Katy Perry Shows Her Ass

Katy Perry ass

Pop star Katy Perry thrilled her legions of horny fans when she bent over and showed her unremarkable ass while performing in concert.

Since all infidels are over-sexed drug addicts it is understandable why they would find Katy Perry and her pasty ass aesthetically pleasing. Of course as a Muslim man I loathe the female body, and have nothing but disdain for Katy Perry and her shameful feminine curves.

Katy Perry showing her ass is just another example of the infidels falling further and further into moral and societal degradation. Islam’s triumph over the West is all but assured, and when it comes Katy Perry will be answering for this sickening rectal display in Sharia court. Allahu Akbar!

  • Cool Story, bro

    Cool Story, bro

  • Open the scroll

    I want to poke my eye’s out with a stick after seeing this…

  • Blondie Geek

    She did actually slip over here (see the gooey stuff?). Plus she is showing little more than if she were wearing a swimming costume.

    If you are so virtuous, why are you looking at this stuff? Why do you appear to have a whole website dedicated to it?

    • She did not “slip”. A whore like Katy Perry is accustomed to being covered in “gooey stuff”.

      This was a deliberate act of sluttery designed to stimulate the depraved infidel masses and offend us pious Muslim men.

      • Jessica Mendez

        That is called cum

    • Abdul Baari

      You would not understand it, being that you are not a virtuous Muslim Man, but this website fills many purposes. First, it serves as a list of sorts so we know who needs to be the first to be stoned after we perform our takeover of the west. Also, it helps to build a resistance to the western whores by showing us what they are capable of, so that we may resist there harlotry and destroy all of the infidels, so that Islam shall reign.

      • dave

        I fucking hate you so much, I hope you get cancer

    • Frosty

      Yes there was a foam on the stage, I think after another act or song for a finale, there was the usual smoke and stuff and this wasn’t cleaned

      As for clothes, yes she is showing a little too much

  • Mr.T


  • JessicaMendez

    She is a slut she fucks everyboby

  • Ear_Of_Sympathy

    luvs to show her Cunt that onee!

  • Mike Oxbig

    I’d eat the corn out of her turd.

  • king


    • Name Private

      you are too sweet for her, she into men

      • king

        Lol real men as if you are the definition of a man

  • Manish Rawat

    she is the hottest of all…………………….my sweet and fav. pop queen katy……………