Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Video

Kendra Sex Tape

We have just received exclusive video of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape.

I have to admit I am devastated. I was still clinging to the hope that Kendra was being setup, and her public image of pious and obedient wife was who she really was.

After watching the following video from Kendra’s sex tape (repeatedly) I have come to the sad conclusion that Kendra is no better than a common gutter whore, and it pains me to say that.

Kendra’s sex tape is aptly titled “Kendra Exposed”. This video certainly does expose Kendra as a dirty little whore, but don’t take my word for it, check out the exclusive video from Kendra’s sex tape below and see for yourself.

See the Full Tape Here

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          • Jack Haley

            All hetro men in America love Kendra. She did her part in sharing that God givin bod with adolecent males and grown men alike. Now she should be allowed to tone it down a bit and enjoy her motherhood. Thanx for the Mammaries Kendra.

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    • mikey mike

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    • Greg

      I see what you did there.

    • quedo

      not bad indeed.
      that’s the original one

      • BlackStars

        Man, I totally love it!

    • Shelly

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  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    I thought she was classier than this. Seriously. What a boring low quality sex tape. I thought with her money the quality would be atleast above amateur. I am sadly disapointed. She has once again proven that she is not fit for fil at all.

    • ms310

      Classier than this?!! She met Hugh Hefner at a party where all she was wearing was pasties and body paint. She gave off this freaky “anything goes” vibe imo during her early days on the show “girls next door” the fact that she is such an attention seeker and her troubled life growing up it should not be a surprise.

      • vicontgrey

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      • TOM


        • kin

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          • bla

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    • Sadie

      your fuckin dumb for real! This was when she was younger! he didnt think that she was gonna be famous and stuff.. give her a fuckin break! tell me youve never done something like that like took pics of yourself or videoed something.. you need to chill out for reaL!

      • D

        BUTT!….. & a nice one @ that! She did set out to be a freak… get attention……that’s what she got! Granted she was ‘A’ TEEN, but there are also many 40yo that are still pursuing ‘the Dream.’ She was also lucky, but mainly slutty enough to get noticed! If she hadn’t been young, pretty and Slutty enough to get noticed, then we would never have this conversation. Most often than not, we’ve all been stupid enough to have to get through our sh*t, but most haven’t gone home with a big payoff……to ‘make it all better.’ So please, for all those who ‘feel’ like they need to protect her because you would have done the same, with different results. You didn’t have heart for ‘the Game.’ and defending her doesn’t make your thoughts, as miniscule as they could have been to be slutty, any better than what she has done. This goes for both sexes! So don’t judge, just Enjoy!

        • gardentree


        • Heil Jesus

          You know. It is possible to videotape someone without their consent. Um….not that I have ever done anything like that. Don’t you worry, there is still good news. Kendra Wilkinson will still burn in her for having sex outside of wedlock.

      • Summer

        Um… yeah she was younger when she filmed this but she was clearly posing and playing it up for the cameras! It almost seems as though she was shooting a porno imo. And yes it’s very tacky and low class not to mention low quality tape but I do understand it given her age and the troubled life she had growing up. She seemed like a very troubled and lost young girl back then. She should just own up to it and be done with it. Eventually the media attention will pass. As far as I’m concerned she’s going to have a harder time dealing with this when her son gets old enough to realize that his mother filmed a sex tape! That is more embarrassing then anything else imo.

        • kendrafan

          not to mention shes making a hell of a lot more money for being a attention seeking freak than you are sitting on your ass behind a computer watching her sex tape!!! ;) haha the irony right

        • killuminati

          lol it looks like shes shooting a porno? u have clearly never been with a women willing enough to film ur ugly ass and her having sex cause this is clearly what any couple would do for their own private viewing. i know sex for u is boring, slow and over quick but most couples when they are having fun making a video together have fun wit it. u must have a dick smaller then this pale ass mothafucka


        Thank you!!!! Sadie well put. She was young, and face it, she still really is. She is married and NOBODY HAS TO DEAL WITH IT BUT HER AND HANK!!!! All of yall who are so concerned and callin her trash, get a LIFE!!! ONLY HER GOD CAN JUDGE HER! HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!! Then SHUT THE FUCK UP BEYOTCH!

