Kendall Jenner Underage Bikini Model

Kendall Jenner bikini

Kardashian younger sister 16-year-old Kendall Jenner models a skimpy bikini in the photo above.

It is not entirely clear what this advertisement (which will run exclusively in the trade magazine “Candy And Old Vans Quarterly”) is selling, the bikini or Kendall Jenner. Of course in a civilized country like Qatar or Yemen the answer would obviously be Kendall Jenner.

However, in the backwards US of A parents often parade their daughters around in whorish outfits and then refuse to sell, and in fact get offended when a handsome Muslim man like myself approaches them and respectfully asks to inspect their daughter’s hymen. I don’t know what these infidel parents take me for, but I am not going to purchase a girl unless I can confirm that her maidenhead is intact! But I digress.

Though at 16-years-old Kendall Jenner is well into her prime breeding years, one can still see potential in this bikini picture. Provided Kendall is still a virgin I’d be willing to bid up to 2 goats, a bushel of figs, and the deed to a beautiful piece of property on the Afghanistan Pakistan border for Kendall’s services.

  • Rama ibn Ali Baba Hava Intifada Ela’Em Mansoor

    She is a bit too old for my harem, but she does look like she will become suitably hairy in her old age. May Allah grant her many pubes.

    • Jack

      So you fuck 12 year olds?

      • Habib the assassin

        She is 16 you idiot can’t you read

        • Jack

          He said she’s a bit too old for him implying that he would be attracted to someone younger, you stupid fuck.

  • sympatico

    She’s too skinny! How will she be able to pull a plow in the field?

  • Name required

    16? too old. pedobear does not approve!

  • Huge Cock Habib

    They all feel like virgins to me. This one shall be a suitable addition provided that her father’s dowery is sufficient.

  • jack meoff

    i have picture of 2 muslim wemen sucking a camel’s cock—they take off their face vale–now i know why muslim men make their women wear face covers—yes please keep those bitches covered up–if a white man saw them after he ate he would loose his lunch

    • Habib the assassin

      Jack off Muslim women cover there faces because they are the finest looking women in the world if they were to uncover them all other women would become depressed and jump off cliffs or throw them selfs under trains. Muslim women are good and feel sorry for the other women of the world and keep there faces covered so the other women will not harm themselfs also muslim women do not suck camels dicks they leave that to you and your homo partner cum shoot.

      • Aeneas252

        my girlfriend is 100 times hotter then your stupid muslim bitch

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          anus pounder

          your girl friend is a dress-wearing homoqueer who pounds you in the ass and calls you baby.

          and when both of you go to hell….you’ll be two hot cock suckers.

          • jack

            hey abdul the terrorist – if she is an underage bikini model, then your site is soliciting child pornography.

        • Habib the assassin

          Aeneas the ass licker You have no girlfriend only a boyfriend you ass fuck do you think you should have started seeing this homo so soon after breaking up with your right hand?

  • HONG

    She’s hot. I would love to fuck her. Cum inside her vagina, mouth, ass and on her face and breasts

    • Habib the assassin

      Hong the homo you know you will never do those things you are a homo who cums in your boyfriends ass and mouth.

      • HONG

        How’d you know I was gay?

        • Habib the assassin

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          • fuku uqueer fuk

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            queer asshole

            The only thing you are trained for is gobbling cocks at the glory hole.
            You are one stupid asshole.

          • fuku uqueer fuk

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • HONG

    Leave her alone

    • Habib the assassin

      Hong the homo we no you will because she is not a he. Just wondering would you do a she male they have dicks but do the fake tits turn you off?

  • Mountain

    I will up that bid to 5 goats (or one old AK-47) and match the Figs and land. I have a mountain cave on the Rail Line into Russia that is obviously worth more than borderland

    • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

      Lol how do you ppl make these shit up? sooo funny

      • Habib the assassin

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        • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

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          • Habib the assassin

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          • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

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          • Habib the assassin

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        • fuku uqueer fuk

          Habib his uncle may be calling him back to the trailor but thats still better than ur dead daddy calling u back to ur pile is dirt with a hole of dirt for u to sleep in while rhe neighbor pissed on u and ur mother. Get it right u all hate Americans because u r jealousn. It’s not rocket science.. if u know what that us. Google it. Gay boy.

    • Brother Mountain I think you offer too much for the girl. Do not forget Kendall is nearly 17 years age. You’d be lucky to get 2 sons out of her before she became too old and unattractive to breed with.

      However, your mountain cave on the rail line intrigues me. Do you also possess any property suitable for opium production?

      I am looking to unload one of my dancing boys named Khalid. He is smooth of bottom with a tight anus. Perhaps a trade can be made?

      • Anubis

        Brother Durka, possessing a remote mountain cave would be excellent real estate for a devout Jihadist. Agreed Kendall is rapidly becoming past her prime breeding capacity and she doesn’t look like she can pull the plow or work the fields that well, although she may still give great bj’s and anal French kissing to her Muslim master.

