Kelly Brook Topless Beach Candids

Kelly Brook topless

Back in the early days of the Interwebs, model Kelly Brook was considered quite the seductress and pictures of her magnificent titters were highly valued.

Of course in those days Kelly Brook’s breasts were perky and as firm as our Muslim desire to eradicate the Zionist menace. However, as you can see in the topless beach candids below, Kelly Brooks boobies are now saggy and soft like the waistline of the heathen American people.

Yes Kelly Brook and her tits had their time in the spotlight, and almost certainly knew the joy of being motorboated by bearded Muslims while serving in a Damascus brothel. It is just a shame Kelly did not preserve her honor by martyring herself in a deadly boobie bomb attack on the infidels, before becoming just another droopy tittied old whore.


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Kelly Brook Kelly Brook Kelly Brook

  • Word of wisdom

    Melting hairless jugs, nipples erect of sinful intents… disgusting.
    She looks exactly like those pagan “mother earth” idols from the archeological digging sites in Syria. We smashed already so many of them.
    If Brooks refuses to convert and get properly cut, we’ll have the proof she’s a nothing more than a witch from a ancient cult.

    • The Reaper


      If i could just nurse on her big nipples……..and get pounded by her HUGE strapon.

      I would suck Abdullahs penis.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        fake reaper

        No doubt, you are really getting pounded by a gay infidel.

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          • Osama’s Bin Fartin’

            Mr Reaper,

            It is obvious that this Team America infidel has returned which means you have failed to dispose of him. Further, you lied to my Brothers by telling them that you had killed him when he obviously still remains alive.

            While this will likely mean my Brothers will resume their fatwa against you, I hereby declare my own, separate Fartwa on you, effective from this moment:

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            EEEUURRGG. NOOO! Not ANOTHER follow through!

            Mr Reaper, I will change that to a Shitwa.

          • Whitefella

            Sorry about that, fellow readers.

            I’m also Osama Bin Fartin, Team America, Blackfella, THEMADMEXICAN, Dancing Boy and a whole host of others that are just as unfunny as my post above.

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          • Osama’s Bin Fartin’

            Whitefella, or maybe you’re this Badfart that this Whitefella talks about – whoever you are:

            To accuse me, Osama Bin Fartin, the proudest Muslim of all – the prince of lions – the scourge of Zion and Western infidel excess – the leader and role model for all other Jihadists – of being white OR black OR American OR Mexican is bad enough. But to accuse me of being all of them at once deserves worse than a Fartwa to be declared on your worthless, scum ridden soul.

            I wouldn’t waste a fart on you, maggot dropping. Instead, I shit a runny in your face:

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      • The Reaper

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        Imposter the only thing your not a imposter of is a fag.

        • Team America

          Aids patient zero Reaper

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          • Team America

            Wow! She has the body I wish I had been born with. No penis, big breasts and a functional vagina by which I could shit out a mixed race baby with Kanye West which has long been a dream of mine.

            Well, with any chocolate man, really. I’m really not too picky at the gloryholes I frequent.

            What is frustrating is that no matter how many loads coons fire off in my bowels, I’ll never really get pregnant.

            America! Home of the free!

            Yours In Cock,


            Whitefella, Blackfella, THEMADMEXICAN, Dancing Boy, etc.

          • Whitefella

            BadFart – the name really does fit, doesn’t it. Not only do you follow Team America, BlackFucker, me and whoever else around here like a bad fart, but you’re all over the place and you just won’t go away. Keep it up if you like, dicklicker. Team America, BlackFucker and I are far too cool for it to bother us.

        • Beastly man

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          Please do your brain a favor and lay off the cum shakes already, damn!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Word

      I can see that getting too close to them big american jugs, could result in a pious Muslim getting one or both eyes poked out.

      All Jihadists should proceed with caution when executing this harlot.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        No doubt you wear safety goggles while sucking cock at the gloryhole to prevent the loss of eyesight.

        But you remove them when the jizz starts flowing.


        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You’re so “cock crazy” that when you use a dick shaped snorkel.

      • Team America

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        You’re a fag. I know she might not be in her prime but I would still love to get slapped around by those big titties while you’d prefer to be slapped around by camel cock. I love titties you love camel cock. See how that works, fagtard.

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Brother Word of Wisdom,

      This disgusting slut has a better usage the way brother Durka Durka suggests: put inside her massive boobs the equvalent explosive material to 2 x 4 liter pressure cooker bomb.

      The destruction caused by the blast will be brutal and Allah is going to feel appeased.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        Them big fat infidel titties could hold a weber gas grill…which is our next secret weapon.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Abdullah

          The homoqueers on this site like you, me, Durka, and other muslim brothers are sickened by this display of nudity. Not only is it against the wishes of Allah, but its strictly forbidden for women to be naked at anytime according to gloryhole policy, which governs the entire middle east.

          Now if this were a nude Brad Pitt or Clooney, it would be perfectly acceptable in the eyes of Allah. He would much enjoy watching a big dongafel swing up and down and from side to side.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Fake Hashim / Team Asshole,

            We Muslims don’t have any pleasure on watching naked men. Not like you, that starts salivating with such a disgusting sight.

            You and the filthy jew Loose Caboose Moshe are the queens of sexual pervertion and your obsession with gay activities is intolerable.