        • Hussein

          “Hank” is a jungle bunny. A women can’t go any lower than that. However, her jewish handlers love it.

          • Hei$t

            Don’t be jealous because women all over the world love black men, It’s not their fault they have big dicks and good looks.

    • TAB

      Are you a dumb ass???? You must not watch her show. Shes not the one who approved the tape. She made it when she was with her high school boyfriend. Shes married with children now.

      • D

        By the way, she was shopping her video during while her husband was in the process of courting her and proposing.

        • Hussein

          A coon will take a mudshark any way he can get her.

          • Kahlid

            Indeed, Brother Hussein. Smelly whores and raitors to their race deserve extirpation.

    • T T

      jabbar u r fuckin retarded, obviously u havent watched her show or anything where she talks about how she did it in privacy lyk other couples and she didnt even know she was gonna b in plaboy or a celebrity. i support kendra, shes an awesome person, wife, and mom. and she has more class in one toe than u have in ur entire body. and the dipshit who released this vid is a fuckin prick

    • Laura

      Of course its an amateur video, she made it with an old boyfriend before she was famous. It was only suppose to be seen by her and him. But once she became a celebrity and started making money, the loser got jealous and wanted to hurt her by putting it on the web. Kendra has class. For u to say she doesn’t, is ridiculous! Why would you watch the video if you’re so against it? Her only mistake was trusting her ex and thinking he would never put the video out there. At the end of the day though, ppl can talk shit but Kendra is a great wife and a wonderful mother. For all the ppl who have nothing better to do than to talk about her, get a life!

      • Penis

        Laura….the Laura on June 7 9:08pm

        “Kendra has class. For u to say she doesn’t, is ridiculous!”

        have you seen the videos of her stripping all over the place?

        “great wife and a wonderful mother”


      • Michael P. Whelan

        Laura, You comments are very much to the point of truth. People are so pathetic when they become High Judge, Jury and Executioner with people they do not even know and have never met.

        Than You for the positive response.


        • theheadchimp

          Michael P. Whelan aka the village idiot
          A google fucking hillbilly whore is a good mother???? What the fuck you been drinking asshole? Her claim to fame is she fucked a 90 year old man and then married a spook. Google puleeze…..

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Michael P must be from Alabama and is shacked up with his sister and coon dog.

    • kayla

      hey u fuck head why dont u lay off her sum its clear 2 see that this sextape wuz b-4 she be came famous so what she has sex omg lets all freak out about it WE ALL HAVE SEX !!!! grow the fuck up n get a life get off da computer n quit talking shit u goddam hater!!!!

      • Jefferson Lives

        yo, kayla. you need to learn how to spell/talk.

        tip: stay in school.

        • SHYBAY STAR

          @ Jefferson Lives Kayla did spell talk rite i dumb ass. TALK TALKIN TALKING

          • big balls

            technically thats not talking its typing

      • Chuck

        The fact that she had sex with a bunch of dudes at the same time makes her a low class skeezy whore who became famous for nothing.

        Note to self: If you plan on becoming rich and famous don’t have sex with a bunch of chicks at the same time and video the whole thing.

        Second note to self: ignore first note, he was drunk when he wrote it.

        • kendrafan

          you would never become rich and famous cause its clear no one likes you

    • jordan

      I hope you realize she was 18 she was young inexperienced and just started living life, so what if shes a little crazy thats her personality you love it or hate it but shes kendra

      • kendrafan

        Im not sure the arrgument here is it that she should of made a better video, not made a video, or what…. I think its cool she got to live her party dreams at a young age and now gets to grow up and have the faboulus family she has and any one ever dreams of and just cause she had fun when she was younger dont make her less of a person now i dont think… every one has sex most people tape them selves at some point in time and even less people get to sell it and make bank you would do it for a check of 680,000 garrenteeeeedddd i would do it most people i know would do that its money its a lame sex tape might as well every one would of seen it one way or another any way … you hater s need to find something better to do with your time !!!!! Hating dont out way the common sense of the situation ….

        • Kahlid

          She’s a filthy mudshark whore hillbilly scumbag.

