Kelly Clarkson Is Not Fat… Seriously!

Kelly Clarkson fat

Kelly Clarkson was at the American Music Awards last night looking totally not fat. OK so her arms are huge… and her legs… and her face, stomach, thighs, and chest. That doesn’t mean Kelly Clarkson is fat!

I’d describe Kelly as “comfortable”. She looks like a plush sofa, or a warm bath. You know something you’d just want to ease into and relax.

In unrelated news, the backstage buffet table was reportedly ravaged by an unnamed artists. Hungry stars like Taylor Swift had to scrounge around just to find a handful of grapes (luckily that is Taylor’s normal dinner).

  • Master Eye

    Sorry….but she’s fat!! Push the plate away Kelly…

    • Paty

      She’s not fat ok?She’s just fine.You attempt to mock her weight because you know you can’t diss the voice. Jealous much

  • livestock

    fat or not i woul tax that over and over

  • Dirk Diggler

    Kelly is as huge as a fucking house.

  • slimnellie

    Kelly Clarkson is not fat. People are saying that just that coz she’s not a size zero. like the rake Posh Spice. To me Kelly Clarkson is the perfect woman and is phenomenally, phenomenally, phenomenally, phenomenally gorgeous. Anyone who can’t see that must be blind or just plain stupid!!!

    I WANT THAT WOMAN!!!!!!!

    • Allan Thick

      …then you like fat girls.

      • slimnellie

        First of all i do not like fat girls. Secondly what is your limit line of when a girl stops being slim and becomes fat it must be very very very low to think Kelly Clarkson is fat. You must think that if a girl isn’t just skin and bone then she is fat coz she has a slight bit of fat on her. Kelly Clarkson is no where near fat. As i said before just because Kelly Clarkson is fatter than girls like posh spice doesn’t actually mean that she is fat. Well put it way if i could have any girl in the world i want it would be Kelly Clarkson coz i think she is perfect (i know i’ll never have her though).

        SHE IS NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        END OF ALL DEBATES ON HER WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hazel eyes

    Hah!!! Kelly is very comfortable with herself—-unlike other celeb’s. She is healthy and loves her job. unlike some people. Her voice is incredible!!! I would trade bodies with her.! and I am a nice size 8. She is all that most reviewer’s wish they were. Ya know what they say about jealousy?!!!!
    Kelly is Beautiful in every way!!!

  • lelliec

    first of all, kelly is not fat.
    second of all, taylor swift may be anorexically skinny, but she is untalented, unattractive, and does not have anywhere NEAR the voice that kelly does.
    bottom line, kelly clarkson has an untouchable voice.

  • Amy

    Who the F cares what she weighs! Like you’re so perfect-some loser who hides behind a computer screen with nothing better to do than trash this woman with a voice from God!

    Like Kelly would give a rat’s a__ what some blogger writes about her!

    She’s a singer, and a damn good one at that, and not a model! But she looks awesome now, she did in 2002, she did in 2005 and she will in 2012!

    She was the best performance last night by a mile and din’t lip sync like some skinny-ass Rihanna or have to resort to theatrics like Gaga. Kelly is the real deal!

  • michael

    she is amazing! this blog was stupid.



  • clown

    yes, she is fat fat fat

  • ffsf

    She was skinny, now shes fat

  • I know fat people

    Notice in old pictures, she was shaped like an hourglass. Now she is shaped like a pear. She wouldn’t know that though, cause pear isn’t on the menu at Arby’s. She’s fat. Celebs have all the resources in the world too. Food being an overly abundant one for fatty fat fat. Gym’s and celeb diets are so last 3 years when she had a career.

  • Todd sweeney

    Kelly clarkson has more talent than a slim singer like Avril lavigne , she is also still selling a large amount of records on the basis of her voice and not her size . I think she looks amazing but what do I know when I’m surrounded by idiots who think she’s fat.

    • Robin

      Kelly Clarkson is a better singer than Avril Lavigne, but Avril is a better songwriter and unlike Kelly she can play guitar and piano. So the truth is Avril has more talent than Kelly.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        kelly is a fat ass infidel, and when Islam takes over, we are going to put her in a burka.
        We will probably have to find a tent for her to wear…but she will damn well wear it.

      • theheadchimp

        Who the fuck are you? Siskel or Ebert? This ain’t wikopedia so piss off with your useless facts.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are a dumbass.

        First, I have a goose that can sing better than the whore avril, and second, if kelly got hungry enough, she would eat a guitar and a piano.

  • Mike

    She’s definitely in the overweight range by medical definitions. And from what I’ve read, this isn’t healthy. Supposedly she eats a lot of junk food and drinks soda when she is working. She may be happy, but her arteries and liver would disagree.

    I’m not saying that ultra skinny is any better. But if they stay the same way I’ll bet anyone that Taylor Swift is healthier in her 40’s than Clarkson will be.

  • Todd sweeney

    Well me being am health student is critical to decide that kellys weight will not kill her off anytime soon

  • Hannah

    I think she’s beautiful. Maybe a little overweight, but so is the much of America. It’s a problem we all deal with, but that celebrities get scrutinized for. Imagine yourself up on the screen, in the blogs, on the magazine covers, and pick apart all of the things about yourself. Then go back and look at all the good things. Wouldn’t you say we would be missing the latter, by focusing on the first?

    Just a thought..

  • Jonathan F.

    Kelly is 5’3″ and therefore her image is very deceiving. She is a tiny girl. Weight is harder to deal with when you are short. Her weight does fluctuate but she is by no means “fat.” Besides, she is a singer not a model. The fact that people think she needs to conform to some kind of idealized image because she is in the public eye is pathetic and a sad statement on our culture.

  • Ninjalilly

    Kelly Clarkson can sing live like no other. WTH does it matter whether she is overweight or not? Is this all you could think of to blog about. It seems really tired now. This has been the subject of many boring bloggers for a while now. Really stupid.

    Are there similar blogs about Jennifer Hudson? I’ve never seen one.

  • amanda

    she is not fat people!
    Why does it matter what her weight is? She can sing and she is happy leave her alone. If she is fine with her body then good lord people shut up.

  • yKpOnyc

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • Paratrooper

    she ist fat!!!
    butcher the fat pig!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like whoaa

    Ew put it away! You’re not what you used to be.

  • Eric

    Iam all for a person being happy with who they are and not falling into be this be that game.
    Thats never a healthy thing to do and just not a normal human thing to do.

    But this isn’t the case here she is fat and getting bigger all the time now and that not healthy.
    At the rate she is going its going to start impacting her health soon.

    Jennifer hudson or queen latifah is a good examples of plus sized people who maintain a health weight without falling into the be this game.

  • Melissa

    i acctually met Kelly in April… she is NOT by any means “fat” she did have a nice hug, but i wouldnt even call her chubby.

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Now this is an infidel who can dig wells, tend animals, and fight off sexually aggressive kufars with ease. She is what we Muslims call; a “baby making machine.”
    If only she was a Muslim…she would have it all.


  • DDDDeco

    I think she is hot.

  • camel fucker

    her ass has it’s own congressman