Katy Perry Slight Birthday Nip Slip

Katy Perry nip slip

Katy Perry turns 47-years-old today, and to celebrate the pop star showed off a piece of her sagging nipple.

Overcompensating for being a barren spinster Katy Perry runs around in ridiculous wigs and outfits shamelessly flaunting her rapidly decaying breasts and dried up weathered areola.

Katy Perry is desperately seeking validation that her life is not completely meaningless. Of course if she converted to Islam Katy’s life would find true meaning, as she (like all infertile women) would be used as human cannon fodder against the infidel crusaders.

  • Charles.U.Farley

    Its a lil bit like xmas..come on nipple just a lil more….

    • Jeebs

      I’m done fucking her every night. Anyone else want her?

  • CelebWanker

    I want to tit fuck her and cum on her face

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I’d put some cannon fodder on those weathered hills of Zion….

  • James


  • Goat Banger

    Overcompensating for being a barren “SPHINCTER” Katy Perry runs around in ridiculous wigs and outfits shamelessly flaunting her rapidly decaying breasts and dried up weathered areola.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Actually, I think a combi of pain pills and alcohol. Percs I would say.I love whiskey and percoset myself.

  • Bagel Boy

    When are you all going to learn? In ordeer for it to be a “nipple slip”, you have to actually see the nipple! You know, the pointy thing that sticks out from the tit ?! Like the nonexistent dicks you think you have.

    • Arcachnar

      What of the ‘SLIGHT’ nip slip’ did not you understand?

  • The person with a name

    Dear Bagel Boy, I have three questions to ask you 1. If you had to describe yourself in four words would the be gay, homosexual, queer and དུའཇེཇངིངེུྦ Question 2. Why did your parents name you after a type of food,even then they should have called you blueberry muffin or dead baby. Question three. Are nipples the three pink pointy thingys on your chest. Please reply quickly or be forever be considered to be slow at replying

  • chief runs with water

    i would love to get my face and dick inbetween those big tits just like i did to my nan

  • The west is the Best

    Later in the show she sucks on the mike like it’s a dick then lays on the stage and pumps the mike into her pussy while it’s on with the pa turned up all the way.

  • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

    Katy Perry is a Zionist whore:

    1.) Her hair is streaked with blue.
    2.) Her whore eye makeup is blue.
    3.) Her diseased stink-hole bush is blue (probably).

    All the primary color in the flag of the occupying Jew invaders false nation of I$rael.

    A lapidation preceded by a punishing violation with a tunic cobra is in order for this ancient harlot lover of murders of Palestinian children.


  • The person with a name

    Her arm failed

  • bart


    • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

      Yes, she is well past and serviceable breeding and child rearing years.

      However, she is definitely a GILF.

      Perry also has meaty thighs so we could probably put her to work digging wells and irrigation ditches. Too, her incessant caterwauling, tone deaf voice would be soothing to the camels when they have trouble sleeping, as well.

      I bid 5 dinars, a barrel of crude and an AK-47 for this harlot. Please relay this request to her father as he has property rights of her.

      • The west is the Best

        Gayman Kahlid

        The problem here is It’s not a male and the person is over the age of 8 so don’t try to fool anyone because we all know you and the rest of the homo muslims here are dick suckers and the rapers of young boys asses.

        • Blade

          @ the pest is the less

          WTF is your problem your posts make little sense how do you know Imam Kahlid is gay or a raper of young boys? Have you seen him or any of the muslims that post here do any of these things?

          I don’t think so these guys would cut your balls off shove them down your throat before beheading you.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    katy is a stupid bitch….for trying to use Big Gay Pete’s ass plug as a microphone.

  • katykat10

    she is so not “47” she is 29 ( written in 2013 ) so um….. getcha facts straight!!!! god and that so called “nip slip” was on accident!! duh…

  • tom

    Does the cunt have nipples?