          No amount of polishing will make this whoring white turd shiny, kuffar.

    • krissy

      i cant believe how you are slammin kendra she never thought that she would be famous and have a family one day and everyone does things when they are young that im sure they regret when they are older including you and now her son is going to grow up and could possibly see this tape everyone needs to drop this whole thing and most of the people slamming her probably have things just like thisd tape so who are they to judge no one should be judging her of her past she didnt have a terrific life and i personally think she has turned her life around and should be slammed with all this how would you feel if it was you or your loved one or put yourself in hanks spot how would you feel seeing your wife all over the internet doing whatever is being don ein this tape .

    • truth

      its low quality because it was filmed before she became hugh hefner and before she became Famous.. when this tape was made she didnt have all the money she has now!1 she was only 18 at the time

      • THE truth

        im pretty sure she didnt become hugh hefner lol

    • brittany

      She looks about 18 or 19 in this video, and she was in love with her high school sweetheart.

      Unfortunately, chicks do this ALL the time and some even younger than her. This isn’t any kind of recent. Whoever had it, was sitting on it for a LONG time and waited until she got a bit more famous than playboy to release it.

      Everyone has sex, it’s how we keep the planet populated. Doesn’t make you a slut to have sex… it just makes you stupid if you film it.

    • kendrafan

      I would like to see any sex tape by a 18 year old girl that classy please do show me one k …. thanks

    • 7899b

      she did this before she was famous

    • 7899b

      this was before she was famous

    • jpsh

      bitch this was even before she was famous long long tyme ago when she never thought she was famous ok so stop hating on her all of yall becuz u mad cuz u cant get no action she classy its not her fught her bf jealous of her so shut the fuck up and deal with it thats kendra wilinson baskett ok so get yo facts staraitght bitch

    • Asia

      This was made before she was famous, dumbass


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      • fuck islam

        We should drop a nuke in the middle of all of them and rid the world once and for all of anyone who believes they can kill, rape, steal and lie all in the name of their god. Fuck all of you and burn in hell!!!

    • Viki Roberts

      she was barely 18 in this thats why., she wasnt rich yet.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        vick the slut

        A whore is a whore at any age.
        She doesn’t appear to be fucking this asshole against her will….she is in “infidel heat.”
        She went on to slut it up at playboy and then married a google.

        If you defend this skank…you too are a worthless whore.

        • Hussein

          If your a nobody who wants to be famous, you have to screw a spearchucker and tape it. The skypes eat that shit up.

          • Kahlid

            Well said, Brother! That or get seduced into the Jew run porn industry,

        • Hei$t

          Abdullah the (bitch) oops!! I mean butcher, go suck a dead mans dick.

      • theheadchimp

        Viki Roberts
        You are a fucking pig, what the hell does rich have to do with anything? She married a google….enough said.

        • really

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    • happyfeet

      The tape was made before she had all her money you fuckin’ retard. Just sayin.

    • Marten Purdy

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  • fukyaverymuch

    jezus all you who are judging and name calling get a life! so she recorded a sex video with her BF in private! what? she’s supposed to be a virgin? your all delusional!

    • Baatzu

      No kidding. People are so elitist when hidden in their anonymity. And to the asshat that said “I thought with her money the quality would be at least above amateur.” You speak like she was supposed to throw money into a sex tape for everyone. That would make this not a sex tape but a professional porno. So how does that make her MORE classy? Next time you have a thought, bury it, its rotten.

  • Big Dre

    This was made before she became famous by her then boyfriend. She was like 18. So what do you expect.

  • Observer

    Her high school boyfriend published this? With such a small penis you’d think he has the pride to not show it to the world.

    • kendrafan

      That was the same thing i was thinking its not embarasing to her BUT TO HIM HE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SHOW HIS SELF AGAIN HE WILL BE NONE AS THE GUY WITH THE WORLDS SMALLEST PENIS LOL

      • al fal

        seriously….can’t you people spell? the future of our country is sad …stay in school

  • Fatty

    Classier than this?…Holly was classy, Even Bridget…But Kendra has always been a dumb trashy whore…If you really watch that “girls next door” you can totally tell she just did that for the money, and the life.

    Im glad this came out, exposed her for the whore shes always been.

