Kendall Jenner Bikini Donkey Show

Kendall Jenner donkey show

Kendall Jenner the 16-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian, continued down the immoral path to whoredom with these donkey show bikini pics below.

As you can see Kendall Jenner ventured down to Mexico to audition for one of their famous donkey shows. Unfortunately instead of allowing the “burro” to mount her, Kendall stripped down to a bikini and climbed on top of the donkey, grinding her lady bits into its back.

Obviously Kendall Jenner did not get the gig in the Mexican donkey show, and must now return to the US of A to plot her next act of unbelievable sluttery. However, you can rest assured that we here at Celeb Jihad will be ready and waiting to expose Kendal once again for her sinful ways.


Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    In the last photo you can see that Kendall is sucking on the penis of her perverted jew benefactor who placed is narrow girth and sickly skinned penis through a lemon. In fact the infamous “trout pout” is a whore’s way of acknowledging to her friends that she was paid in jew gold to suck a tiny jew penis.

  • Word of wisdom

    The whoreling is visiting the Tijuana whore camp where she’ll spend her summer holydays if she wants to be worthy of her family. She’s being presented to her future partner to build up this kind of special bond they’ll need to perform well on their training, a few monthes from here.

    For the last shot with the glass, it’s either :
    – the Habib version
    – a watered down beverage to start a mithridatization process in her young throat against the effect of donkey fluids
    – or she passed an evaluation test with success (the blood in her veins can’t lie) as she was rewarded with the traditional high alcoolic, tonsil-cleaning mixture every performer receives from José-the-bartender.

    • Mufti David

      – or it must be the famous whoredashian refreshment: bitch piss topped with donkey cum.

    • Aman

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      • TBEAR182


  • freedomfighter

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    • Mufti David

      …and your brain must be located…………….very close to your anus.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Stupid, useless whore!

    In Portuguese “burro” (donkey) also means “dumb”.
    But if there is a dumb in this scene is the one wearing a bikini.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Stupid muslim mofos.

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    • Kahlid

      Yes. Petting zoo.


      Women normally wear revealing, sinful bikinis to a children’s petting zoo.

      Get back to making your jenkem, scumbag abid.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Kahlid da kotex licker.

        It was a hot day yous stupid mofo she can wears what ever she want just because yous is forced to wear table cloths on yous head and long dresses wit dil dos stuck up you ass does not meen everyone has to dumb ass mofo.

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Tyrone the google kaffir (not needed to say “stupid”, because that would be redundant):

      You too shoud be in a cage inside “da petting zoo”.
      Go eat da watermelon, boy

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        * should

  • freedomfighter

    The only thing you slimeballs will ever expose is that your pea brain is located in your dick, whereas it follows the only subject you ever mention is sex.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    That donkey will never know how close it came to getting a bad case of the clap.

  • Anubis

    She is very beautiful and graceful! Allah is very pleased and has smiled blessings upon her. But it is and abomination to have that nearly naked disgusting western whore sitting her filthy ass on top of her like that. Dirty skank! Luckily someone had the foresight to place a towel on top to protect that beautiful donkey from that nasty diseased stink holes of hers.

    It’s a shame that the illegal alien trollop Selena Homez performs regularly in the TJ donkey shows doing all sorts of perverted things to those donkeys and other animals.

  • Breed me

    OMG you guys are mean. Kendall is a 16 year old girl and she is doing things a normal 16 year old girl does. I’ve even taken a ride ona donkey.

    I read through all of the news on here and its nothing but making fun of young women or gays like myself. Its not right. We don’t choose to be gay but we’re constantly picked on for it. When I was 15 I nearly killed myself because I was ridiculed at school to the point I had to dropout and do home schooling.

    You guys just aren’t nice. God made me gay and many others as well. You should be nice to us and we’ll treat you nice.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      breeds with goats

      Try again and hopefully you’ll kill yourself this time.

      also, you are a filthy whore and us Muslims hate you.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

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    • Kahlid

      Kendall is a 16 year old future HIV statistic with an incontinent whore for a mother, a transsexual for a ‘father’ and three extremely whorish, shit-eating, coon humping half-sisters. Plus they are all filthy half-breed mongrels – mutts, if you prefer.

      There is nothing wholesome, holy or redeeming about this entire clan of homoqueers and mudsharks.

      When Sharia Law is fully implemented in the US of A, they will be one of the first batches of sinners dealt with. And by dealt with, I mean they will face the saif and then their just desserts in Hell.

    • Mufti David

      OK, half breed

      God can never create a man as gay or lesbo, so-

      – its either you are a “woman” with only one boob and a small dick in place of your clitoris

      – or a “man” with big boobs and a pussy with balls.

  • Ali Faruk Habbi

    I would not disgrace Allah by sleeping with that kafir infidel Kendall Jenner, but the cutebeautiful donkey would be a nice addition to my harrem of wives.

  • Ali Faruk Habbi

    I would not disgrace Allah by sleeping with that kafir infidel Kendall Jenner, but the cutebeautiful donkey would be a nice addition to my harrem of wives!

  • Anubis is gay

    kendall’s hot

  • Mufti David

    half breed

    God can never create a man as gay or lesbo, so

    – its either you are a “woman” with only one boob and a small dick in place of your clitoris

    – or a “man” with big boobs and a pussy with balls.

  • gettinminebaby

    Why girl wearing bikini, website of Allah wants naked pics for Allah, not bikini. I will redeem Kendell from her sinful ways for Allah, and train her bikini-less–like donkey, ride her from sunrise till sunset. I give her towel, Kendell very slippery when wet.