Katy Perry Sweaty Nude Pic

Katy Perry nude

Pop star Katy Perry glistens with sweat while showing off her nude body in the photo above.

If you think Katy Perry is sweating now, just wait until is standing trial for this picture and her other crimes against morality in Sharia court.

Us Muslims look forward to the day when Allah’s justice is served, and Western whores like Katy Perry are made to answer for their sexy indiscretions.

  • NotGay

    It gets worse as you move south

    • Airuss Francine

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    • mac

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      • Pissin you off

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        • malik

          she is hot

      • Ahsan

        If you think that islam teachs terrorism then you are not aware of the teachings of islam.when in any part of the world any one created governament according to islam his public was very heapy and at present’ why in the whole world only muslim countries are faceing problems because a great agenda sported by all anti muslim powers is working for it .in all the religions preached by prophets Pig was not allowed to eat but only for personal benifit these orders were changed by there followers.I humbly request all the visitors please do’nt speak ill about any Prophet.no religion is universal except Islam if you do not believe compare them with Islam

        • SEAL TEAM 6 Special Forces


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            seal team sucks

            You call us Muslims uneducated and you misuse the possessive case.

            Ha…you infidels are too stupid to even know that you’re stupid and that’s why us Muslims are kicking the shit out of you world wide.

            go and suck your daddy’s dick you inbred homo and prepare for an IED up the ass.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • .


            If you want to correct someone, at least do it right. He didn’t misuse ‘possessive case’, but misused ‘contraction’ of ‘They are’

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            moron queer

            you are a dumbass homo. my correction is correct. go back to special ed and suck less dick and pay more attention to the lazy teacher.

          • FuckSealTeam6

            So ignorant.

        • billy k
        • Innocent Bystander

          If you want to be technical Islam has its roots in Judaism so in reality no religion is universal except Judaism. At least by your logic. However Hindus, Buddhists and many other religions may disagree with this statement.

    • burka

      MMuslims are all perverted like your peado prophet

      • Muslim Brother

        Allah will judge one day

      • Bocephus

        What upsets a Muslim more than insulting his prophet? His sister refusing him sex.

        • Ahsan

          If these comments are from the persons who belave in prophets also in God.if these are real posts then you all non-muslims are no1 lairs because see the holly Quran it is orignal after 1500 years and in the whole universe no one is like Muhammad even all the messengers of God are like His foot dust.see the life of Muhammad there no weak point in it.if you think that He is not the true last prophet then you are not in light.after islam no religion is acceptable in the court of God.first learn about Islam then speak of it.

          • garrbo

            What a load of crap. The quoran was written by man to suit his perverted desires.

  • Chance Walker

    Her real body is fuckin hot. They’ve recycled this same body with the runway pubes a lot recently.

    • Kahlid

      Grown women are _meant_ to have pubic hair, you pedophile homoqueer.

      If you consider that a ‘runaway’ amount, then you are just another hopelessly damaged Western kuffar.

      • Big Jim

        Finally you have said something true. A woman should have pubic hair because it shows their a real woman.

        • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

          My wife’s pubic hairdo is reminiscent of tumbleweeds one would see in old westerns. Equally as tangley, as dense and of the same coarse texture.
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          • The Ghost of Osama Shark Shit

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          • Big Jim

            Luis The Bitch Beaner.
            Listen hear dumbass. Them parasites still would be there even if you shaved it off. And further more, my favorite female grooming is the Partial Brazilian, not a jungle bush. Dumb Asses.
            Long Live The Klan.

      • lj owens

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      • gary

        runway like an aeroplane not runaway like a train

      • Salty Bob

        Oh, that’s rich. A self-righteous MUSLIM passing moral judgment on another man. Muslims are exclusively associated with beheadings, female genital mutilation, their prophet buggering little boys and girls, the slaughter of MILLIONS of their detractors over millenia and now starting virtually every war, conflict, uprising and riot on the planet. And he rails on some phony picture that HE has already logged on to view.