    • kendrafan


  • kandice

    Kendra is not a trashy dumb whore, who are to to even judge her, look at all the others that had sex tapes released… who cares.. it was made in private and when she was 18, people do grow up, im sure she never thought it would be released.. really fatty, get a life and stop bashing her. sex tapes are not even that big of a deal, what celebrity doesnt have one, just bc some have been released… i dont look down on her or even care, she is a great mom and wife and people shouldnt judge her.

    • ohai

      Ya seriously, not to mention how many of your highly respected co-workers, friends, or even family that probably have them

  • Devin

    IF ya can’t tell this was pre playboy guy by her boobs weren’t done yet.

  • Smoke

    Are you kidding me? What’s the big deal…I don’t understand why people get so hype and disrespect over this. How many couples DON’T have sex tapes?? Is it uncommon for couples to make sex tapes? Unless everyone’s waiting until marriage to have sex, there will be someone before you. If you get upset because the person she made a personal tape with the person she was in a relationship with before you you have issues. People need to get off their high horse

  • bex

    I find it interesting that you only have something negative to say about Kendra, when you see/hear her saying she doesn’t want to as he coxes her to open her legs and just “keep going” repeatedly. As a young woman, she was clearly into being sexual but didn’t know how to take control of the situation. As a result, the guy really took control of her, and took advantage of the situation. If anyone needs to be commented on and insulted for being classless, it’s the guy that made the video and then released it now that she’s successful and he’s obviously not.

  • Temple

    Let’s see: Young, attractive, great body, obviously likes sex and not afraid to get a little kinky, where do I sign up?!!!

    Yeah I’m leaving THAT cause she had fun when she was 18. Idiots!

    I don’t see any of you hypocritical little haters dumping on on the micro dick who traded what should have been a memorable and private moment to enrich himself….oddly the very thing that some of you are dumping on her for.

    And about her “shamelessly” using her wonderful physical attributes to get into to the Playboy mansion, show and anything else…so what, at least she’s honest about who she is and how she got there. Not like certain spoiled rich attention whores who somehow can’t seem to go anywhere without remembering her underpants while leaving her legs conspicuously open as she egresses any automobile..”whoops she did it again….Oh no she di’ ent”.

    Hank has a fun-loving, attractive piece of ass who, let’s not forget, made a human for him. Ask any woman, apparently that whole squeezing a basketball out of you really hurts.

    Y’all need to give the girl a break… PLENTY of of other girls have done FAR worse for a lot less.

    Trust me…I know.


      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEMPLE VERY WELL PUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keiber

    kendra quiero mamarte esa cuca y meterte el guevo

    • historicity

      no habla espanol… Spanish to english translator ftw. according to igoogle “kendra want to suck that pussy and get into the balls”

  • your di=umbbbbDip shits

    ok like wow this was done in the privacy of her own home. … . lil fuckers yall act like yall dont have sex.. . . its not like sheeeee put it out for all yall to see. . .. like damn stop bein so quick to judge. . .although tht was pretty sexy

  • carlos

    to everyone downing kendra! this tape was made along time ago before playboy was even in the picture. Hello! Look at her sweet little boobies!

  • panzram97

    finally i can see her without all the editing and brushing over, whoevers’ complaining about this video needs to stfu and go buy that useless rag playboy.

    • kenny

      agreed! you wont get goods like this in Playboy

  • xavier

    she has nice tits

  • Joe

    No wonder she dumped the guy. He’s got a little dick!!!

  • Jane

    “This video certainly does expose Kendra as a dirty little whore” ?? are you kidding me? She’s having sex with her damn boyfriend when she’s freaking 18years old….the same boyfriend that later acted like a douchebag and released the tape.

    And even if the video was done LATER…how is she shown as a ‘dirty little whore’ ? because she’s enjoying the sex?

    Pssh. Whoever wrote this little article, successfully shows his/herself as an idiot.

  • fucking idiots

    first off, you haters are fucking losers. if you have never taped yourself fucking your girlfriend at least once, then your sex life must be pretty boring. secondly, it’s pretty obvious she taped this long before she ever had anything to do with playboy, or was a celeb. so how does that make her a whore dumbass? you people are such cunts.

