Kim Kardashian Bikini Vacation Pics

Kim Kardashian bikini

Kim Kardashian took time off from her busy schedule of hunting for big black man meat, to vacation in some part of Mexico called the “Dominican Republic”.

As you can see in the photos below, Kim wasted no time in terrorizing the locals by flaunting her flabby nearly nude body in a bikini. It is amazing that the natives did not spear her and feast upon her bloated carcass as her rump could have fed a village for a month.

Perhaps the Dominican savages mistook Kim Kardashian for some sort of fertility goddess. If only they had the E! television network they would have known that Kim is nothing but a common gutter whore and roasted her on a spit.


Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

  • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

    As I am merciful as every Muslim is, she won’t be killed when Islam takes over the west, but will be allowed to serve as a lowly servant in my Kalifat called يجب على جميع المؤمنين يموت
    (former California). She will plow the fields and maybe nurse the babies of other infidal slaves. Her milk won’t come near to any muslim babies though, as it is clearly corrupted and would turn even the strongest future djihadist into a weak homoqueer infidal.

    Insh’ allah!

  • NotGay

    Can someone say lesbian? She likes athletes because they are surrounded by chicks she can lick.

  • Anubis

    After this filthy Kardashian slutty cow left the pool, the local authorities had to put up public alert biohazard warning signs stating the water was no longer fit for human consumption, even by Mexican standards. I suggest they drain the cesspool and bulldoze it over. Only the beaner prostitute Selena Homez would dare enter it, since she probably carries more sexually transmitted diseases than she does.

    • NotGay

      Wherever Kardashians pussy goes I’m sure Gomez isn’t far behind.

  • aghmed

    foul whore I shall choke crush her windpipe with my meat hose.





  • kaboom

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME Dominican Republic a part of mexico….how geographically/historically stupid are you guys…dominican republic is a country in the carribean….yes its independent..has been for over 200 years…has the first university/city/church of this side of the world…just wow…instead of concerning yourself about celebrities read a book..seriously…

    • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

      Dear anal kaboom,

      Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but we muslims are wise beyond measure, because we read the Quran daily, and, as every child knows, all knowledge in Allahs universe is written there. So don’t try to patronize us with your hokus pokus bogus western geography nonsense, as this will only instill even more wrath in us muslims. And you don’t want that.

      P.S.: To prevent any copycats, already a strong worded Fatwa has been issued against western “science”.

      • quisqueyano

        did you know Latin American countries have higher literacy rates than countries whose official religion is Islam? Just saying

        • Mufti David


          Did you know that many of the most recent scientific discoveries(breakthroughs) that were only possible in a very advanced technological era, were already mentioned in the glorious Qur’an? The Qur’an is about 1500 yrs old, and without doubt UNCHANGED. The Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) was a mere illitrate man who did not write the Qur’an. Ofcourse, such knowledge only comes from almighty Allah.

          The Qur’an is such a book that it has law to guide man, it also has knowledge for man and every aspect of life depends on the Qur’an. Everything about life in this world can be referred to the Qur’an. No book, NO BOOK!, N O B O O K ! ! in the entire history of mankind is as knowledgeable as the GLORIOUS QUR’AN !!

          sometimes you should make a little research on these things before posting shit, its helpful.

          • quisqueyano

            Maybe you should read the comment that i actually posted first, and I’m not gonna waste my time to deface your name like you did. I did do research and what i said is one hundred percent correct, unlike your comment because if that is true why are middle eastern countries in the shape they are now? Why aren’t they ruling the world? Why do they need millions of dollars in support money to continue? That fact that the book may have seem to have mentioned scientific advancements doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t say how to achieve these discoveries, it probably just says things that anyone could have predicted, like air crafts, smart phones and etc.

          • Mufti David

            Dear quisqueyano (I’ll be friendly since you also seem to be friendly :)

            What you do not seem to understand is that what you call literacy is mainly learning the english language and other worldly stuff. But in the case of us muslims we consider islamic knowledge and the Qur’an to be way more important than learning any other worldly stuff. We consider arabic to be the most important language to be learnt. There are more madrassahs than schools in islamic countries. Thats the reason more muslims follow their religion and are not open sinners compared other religions. I can tell you this whether you like it or not (I’ll not overstate), more than 75% of muslims are obedient to their religion(pray regularly, read Qur’an daily, do not sin openly etc) while less than 25% of christians are obedient to their religion. I personally have never seen any muslim pornstar but many from other religions like christianity. I have heard of PASTORS being caught indulging in adultery mostly with prostitutes, EVEN WITH MALE PROSTITUTES and no, not only ordinary pastors but also some “big” highly respected ones also e.g JIMMY SWAGGART, TED HAGGARD (google it, its also there in wikipedia, SHAME). It was quiet shocking when I was a christian, but since I became a muslim, I have never heard of even an ordinary sheik stooping to such a level. Allahu Akbar. This is the reason we muslims are proud and we give a higher priority to our Islamic Education.

            And about the Qur’an, I didn’t mean it predicted the technoligical advancements but rather it already contained much of the scientific knowledge that was only recently discovered. I can give you an example that you will not believe: I am sure you know that the “big bang theory” (which the scientists came to fully understand just in the past 100 yrs) states that the entire universe was one mass and it exploded into the universe we know today. However, it was already stated in the Qur’an that the heavens & and the earth were once one before God made it into what it is today. Don’t forget that the Qur’an is 1500 yrs old(still unchanged) while the scientists were only able to make this discovery recently after all the technological advances. This is just one of the many miracles of the Glorious Qur’an. I suggest you make a good research about this and please don’t entirely depend on the internet as it contains both true and false information.

            P.S. I am not saying everything is true about the “big bang” theory!!

  • Daddy

    Oh my! This little thing needs a good spanking on that pretty ass of hers. KK has the body of a greek goddess and would only be satisfied by with the cock of a strong American man, not the sissies from England or the middle east.

    I love KK and will marry her very soon. Once she sees the bulge in my pants it will be a done deal

  • NotGay

    In the one photo when Kim is bending over she is obviously shitting her panties. The reason her rear looks so big is because she wears pull ups all day and she is used to shitting herself.

    • beef taco

      your such a faggot you dirty piece of shit

  • whatsthatstench?ohit’skaradashianass

    Fucking nasty and you terrorists are not doing your job, you had a perfect opportunity to bomb the ENTIRE family and you didn’t.