      • FuckJustinBieber

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  • The Guy with the EyE

    STILL dont think them tittys is big enough..her reals seem pretty big..Sill Fapping though LOL

  • Zapatas army

    sounds like somebody cant get none. If u dont want to live free then keep it over there. Happy 4th by the way bin javi.

  • LOLHead

    Always her

    • Kahlid

      I must remind my pious Muslim brothers! It is not permissible for you to look at any part of a ghair mahram female, whether she is a Muslim or a disbeliever.

      In the case of an old woman, however, it is permissible to look at her face and palms if you is certain not to desire her, otherwise it will be haraam to do so.

      In the words of the prophet (PBUH) as revealed by Allah, “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts. That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.” (Quran 24:30).

  • The Ghost of Rodney the King

    No wat? Dey is one big advantages to bein dead. Use can jus float around anywheres u wants an nobodys can see u. An I was jus wachin dat white girl Katie takin a bath last weekend. An dey tities is too small to be hers. Now I gonna float on over to dat miley bitch an see how big dey is too.

    • The Ghost of Osama Shark Shit

      word up son

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Ain’t no way The Klan will allow for Katie to be put on trial in Shithole Court. The only thing she is guilty of is loving big aryan dong, and what woman and muslim isn’t guilty of that?

    Katie was down here in the great state of Alabama for our annaul 4th of July Klan rally, and the turnout was exceptional. She sang the Pledge of Allegiance, sucked my cock, took the lead at prayer, and executed an english ladyboy just as Americans did 235+ years ago.

    English homos were easier to defeat then these new dress wearing muslim queers.


    • Vengeance

      Cock Monger Pete,

      “Big Aryan dong” HA. That must be a joke. The largest aryan dick recorded in existence is .000000001 inches long, while you hold the record of… wait, I almost forgot you have a man-gina.

      You are full of so much bullshit. A negro disguised as Katy came down to your rally and YOU sucked HIS disgusting black cock.

      Get lost… Or better yet, get lynched.

      KKK is gay

    • Bob the KKK slayer

      Since when did you American fatasses defeat the mighty British empire? You benders love cock so much that you didn’t put up a fight! I will find all of you KKK homos and hunt you down.

      • Andrew

        Hey, dumbass. We kicked your ass in the Revolutionary War and without us and the Soviet, the Germans would have kicked your ungrateful little asses!

  • Jon

    Obviously fake. Go back to the holes you came from, you fucking queer terrorists. Every country around the world wants you gone, do them a favor and oblige. Thank god, America will be rid of you soon. Praying to your bomb gods, you’re lucky we haven’t nuked your shitty countries already. Just die already, the scum of the Earth deserve to.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jon bon homo

      the last hole most of us Muslims came from was your mother’s….and we have the clapp to prove it.


      • The messenger

        Please stop looking at this crap.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          eat shit and die…mofo

    • American citizen

      i fuckin agree man but one thing we do have some american citizens there to for no fuckin reason but if they leave we’ll bomb the shit out of them.

  • Lynnsey Marie

    OMG I want to have a 3sum with Katy and grand Pete. Katie has a perfect stomach and a great set of tits and I love the trail of pubic hair. Pete probably has a huge bluge in his pants you can tell he is a man of power by the way he commands this site. He could do me from behind any day of the week while I lick Katys kitty.

    • David

      I don’t think that was truly Katy Perry. It was conjured up by these freaks who predominate this forum and their Jew Hating Terrorist pals.

      • Billy

        It’s called photo shop lol we hackers or just plane ppl create them!

  • Airuss Francine


  • How I Broke Up With My Girlfriend

    I heard that my girlfriend was going to break up with me. I was going to something to teach her a lesson. She loves marshmallows and before told me she was going to break up with me, I offered her some marshmallows. I had 12 left in the bag. She ate all 12 of them. One-half hour later, she told me she was going to break up with me. Then I told her that all 12 marshmallows she ate were rubbed between my ass cheeks before she ate them. She ran out of the house screaming. This taught her a lesson.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      tranny lover

      that was no girl…that was big fag pete in a dress.