    • tom

      Do you losers understand that this attention tramp is happy about this tape? More money and more attention. What is she famous for again? Oh yeah. Employed at the mansion. So losers! Stop defending her and most people are not videotaping themselves as teens!

    • pablo

      noo me gusto para nada aparte que kendra es una madre no se por que lo iso es muy hermosa para que aga mostrar un video..son todos unos hijos de puta

  • big storm

    i would fuck the dog shit out of her

  • nick

    most of u r pathetic. like who gives a fuck if someone judges her. I agree the dude needs to take blame but not all of it. she made a sex tape, great enjoy having ur son come home from school tellin u how kids make fun of him for seeing his “mommy” having sex and hank’s going to have a great time hearing all that crap in the locker room and field. like sometimes people need to consider the consequences of there actions, not be retarded and just say oh i was young and stupid but now i’m mature. Cause now this video is going to affect her husband and son, it may not seem fair but thats reality.

    • jkapoor

      how was she to fuken no this would happen, stop being a hater, u must be fat ugly and boring, o 1 needs to be judged the ex is a total jerk…

    • Realist

      now how pathetic can this get? Are you for real or you never actually grew up? Cause if you did then you ll know perfection does not exist! people are not going to stop living simply because you think a private video is going to affect anyone! thats absurd n totally ridiculous! people actually have a right to get thier freak off! ffs if she’s hot in bed then her hubby should be happy instead…. his buddies wont complain of having watched a lousy porn movie at least, pfff!
      Get a life



  • ms king

    I dont know what the fuss is about… Everyone has a past that they would like to stay in the past. she is married with a child, trying to get on with her life. think about the past that all of you have, would you want a sex tape released, now people are saying, I dont care, but think about it, your job, family, friends, children and grandchildren, you thought the tape was safe, and one day, BAM their it is….

  • slyG

    no biggie of a deal..really. people do stupid stuff at least once in their lives.

    • Somebody

      Words of a Wise man.

  • kendras boo boo

    go go go go go kendra go go go g kendra your not alone now!!!!!!!

  • skwidz

    shes hot…. for a prostitute….

    • Realist

      Hater… thats 1000 thumbs down for calling her that

  • kay

    Quit judging people scumbags. You don’t know shit. He was her boyfriend so get over it. Hate on the scum that used her for a quick buck.

  • e

    Seriously, everyone needs to stop judging. She made it when she was eighteen. She made a mistake when she was still young and immature. So what? This was not even supposed to get out anyone. It was something for her and her boyfriend at the time to enjoy. It was a momentary thrill. She’s paying for it enough now and doesn’t need the people ragging on her and changing there thought of her for it. No one can say they haven’t made mistakes. No one is sinless. She’s not a whore because she made a video with her boyfriend. Young and dumb. We were all there and have done out own stupid ideas. She’s not young anymore, she knows she was wrong. She’s grown up. Leave her alone.

  • Kelz

    It was a long time ago before she was married to Hank but reports say she was shopping the sex tape after they got married which is foul. Once a gold digger always a gold digger. She aint dealing with no broke…..Guess she knew Hank was a garbage football player and was trying to make some extra change lol

  • reason

    shamefull,shamfull nothing but shamefull,i dont care how old u were,u must be an adult one day and now ur lil boy’s friends and even her lil boy himself may fall on that tape,i hope all other young girls out there take example on ‘what not to do’ Ever!

    • Realist

      Oh lawd, sure you ever had good sex before? If no, i suggest you do… don t go hating cause she decided to get her freak on in “Private”!

  • eli colon

    i don’t know why people are so judgemental , especiall if they don’t even know the person. i obviously don’t know kendra people but some folks just truly need to do something with their time other than talking shit about someone else , like if their perfect . she was supid and young and now she moving on , so let her move on she seems to be a very cool girl and we’ve all done something stupid , how would u like it if the one big mistake you didnin your life was on tape and every one saw it ? you would say the same thing too right?

  • k bell

    Im a big fan of Kendra…..but seriously is it that surprising??

    • katie

      Nope not really suprising. BUT still sucks for her.