            Soon you’ll both have extra holes on your carcass. But, for the very first time, you’ll not enjoy it…

      • Team America

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  • selena gomez


  • Beastly man

    I think i’m in-love…….., With them DOUBLE D’S <3

    • Beastly man

      Let me clarify my statement above because i already know the fags on this website first thought is going to be penis when they hear double “D’s'”.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Beastly man

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • aghmed

    I used to fornicate with this harlot but my massive Muslim dong for a period of time, but her baby hole could not take the abuse and she began dating Jews.

  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

    Whilst those bountiful tits could feed my Harem’s daycare for lunch…..

    ……based on looking at her face……………I suspect her true value would be in protecting my poppy crop from the infidel crows and chipmunks that prevent me from growing my monetary mecca each season………

  • Imam Abbas


    Those cow-like udders should be drained to feed little jihadi’s instead of being left out in the sun to rot. They’ll be hanging down to her navel in a year, unless some merciful muslim man takes her into his house and makes her dress decently.

    If she doesn’t immediately convert to islam, she should be stoned to death to prevent her tits from dragging on the ground.

    Allahu Akbar!

  • hihi

    I think all muslims are gay.
    They dont like watching pussys.

    • Imam Abbas

      hihi the drag-queen

      You are confused. Virile, pious, manly muslims dislike reading the chaff and brainless blatherings, rantings, and others postings that litter this holy site by the shameless pussies, homo-queers, lesbo-dykes, trannys, googles, skypes, spics, and other social lepers that have found their way here.

      But we’re very fond of human female pussy.

      We just don’t happen to believe that classy, civilized females should parade their lady-parts in public for the social lepers and other detritus that have infested this holy site to gawk at.

      The homo-queers like Team Tranny (and its many aliases), un-kosher-Moshe, Brokeback Pete, and some of the other sickos here don’t care about females (unless they are farm animals) and could frankly care less about anything that isn’t a glory-hole in some pestilence-plagued den of faggotry in that kuffar swine cage otherwise known as known as Israel.

      Allahu Akbar!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      homo himey

      If us Muslims looked at you…we’d be watching a pussy.

      • hihi

        Haha lol , you said it to me but even i was laughing.

  • Umar the Brown

    This old granny better get to work making some whelps or Allah will curse her with breast cancer for her wanton ways!

    Death to America!!!!!

  • mayhem


  • Penis

    OMFG!!! These jugs!

  • Random guy

    OMA More racism!

  • marius

    Now that’s what you call a SERIOUS pair of nipples !!! I’m sure you’ll be able to hang a wet drench coat on them !!!

  • painnkiller2000

    Half of you fucks could never get a woman like this craw back into a camel ass because thats the only thing you can get, let them spit on you dick because that all you are worth!haha

  • JonnyD

    All you rag-head haters out there need to get a life beyond trying to blow up the entire world that doesn’t believe in what you believe in. She is beautiful even in her fifties and you are all just jealous that you can’t have her or probably any women because you are to busy trying to get little boys to dress in girls clothing.

    • Murderous

      Haha! She is not in her 50’s. She 33 years old, you stupid faggot.

      You must be under 21 because most actual adults can tell the difference between someone in their 30’s and someone in their 50’s.

      You’re just another painful example of the dumbing down of American education. That and the closest you’ve gotten to pussy was the day your whore mother squeezed you out of her cavernous cunt!

  • Imam Khalid

    Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu.

    Brother Murderous, you should get a different avatar than mine. Don’t be like the impersonating Firsties fags and other childish infidels who pollute this site. I am sure this wasn’t intentional.

    Baraka Allahu fika!

    • ertge

      Nice attempt at a save Imam. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone that M is in fact IK….and IK forgot to change his name in the post above, and then realized his mistake and tried to save it by claiming he is some other person who “mistakenly” used your avatar. Brilliant.

      • Imam Khalid

        Homoqueers and their useless opinions are of no consequence to us Muslims. If we should ever need knowledge of gloryholes and Satanic Jewish religious practices, we would ask you.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • ertge

          Of course. My apologies.

          • Whitefella

            Don’t worry about old InMan Coloured, ertge. He’s the one I call BadFart who follows me around like one, always impersonating me, Team America and Black Fucker. Trust him to fuck up the first time he tries to use a non-generic avatar. That’s what happens when your brain’s addled with mad camel disease, AIDS, syphilis, etc.

  • ADG

    OMFG !!!!! I need 2 have a moment for myself

    • Whitefella

      Good luck around here, pal. All these Mossie pervs here will want to watch you at it, while they have a ‘moment to themselves’. Hope you don’t mind a couple of noses around your butt and balls while you’re at it.

  • butterboobs

    is this stuff real cause holy fuck they look awesome

  • bovio

    If i could get my hands on them juggs i would suck the shit out of them then fuck the shit out of her



    wowwww i love this woman soooo muchh

  • slipnslide

    Dreadful and shameful misogynistic remarks by Durka Durka (whoever he/she? is). She looks fine to me…!

  • Guest

    Those this faggot not see those phenomenal nipples? If you don’t love those, then you’re a faggot and you should kill yourself immediately, and do the world a favor. She look better than ever .

  • Guest

    And the reason they “sag” is because they’re real you faggot, that’s what real breast do. Faggots like you get way to used to seeing the fake air bags that some women have nowadays.