Katy Perry Sex Tape Video

Katy Perry sex tape

It appears as though the inevitable has finally happened and that a Katy Perry sex tape video has been leaked to the Internet.

As you can see in the video clip below, it looks like Katy Perry was filmed during one of her typical Friday nights out, having sex with a number of partners in a variety of positions.

Really the only surprising thing in this Katy Perry sex tape video is that she was able to orally service 3 men at once, proving that despite what many people think, Katy Perry actually does possess some talent.

Who knows with more practice one day Katy Perry may have the ability to suck off one of our enormous Muslim meat sticks. Which would finally give meaning to her life, and spare her (for a time) from the righteous stoning she certainly deserves.

  • nshdjwkwjdjq

    First fagots

    • Poll Taker

      Ladies and gentleman, I realize that we are all suffering due to tough economic and social issues. But there is a question of great importance that must be answered, due to the magnitude of this question, please take a second to ponder this before you answer…

      Q….What size rodent does our resident injun Arapaho Native stick in his ass.

      Thumbs up for large rodents ( rats, guinea pigs, etc )

      Thumbs down for small rodents ( mice, gerbils, etc )

      I realize that this notorious homo’s fetish is thoroughly disgusting but I thank you for your cooperation.

      This is not an scientific poll…( margin of error + or – 3% )

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Injun take man poll

        I feel as though buffalo cock should be an option…..because that’s reality.


        • use your brain thats why you have one

          Grand Dragon Pete are you a black man under that costume

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Has no brain

            I’m a full blown aryan…..and I have the monster cock to prove it.

            In fact…..I just proved it to your whore of a mother…..twice.

            I’ll admit, there is a bit of black on me…..it happened when I slit some googles throat earlier today.

            Suck cock homo


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy,

            You are a full blower alright. A blower of cock, I mean.

            Suck that mofo.

          • Arapaho Native

            Moron Pete

            “I feel as though buffalo cock should be an option…..because that’s reality”, that sounds more like a confession of your own homosexual obsessions. 

            So what you’re saying is that you feel like taking buffalo cock is a option in your life and you’ve come to reality with that? There’s no way you could’ve made yourself look stupider. 

            Poll Taker

            That fact the you chose a name that could be so easily manipulated into homosexual acts already proves your stupidity. In fact, it’s possible “poll taker” us one of Hashims personas, and it matches his text and disgusting animal ideas in almost every way, but then again, this is just intelligence working, as I look through every plausible options

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            “Poll” was a typo. Since the beginning he meant “pole”.

          • Arapaho Native

            Idiot, unless you’re are him, which you probably are, then he can say it himself, dumb ass. What are you talking about? That’s exactly what he meant, a poll for that homo-retarded idiocy he was ranting. You just keep getting stupid and stupider.

          • Name (required)

            lol clayton bigsby?

        • karl pilkington

          grand dragon pete i hear your a sexually motivated racist is that true?

        • Kwame

          Fuck racism. You all lie. Here, I’ll prove it to you

          Look at this photo and notice how the jaws of the Negro and Muslim Ahmadinejad are completely distinct. The negro is significantly prognathic. Here :


          Not only is the protrusion glaringly conspicuous downwards from the nose, but even the forehead protrudes!

          Yet, I’ll repeat that Muslims are black. Why, one might ask…. to which I reply……

          I AM A GOOGLE…and googles make no sense ! Peace, dawg, I’m out

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Pole taker,

        Your inquiry is totally unreasonable because Red Poo shoves up his ass everything he can get. Lately he is using Law manuals, after his application was refused by the Reservation (sort of) University.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          I cannot believe that asshole calls himself “pole taker”

          what a dumb mofo.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            These kaffirs are really weird.
            Sometimes I can’t understand what’s the problem with this people…

          • Poll Taker

            Be careful with your words Abdullah, or next weeks poll concerning the resident negro Kwame might get replaced with one about you and your sexual fetish regarding various fruits and light bulbs and your anal orifice……Tread lightly my friend

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            You’re the expert on taking poles.

