Ke$ha Covered In Cum Pic Leaked

Kesha cum

We have just received this exclusive picture of pop star Ke$ha covered in cum. The picture was leaked to the Internet by someone named “DJ Stolen”.

We don’t like to speculate but this photo appears to be taken during Ke$ha’s audition for her record label. How else could you explain someone with absolutely no musical talent being allowed to make an album?

Many are already predicting that this depiction of Ke$ha as a dirty cum stained whore could spell the end of her music career. However, I would like to point out that at least Ke$ha is practicing safe sex by having her partner(s) pull out and finish on her stomach. God only knows were other young stars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are keeping their cum.

  • jethro


  • dickspitz

    Demi and Miley and Selena and all those Disney whores store all that jizz up their asses! At least that’s what the mouse said!

  • durkaderp

    jihad on this BIIITCH

  • Phlegm

    I woulda finished on her face. Go right for the grape. She’ll have the whitest teeth I ever came across. :)

  • :) smile x

    thats grose but to put it on the internets even growser and jihad u made worse comments about demi and thats no way near as bad as this so….!

  • lilly devil

    ewwwwwwwwwwww im not liken her anymore

  • c block9000

    wtf those girls would get it in everyday if they could and im not liking dat gyrl anymore either

  • king koopa

    another whore like miley

  • fuckyou

    Man ida sprayed on them titties, that dudes cum looks all watery and weak like he pumps dudes. I would have left her lookin like the niggas at the end of Ghost Busters when the marshmellow man explodes, all white and gooey.

  • Fake

    It’s an obvious fake. Ke$ha got larger tits.

  • keshasucks

    This headline is false advertising.

    When I see an article that states ‘Covered in cum’ in the headline, I assume that I will see a picture of some chick who looks like someone dumped a bottle of hair conditioner all over her, but no; I’m treated instead to someone who appears to be the recipient of a drive-by-jizzing from a 12 year old who just found his older brothers porno stash and vaseline.

    This and other details in the photo tell me several things;

    1) This was not very good sex that resulted in the jizzing. The amount of jizz on her chest plus her covering up her tits tells me neither person had a particularly great time. Oh sure, a load was spewed, but look at the tiny amount; Justin Beiber deposits that much accidentally in his pants every time he sees one of the dudes from Twilight, plus, if she had just had a raging orgasm, she would not be feeling self-concious about her tits in the photo and covering them up; she would have had a very starry-eyed look and been happy (or too worn out) to let the person that poked her snap a pic of her juggies.

    2) She does not have sex very often on that bed. No other visible jizz-stains.

    3) ‘DJ Stolen’ is a douche for putting his name on her pic, and because his name is stupid.

    4) There can not be a black man in the room, as she is too relaxed and appears not be anxiously searching for her wallet. Plus, there are no coco butter stains on her or the sheets.

    5) This girl is gross. Check out how some of her fingernails are painted with yellow nail polish, but others are conspicuously free of any color. Reason? She was sticking her fingers up the guys butthole while she was getting plowed. Nasty.

    6) Kesha spelled with a ‘$’ is stupid. Therefore she sucks.

    7) I agree with the author of this article ‘Durk Durka’ that this appears to be during one of her auditions; the pillows behind her look to be from a futon or pull out sofa; just the kind a label exec would have in his office. Whore.

    8) Holy shit I just creamed MY pants after seeing that photo of Kournikova on the right

    9) Who the fuck is Demi Lovato?

    10) No ‘Fake’, it isn’t a fake, but you are a faig.

  • keshasucks

    Oh, and to ‘fuckyou’, stop acting black, you sound like a douchebag, and if you are black, put down whatever you just stole including the computer you’re typing on and back away slowly. I’m calling 911.

  • Icm

    I am sure the guy who did that is her manager who if u ever go to the rainbow room on sunset u can see him. He’s a Latin with a shaved head and tattoos he has 1980 on his left arm. I can’t say his name but his initials are R. P. Aka Shoog.

  • sixxpack

    Its not a fake.
    The Story is true.
    It was in the news today that her email-account & some other peoples account like J. Timberlake has been cracked by two german hackers. Dont believe it? Research for yourself!!

  • dickspitz

    Don’t know who Demi Lovato is? She has the biggest ass of all the Disney sluts and she knows it and flaunts it. Filthy American harlot!

  • Anomumus

    dude how did he get pics of kesha covered in cum like that just screams hes a inside news and pic freak

  • Anomumus


  • Seeker_of_Truth

    Durka Durka is idiotic. His blog mostly consists of pictures that are (a) fakes, or (b) taken out of
    context and made to look like they’re something bad ( granted, this picture doesn’t appear to be either).
    Also, he claims to be Islamic, but in this post he says “God” not “Allah.”

  • The Bon_Scott

    That’s hot.