  • katie

    I feel so bad for Kendra, I hope this doesn’t make her and Hank get a divorce. I absolutley <3 them as a couple. They are so cute, and made such a beautiful child. I can't imgaine what its like to have a sex tape released of yourself when you don't want it put out there. It has to be really really hard to deal with and embarrassing.

  • joao

    lol essa e muito gostosa keria fazer sexo com ela

  • stephanie

    so what? she was a young girl didnt know she was going to be going to be a celeb… so dont think of her as a bad person. im know for a fact that alot of young couples have done a sex tape with there partner. im not gonna lie i have too. so dont judge her!

  • kayla

    i think that the guy that released the sex tape is an JACKASS just because she made a sex tape doesnt mean she wants attention. hes jealous because she has an amazing life, husband, child. and who is he? has anyone even heard of him? didnt think so. its called jealousy people. but who wouldnt envy her come on?

  • KrendaFan

    Fuck you all, Kendra is fun loving and deserves for her ex who posted this to go to hell. I cannot believe the thing yall are saying about her. She has a husband and a kid, yall really think she had money back then? That she thought she was going to be famous? NO! low quality my ass I wanna see you on two of the #1 shows on E! HA. Wont happen bastards

    • Kahlid

      She is a whore. Plain and simple.

      Whores deserve to be stoned to death int he public square for such whoring.

      This wasn’t a simple mistake and judging her is exactly what this situation calls for.

      This is why America and the West are rotting from the inside. None of you have any sense of morals or decency.

  • Gal From Aus

    ah, the media strikes again! and they do the usual bloat of words to attract daily internet surfers/mail readers to make such comments. meanwhile i sit here in australia and think it’s so great to know…people here aint any different to anywhere else in the world, you could be chinese, japanese or lebanese and still do a kendra and make a sex tape. to me, i think sex tapes are a kinky way to express yourselves as a couple, triple, quad or whatever it is that turns you on. it’s something that you can feel good and dirty about at the same time but ya know what? kendra need not be embarrassed. this has made her a god damn lot of money and her hubby and kids may really think wow, mum’s a celeb. the sex industry is one that people still keep locked up in little rooms, peep show places, adult shops, gay and lesbian clubs, and whatever else, but it’s probably one of the biggest paid industries aside from education and mining. my partners mate is a baker by day and a male crossdresser at night, he gets paid $1000+ per show, he still has a wife and kids and all the outfits and makeup all comes off afterwards. wake up media people, bloggers and everyday people, you have one life, it’s not a bloody dress rehearsal so who cares, kendra’s a playboy celeb, leave her to her own devices.

  • olivia

    but look on his tiny weeny penis come putting up sex tape he is too bad mind people must not want to do somthing like that to spot are shatter someones carrier l kendra dont let that stop you just do what u must do to protect ur family ok love u

  • steamvent

    this is surprising. i see more ppl supporting her than flaming her and those that are flaming are getting assraped for it. HAHAHAHA!!!! ok, so she was a little wild in her younger days. so what, she was hugh’s no 1 blonde. so what, she has a tv career, she married a football player. i got some news:
    ALL GIRLS ARE WHORES!! some of them are publicized whores, so what. She’s hot, we like to watch her play, doesn;t mean she’s any worse than anyone else. i personally feel a little guilty for adding to the pile of dogshit this girl is soffocating under now, but, thus is the life you chose kendra…sorry.

    • abdullahfucksgoats

      you sad delusional fuck. Men fuck so many more women and are still not whores, yet a girl fucks outside a relationship and she is a whore…? Look who runs the media.., men, and the only reason these sex tapes get so much attention is because men cant control sexual desires like women can, hence the need for ( not to my approval) burquas, and we men are the reason these sex tapes are so popular, because we cant help but want to watch a celebrity female fuck. Jeez this is a muslim site, and this whole topic apparently is unholy, yet even muslim men come hear to see naked women. my point being, wake up, grow up and shut the fuck up. btw she wasnt hugh heffners no. 1 girl, holly was, biatch

      • theheadchimp

        Stupid muthafucker who loves goats
        Anyone that feels they have the need to defend a filthy pig like Kendra must feel she is part of their family. I bet your mother has 10 teats and oinks when she calls you to supper.