      • Dick Hertz

        When you go to a mind reader, I bet you get half price.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          sucks dicks

          No…only your mother gives me “half-price” but that is because us Muslims give her a thumping that money cant buy.

          Also…she secretely converted to Islam.

          • Innocent Bystander

            It’s people like you that make americans hate all Muslims! I understand that terrorists are extremist just like Pete is an extremist. You are both equally as bad as each other because you are not accepting of other people and their ideals.

  • Dick Hertz

    How many different bodies are you going to paste her head on to?

  • Grand Dragon Pete

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    • Kahlid


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      • Grand Dragon Pete

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        KK [KuKluxKox]

  • Alex

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  • Grand Dragon Pete

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  • Not a Chance

    This is photoshopped. Sorry. Anyone who uses photoshop could spot the different lighting on the face and the body, and the different angles of the shadows in about 2 seconds. Nice try, but only the head belongs to her. No idea who’s body it is.

    • Kahlid

      None of the pictures on this site are fake.

      They are all certified as 100% real by Imam Faisal in Tehran, Iran who is an expert in celebrity photo analysis.

      Anyone who questions their authenticity are hell bound pedo-queer feces-eaters.

      Like you.

  • Ben Dover

    Its suprising how many people come her for this, i didnt say it was a bad thing ;)

  • Retard Dick


  • Retard Dick

    Tucking hot

  • ????




    • Sut Muh Dih

      Get Blown Up mofo

    • Arcachnar

      You should know that it is not a Paki law, but an Islamic law. Don’t call someone an idiot, because you cannot understand someone’s culture and religion.

  • Bubba

    The Problem With this,

    !. We believe in Freedom of Religion, and unless you break our laws, you can practice any religion here.

    2. The law you have breaks the laws here, only the state is allowed to put anybody to death, and it has to be worse than getting naked…

    3. Before you go around threatening us, maybe you should get yourselves strait, when a man can attack and strip and rape a woman, and then behead her for sinning??? that is the sick part of this, not the fake photo of Katy

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      shut up you inbred mofo.
      And you should use some of your pot money to buy a dictionary. The word you wanted to use is spelled straight.
      Which is a laugh, because you’re as faggy as they come.

      suck shit and die you 12 toed mofo

  • mfgd


  • Josh jones

    OMG!! She is so Hot I am the same age as here and I am planing to meet her someday in california where I love and ask her to date me. Katy if your reading this plz say yes babe. I LOVE u – kisses- bye Babe ;)

  • Josh jones

    Hey I meet katy in ca and she said me and her will go to this place called toast and we can eat there we are going September 16 today is the 14. Oh wish me good luck everone I have her phone number bye talk some more soon I will tell u how the date went it is time to tell u can’t wait! Oh shit lol my phone just buzzed on my dick. Oh it is Katy sending me a text saying…. Hey if everything works out with us we can have sex… Omg hold on let me text her back….. She says goodnight to all her fans! Bye gtg

  • Katy perry

    Hey everyone I am pretty sure you all got the big news if some of you didn’t know well….. Me and Josh jones just had sex together and we are dating. Love you all bye! Xo – Katy p.

  • Kate

    Omg did you here that Katy is dateing josh jones ! Katy how was his dick in you?

  • no way cunts

    you stupid fucking idiots there is no such thing as GOD at all the universe is a simulation… fuck me enjoy the time you are here

  • BigDickJones

    fuck all of you making us feel bad for naked bitches queers

  • truth teller

    Yea..you muslims look forward to it while you search the internet and stare at it…good job…sure you got a lot of explaining too.

  • Jimmer

    Don’t you think having the freedom to do thing’s like this is okay? Of course, us ‘corrupted westerners’ don’t condone this kind of behavior, but we accept that with freedom there are negatives. Naturally, with freedom some will make the decision to be immoral and compromise themselves. It’s not like we live in a backwards society where the average person posts naked pictures of themselves and posts them all around the world, but we are forward enough to allow any such decision.