        The mountain cave would have great potential for various uses, and may be quite worth giving up your dancing boy Khalid despite his smooth behind and tight anus. Good luck with your trade endeavor, and thank great Allah for your daily news updates to keep us pious Muslims informed of the decadence of the west.

        • Brother Anubis thank you for the kind words.

          Your concern about Kendall’s plowing ability is well received, but one must remember that women are not just born weak in brains and spirit but in body as well. It is a rare thing for a woman to be gifted great plow potential like the lovely Chaz Bono.

          However, thankfully like all animals women can be trained through the use of rod and whip. Kendall is surely no different and would soon develop the physique necessary for field work.

          • Zoey

            You think women are animals? You are soooooo ratarded!!! And however, zare you guys thinking about kidnapping Kendall or WTF? You talk like you are ACTUALLY gonna have a chance with her, really funny!!!

          • Word of wisdom

            Not really animals : animals generally know they place and stay silent, and don’t pollute the grownups conversations on the internet with their inane blabbering.

    • the mad mexican

      I will up the bid of mountain I will give 10 goats, 20% stock option in my cactus plantation and all my donkeys if those stinking kardashian bitches and their ugly little step sisters stay of the t v !!!! and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH BRUCE JENNER S FACE!?!?!?!? IS HE GOING TO THE FREDDY KRUGER HOUSE OF FACELIFT!?!?!?!?

  • Kyle the Rapist

    I wish she was my brothers wife so I could force myself on her without actually having to marry her.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This infidel is far too old and ugly for breeding purposes. But from the looks of her giant man-hands….I can see her usefullness as a digger of the irrigation ditch and skinner of goat hides.

    Her perverted family had better sell her soon. Her value on the slave market drops by the hour.

    • Zoey

      Do you actually believe you have a chance with her? Face the reality!!! She is rich and famous, and would never be of any of you!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        zoo bitch

        Shut up whore.
        You might talk to weak infidel men with disrespect but us Muslims will chop off your head and shove it up your ass.

        Also, you sound like a big dyke and us Muslims will first stone you before the head sawing. So get prepared for a bad day when Islam takes over.

        • Zoey

          Islam will never be important hahah LOL actually islam should dissappear, you look so fucking retarded talking like ANY OF YOU would ever have a chance with Kendall, and i talk with respect to men who deserve it, no to idiot and retarded people like you, where the fuck did you come from? FROM A WOMAN, i feel sorry for all those women living there with crap like you, really sorry for them. By the way you are too ugly to talk with me, :(

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            zoo coon

            You had best feel sorry for yourself, because us Muslims stone whores on sight and as soon as one of us sees you….bam, the stones will fly.

            And for your information, many fine Muslimas have pitied you western whores because you will all go to hell, without ever experiencing the pleasures of a real man (us Muslims)

            Eat shit and die bitch

        • Zoey

          No, i don’t feel sorry, you’re disgusting, and if any of you would try to hurt, me as you say ¬®stones will fly¬® you go to jail for being retarded and doing somehting against a woman.
          You can’t a have a woman like us, we are too pretty and smart to be wiht idiots like you, and you actually think you are the best, i can see, you are nothing, what a disgusting thought the fact of being with someone like you, dear lord, i would never be with you, stop asking you’re too ugly and retarded :(, american and european boys rock it! fuck you, and eat the shit of your camel you retarded ;)

    • king Rageous

      Do you really think she is too old if so then you are a pedofile as for real men they respect women a real men never lays a hand on a women when in the wedding vows you says to protect her from all harm yet you harm her that makes you a hipocrite a liar along with the fact you broke your vows as for me a women has to be at the very least 18 before id consider sleeping with her and im 22 and im a real man

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        Gay Ranger

        If you’re a real man, the moon is made of fig newtons.

        Only us Muslims know how to select women for marriage and concubineage.

        A big fag like you may know about butt-plugs and the dirty sanchez but those acts of faggotry belong at your glory hole and not out amongst the decent population.

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        eat shit and die mofo

  • jack meoff

    a muslim’s mans harem is 3 camel’s 4 goats 2 dogs and one woman–who’s face he has to keep covered up so she wont scare off the others.

  • surferman

    she is straight and i woul fap while she stripped in front of me but that is it

  • Muhammad Muslim Pig

    She’s too Old for that Pedophile Muhammad, he was more into marrying 9 year olds

    • Mohammed

      I fuck my 11year old daughter

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  • Kahlid

    Armenia, 1,650 years in the convent, and 50 in the gulag..

    They’re soon to all spend eternity in Hell starting with these incontinent mudsharks.

  • Cracka

    Do bitches really have no rights In your country

  • Fahq

    It’s better than selling 16 year olds in to marriage like you islames do

  • referee

    Girls girls she’s hot as hell i would drink her piss
    but there’s plenty of underagers to go around
    From 9 to 17
    Even for Mohammed love camel dicks

  • EDL

    You dirty little rag heads, fuck off and rape you own kids. God will judge you and send you all to burn in hell! The War is near and we are ready! Be warned!