Katy Perry’s Boobs Put On A Show

Katy Perry boobs

Katy Perry and her boobs put on a show in the food court of a mall in Pasadena yesterday. Perry reportedly set up a makeshift stage between the Sbarros and Orange Julius and proceeded to scream incoherently, in an act she referrers to as “singing”, while shaking her big luscious tits.

Obviously Katy Perry is an attention whore who desperately needs her breasts ogled at all times. It is truly sad that she is wasting her considerable mammary talents on that limey closet case of a husband when there are perfectly good Muslim men willing to breed with her.

Katy Perry needs to realize that her breasts will only get the proper attention they crave when she is serving as the breeding apparatus for a virile Muslim man, and the milk factory for his hungry Muslim babies. Allahu Akbar!

  • theheadchimp

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  • Anubis

    Look like she’s about to give deep throat head to that microphone, or is that a dildo she is holding?

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  • John

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  • TheKing

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