Katy Perry Topless Xmas Pic

Katy Perry topless

As if us pious Muslims needed another reason to despise the Christmas holiday, it appears as though Katy Perry is celebrating the birth of the Jew God Jesus by showing her offensive tits in the playful nude photo above.

We have already seen equally slutty Christmas displays from the likes of Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice in the past month. What is it about the baby Jesus that gets these infidel whores so horny that they feel the need to prostitute themselves like this?

By taking this nude Christmas picture Katy Perry is clearly signaling that she wishes the baby Jesus would come and deck her halls. What a truly sick and depraved religion Christianity is. Allahu Akbar!

  • KLM

    Hard to imagine someone from the blood thirsty false religion of Islam calling any other religion names. All Americans are not Christians, what hypocrites Muslims are, they want to be treated equal, so they say, as they condemn everyone on the planet. Muslims know nothing of truth and are the biggest liars in the world. Muslims treat women like cattle and murder all who disagree with them, they contribute nothing but misery to this world. Truly a Satanic religion. Fact, Mohammed was a mass murdering, iliterate, pedophile, what a contrast with the only true and living God, Jesus Christ who died for His people to redeem them, Mohammed killed his people and his followers are no different. Muslims are sinners who need to repent and turn to Christ as thier only hope. Allah does not even exist, the Koran is just the ramblings of a deluded, perverted murderer.

    • Sam

      Go burn in hell loser

      • Susana

        Very cool night shot. Before I read the text beneath the photo, I was trniyg to figure out how in the heck you were able to get a long enough exposure in broad daylight to blur the clouds that much! I was initially thinking f/32 at ISO 50 with about a dozen ND filters stacked on top of each other. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t totally crazy. There must have been zero wind because the trees appear so sharp. Very nice job.

    • John

      Woah, I hope your just here trolling cause honestly I would sooner let a Muslim man in my house way before you. Know what you and the Nazis have in common, you believe you are superior in whatever way man. Besides everything you believe, and the Muslims believe is still just ancient history and information passed on. For all we know Jesus Christ could have been a war lord or high, or even the people who wrote the bible altered the stories or made it up. Additionally your opinion is beyond biased and is a huge generalization.
      Signed, an agnostic.

      • troll

        i don’t know all religions suck to me plus muslims smell like shot

      • Ted

        It would be a good idea to learn English first so us heathens can understand what you are talking about.

      • Joeshmo04

        Bible is the truth

        • josh

          and my cock is 44 inch!!!

      • Your dad

        U all ur religios peoples are sis. Fuck nd gandu ,nd all fuk by all peoples ,those r u nd we dont beleive u peoples should dont , u fuk ur own members , no one say u r human beings true that u r only sch an animal or pig…of waste garbages nd my toilet dirty microbs r u…..

    • Hellburg

      Hi! KLM,
      Please paste nude pics of mother and sister. And enjoy it !!!

    • adam

      you requires punishment from me.how dare you ,a bastered,irritates islam

      • josh

        you should get some cream for that fella

    • ur a bumb shit

      its funny how u critisize mulam for critisizing christians. they both believe in a majic flying wizard in the sky and r both rong like all religons so just shut the fuck up

      • god

        learn to spell, dipshit!

  • Ari

    Katie perry is a absolute stunner. Hubba Hubba absolutely gorgeous.

  • Fatass McBride


  • Simson

    Haha, “Offensive tits”. How can a part of the body offensive by just being?

    • Bill

      It’s funny how they claim it to be offensive when they are out there raping our woman

  • Amonex

    This is another example of religion breeding idiots. How you can fail to see how obviously fake this picture is just defies belief. Every religion has their own version of dumb redneck fanatics and that’s definitely you.

  • Eric

    You fucking morons, this is obviously a fake picture.

    • alah

      No shit? just cause its fake doesn’t mean its not hotter than your moms sweat covered hairy back on the 4th of july

  • Penis


    • Vagina


  • Nobody


    • Yo mama

      Yo mama

    • Jhonatan

      yes gorgeous shot i’ve never tried to shoot at night, the reuslt is really amazing ! and it must be funny to be frightened by the noises of mother nature ! imagine you discovered a wolf on your final picture walking at three or four meters far from you !)

  • KittyKatHiiissss

    Ppl, this is SO fake. And Selgo pics 2? Not in this world. Not yet anyway. All the nude Selgo pics out there are so obviously fake. Come on, have a life will ya? Damn.

  • ILoveJesus!

    It is sad how so many people have been brainwashed for so many years about the Muslim religion and a self proclaimed prophet. Lack of democracy in a country creates oppression, suppression and control over everything a human does. Is not letting woman, drive, go to Church, go to school, use the internet, show their face the message of this Mohammad prophet ????? Shamefully sad is the Muslim basis of their beliefs.

    • Greg

      Religion is a lie.

      • Kahlid

        The only ‘lie’ is the name above the space that says FATHER on your birth certificate, homoqueer.

  • mike

    katy perrry is ugly as fuck

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Love her.

  • Katie Katechis

    Stop arguing about religions and enjoy the boobs.

  • fuck you idiots

    Stupid motherfuckers and your religion bs. I hope your god dies in a fucking fire you bitch fuckers.


    Islam is a good religion and the most peaceful, A lot of christians are terrorist not just muslims. and not every muslim is a terrorist only extremest, at least they follow their god unlike you christians who do everything the devil does.

    • josh

      Are you all saying that you wouldn’t like to spunk all over those tits, lick it back off, and spit it back in her mouth??? I heard it gets you 50 well experienced love making women when you go and get eaten by worms haha

  • Alex

    What the hell is wrong with you. This dosent prove christianity is bad. They are doing it for publicity. The pictures are probely faked anyway. U said that they should STONE selina gomez for wearing skimpy clothes. Your a fucking idiot. If all of ur religion was like this then maybe the nazies were right. But i know that we arnet because im jewish. You have no right to speak on our behalf you fucktard.

  • Joe

    For 1 thing this is definitely photoshopped and for another, surely the comments from this so called muslim are tongue in cheek. Wake up guys

  • anti-muslim

    OMG. you gotta be kidding me. Muslim do terrorist acts. We will all be happy if you all go back to the middle east and leave America. Just send us oil and you can terrorize each other. “camel riders’ make me sick. Make your women cover up and treat them like dogs. You gotta be kidding me about the nude posing.

  • meh

    this is a painfully obvious photoshop….hey guys heres an idea…report some real fucking news for a change

    • dj

      Fuck off ya retarded motherfucker

    • dj

      It’s not photoshop

  • Joe

    Of course, we know this isn’t actually a Muslim site. But it does make for some funny reading.

  • jeff

    Let’s see….we celebrate the human female body, Muslims hide it behind piles of cloth like a shameful disease and treat women like 6th-class citizens. And you want us to take this seriously?

  • dj

    It’s real all right Katy Perry is my wife

  • racist hater

    you really sound like stupid jerk racist son of a bitch! religions sucks and are the cause of all problem in this world, so why dont you just try too shut the fuck up! your mom should have swallowed you instead… no brainer