    Backwards would be not allowing this. Backwards would be imposing beliefs on the masses. Backwards would be opposing freedom. Backwards is where half the population must cover their face. Backwards is where you can’t even so much as hold hands in public because people with views you may not even agree with said it was ‘immoral.’ Freedom is the ability to determine your own faith, morals, and decisions. We embrace muslims (thruthfully there is some sentiment, but that has to do with the backwards thinking extremists), christians, jews, atheists, and any other form of belief system.

    Oh and this picture is fake.

  • Devobroto das

    Sexy girl….

  • jack

    now thats really her ,,,,,like in last coment shes my cuzin by marriage,,,,,,and yes thats her

  • Gaytards

    That is fake as shit sand niggas.

  • Brod

    Katie Perry is a nice human,beautiful and Christian.All these girls have beautiful qualities of trust and are being exposed like a cleaners trolley,who has undisclosed permission to exploit these women,is Allah the rights for disclosure.When the body relaxes does he have the right too disclose some of our awfulness,enhance us when we are in the minority.When we expose the core of our dirty apple are we just exploiting again.When we ask these questions do we feel better moving away from the theater of war and closer too Jesus Christ the saviour spoken of in the gospels.

  • gsta

    Paki’s are sooo dirty they stink n are pedophiles and should ALL be killed real talk!!

  • Jason White

    All you Sand Googles Are Retarded! I’m sure every one of u Dune Coons Jerked Off to this photo! Im an American man and i really don’t care what you guys have going on there, on your side of the planet and i wish our government didn’t either. I don’t want to kill any of you and i sure as hell wish you didnt want to kill me. You guys can believe whatever you want thats your right! Im sure if All of America believed that Muslims should die for their belief we would have droppped about 40 Nuclear Bombs on your asses to wipe you out, but no you guys are still breathing. You guys are social savages.

  • o_0

    allah’s middle name is “fuck, I lost my dick 200 billion years ago” for you so-called “Muslims”

  • suck it

    Fuck Islam. Any religion founded by a so called prophet that killed and led war campaigns is not credible. Sounds more like satan than god.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sucks it

      your faggy name says it all

  • The Truth

    Umm, if I am wrong then I am sorry. But for all the people here claiming to be muslim and say you are not allowed to look at nude women.. then why are you on this forum? Unless you are sinning against your belief and if you are doing that, then what right do you have to chastise anyone else here?

  • Mohammed

    I masturbated to this picture.

  • Debunked

    Fake. Sorry. Obviously there was a light shining on her. Face and body and all. As there should be there is a shadow silhouetting her whole body behind her, but non behind the head? Whatsoever? And yes I do see the shadow below her chin. Which was probably pulled from the original head shot. Also, if you look closely you can see a dark discoloration right below her neck, going across her neck. Nicely done though, and great for the imagination!

  • Angel Jones

    The real Katy Perry is so hott!

    • Debunked

      I will not hesitate to agree with you friend!

    • Brian

      Amen, brother. Amen

  • Confused

    All this talk about god punishing people for looking at a nude woman, and then everyone starts trying to one up each other on who has the most hate and who can be the most sexist.

    I don’t think one religion is better than another, cause this is the formula=

    Religion = guidelines = persecution = hate

    It’s disgusting and it’s another road block in evolution, I can’t wait till this is figured out on a world wide scale.. I love you all!!!

  • osama 4 life

    Osama Bin Ladin 4 life my brothers down with america

  • this guy 1.0

    buddy thats not cool ok dont post stuff like that

  • Jew boy

    I think as an outsider, that the Muslims are much better than Americans because nobody likes america

    • Brian


  • gangnam

    screw you all katy perry either way is sexy as sh*t

    • Brian

      You got that right, bro.

  • kkk

    Hah you stupid Infadel bastards need to shut the hell up you’re all fucking pieces of shit and do not belong here all your race revolves around is violence your whole country are uncivilized might as well be Nazis. Fucking bitches

    • Brian

      Maybe YOU need repeat all of that to yourself you gaylord.Oh and KKK, you need to keep your dirty, shit made mouth shut. (You are gay too.)

      • dave

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