  • Cassondra Leal

    I believe that everybody makes their own mistakes when they are young. If everybody would look back in their past and realize that they are not perfect, they can see that if u were to judge Kendra,they would be judging themselves as well. Of course nobody is willing to do that, because if they did, they would realize they are not perfect angels. Unless you are a virgin saving yourself till marriage and have never had intercourse in anyway, maybe you could say your opinion…. but you shouldnt even be looking at this video tape if you are… So. In my opinion, Kendra, you are not a slut… You are a normal person who makes mistakes. Just like everybody else. I love your show, i am a big fan of you and your husband. An your baby is adorable! You are the perfect couple and i hope the best for you all. Keep your head up!

  • MarkD

    There is a story at the Huffington Post that Kendra formed a company in 2008, after her engagement was announced, for marketing her sex tapes (plural…tapes…not tape). If this is true, she is just blowing smoke with her tears over this matter. Probably just drumming up interest to get more sales. Why isn’t she using her company to sell her tapes? She probably figures she can drum up more interest and sales by pretending to be upset over the first tape’s release by a company she may not have a direct ownership in. She’ll be crying all the way to the bank.

  • Mr Bill

    The bottom line is that all of these women, including “Kendra” who have been playmates are Hugh Hefner’s prostitutes. Just read the thread written by Jill Ann Spaulding a former playmate for a week and what she witnessed in the mansion. Kendra has made her success and fame sleeping with Hefner “a 78 year old man pumped full of viagra” along with 20 other women or so at a time with no protection at all! There are two ways to get to the top, One is by working and the other is by WORKING! She obviously is OK with this lifestyle, so spare you feelings for poor Kendra and what people may think. The funny thing about you favorite show on E,is that it is a complete edited lie and cuts away the true life story. So what if pretty woman is your favorite movie HA HA HA ……….
    The world needs whores, it’s a good balance because even the less than charismatic,unattractive, and old need to get laid! One thing about whores is they make you appreciate the self respecting, strong, beautiful women of the world.

    • Realist

      And the bottom line is this: Even the “self respecting, strong, beautiful” women of the world have S-E-X too and are even the worst behind doors! Pffff

  • lovekendra

    i love kendra, yes, she made a mistake – WHEN SHE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL – which was wayyyyyy before she was even known as a celebrity & known as hugh hefners girlfriend….all the people that have something negetive to say about her, should realize that this was WAY BEFORE she was famous & she never thought this douche of a guy woulda sold her out, so point is: LEAVE HER ALONE! at least she’s dealing with it

  • tiffany

    I think that was very low of her ex for putting this video of kendra. Well kendra looks good, but he has the smallest dick ever. Dont hate on kendra when u have the small dick that is why you cant show your face in this video. I love you kendra.

  • HeeBGB

    Is she underage in this vid? she was only 18 when HEF got a hold of her….and this clearly was before that….

  • lalo

    she is a totally puta, i dont know how people like her can get married…. only an asshole will engage this piece of shit

    • kendrafan


  • Pancho

    Well, everybody seen her naked already, no biggie if we see her having sex. hey its nobody related to me, not my wife, not my sister, nothing. just a hot woman, very good to look at. no biggie,
    she should not worry about this, personally, i don’t think any less of her as i did before, jajaja, you show your tits/ass to the public, you already have low morals. having sex and everybody seing it will leave you same as before with low morals, but hey, those are the fun girls, the hottest girsls are the one with low morals, dirty, scanky, freak, those are the ones all man like to have fun. of course to get married you don’t want that. marriage material has to be with high morals. that’s my point of view

  • waleed

    yeah beby nice boobs i want you i want you pls i want girl like you good job

    • jazmin

      hey waleed do u noe my aunt?

  • celeste hill

    this was when she was 18 with her boyfriend i feel bad people like you think stupid things like you do. a girl should feel comfortable with her boyfriend and she did but he obviously betrayed her big time what an ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tman

      oh yes i wana just shoive my dick in her ass oh yes fuxk me baby . im even wanking now

      • Tbag
        Can you not control yourself? That is one of the first signs of being an animal. Better warn your neighborhood for potential sex offenses.