed and me and my boys run a train on dat ass.”

So you are saying that Kim Kardashian drives into the ghetto and gets gang-banged in exchange for low grade weed behind her fiance’s back?

“Yes sireee!”

That sounds like Kim Kardashian alright.


Pretty damning stuff for Kim! Let us see how she responds and if her fiance Kris Humphries will continue to go ahead with marrying her now that this has come to light.

  • theheadchimp

    Man I tell ya, this Celeb Jihad is the first with the truth about almost everything. Everything seems to check out and he sure looks like a Kim K. type. Also Kris Humphries is content with sloppy 232nds.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Check out the expression on this coons face.

    This pic was taken at the exact moment, when he saw Kim’s garguantan ass, for the first time. She just dropped her pants, and bent over like a good ho, and from there it was brown eye to brown eye.

    That mofo was in nigger heaven

    After Islam takes over, us Muslims shall send both those worthless mofos to nigger hell!


    • We are going to send them to work?

      • IHateCelebs

        LOL, yes, send them to work. Plus no menthol cigarettes and no malt liquor. And NO rap “music!”

  • Open the scroll

    I can tell by the dumfounded look on Sambo’s face it’s last call at the all you can eat chicken and waffle house.