            No doubt negro Obama had you working on his “pole” staff.

            Ha. What’s it like to take google cock all day?


          • Kwame

            I just took a shit and it smells better than pig fucker Pete

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Coon Kwame

            What you shit out is semen and lube from the gloryhole.

            That’s just one reason you googles need to be killed……the other is because you’re googles.


          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim Shit-For-brains 

            It is your imagination that is thinking up this disgusting shit, but for some reason you want to be known as “intelligent”, but there is no evidence to support this. 

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Red Poo,

            Second to Miss Piggy, you are the biggest weirdo and liar of this holy site.

            But in what concerns the intelligence department, you get the first, second and third prize as the dumbest of all, although you try so hard to look clever.

          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim, you’re lame replies are boring as hell. That is because you simply cannot think of anything and that is why you continue to reply with short, moronic posts.

            Reply when you get some new material, dumb ass.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            pole taker

            shut up fag or us Muslims will take a telephone pole and shove it up your greasy asshole.

            And then get a camel to shit on your face

          • Arapaho Native

            Disgusting, abdullah. Get a life loser.


            ARAPAHO NATIVE





          • Abdullah The Butcher


            go wipe your face and suck a mint and then shove a grenade up your ass.

          • Arapaho Native


            Take your childish insults to some one who cares. 

            In fact, you don’t even deserve a reply with such a low grade response like that. I think the word “lame” applies to you. 

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shit spitter

            I looked up lame in the dictionary and your name and pic was next to it.

            It also said you’re synonymous with big dumb fag.

        • Imam Khalid

          What is an empty can of Budweiser on the side of the road?
          – An Indian artifact

          What is an half empty can of Budweiser on the side of the road?
          – A rare Indian artifact

          • stfu

            that was the shitest joke ive ever heard. but since your retarded i’ll let it pass.

        • bill

          hashim you seriously suck cok while you go around with your bomb jaket on you man raping time bomb

      • Moshe Dayan

        Arap-asshole is not a real Indian. He’s a liar and a fake. Think pimple faced gum chewing teen-boy.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          You’re correct about this.

          He has told multiple stories on multiple occasions about his “community college” and about him being a “lawyer.”

          He is a dumb homo who does his research on wikipedia and donkeyfuck.com.

          His death is imminent.


          • Grand Dragon Pete is gay

            Grand Dragon Pete your a homosexual i have read all of your comments and they all have gay undertones and most of them talk about black men and Muslims being fucked up the ass you are writing your fantasies as a thinly veiled insult they’re also covert sexual advances so stop living a lie and just admit it you’re gay and you love black cock deep inside you just like your mama and your daddy ……………………………………………………. na na na na………….. na na na na……… hey hey hey……….you’re gay

          • Arapaho Native

            Moron Moshe
            You dumb ass, the way you weakly lash out at me is immature. I’m not the one that’s a pimply teen, it makes more sense that you’re the teenager, since you still lamely cling to homosexual insults and the way you ignorantly lash out at every other race shows that you obviously have not grown up. 

            Dense Idiot Pete

            You’re not correct on this, idiot. 

            But then again, I don’t actually care what you or any of you losers think, and the truth is, none of know anything about me, other them very little details, and actually, I would like to keep it like that. Even though the explanation I gave was completely logical and since you none of you morons found a contradiction, you instead lamely repeated it, and twisted it into what you wanted to be. 

            Also, “donkeyfuck.com”?, I’ve never heard or said anything about it, yet you widely acknowledge it and it only makes sense that you’ve witnessed it first hand, moron. 

          • Moshe Dayan


            No one give a fuck that you are bored , boredom seems to be your standard reply.

            Real Arapaho Indians are too busy running their casinos and duty free shops to give a shit about posting on this site. From your posts I can tell you are tearing soundbites from really lame websites to try to pass himself off as an Indian but you really have demonstrated fuck all knowledge of Indians, you didn’t even know what a status Indian was when I mentioned it in a previous post. What a poseur.

            From the bitchiness in your posts, I would guess that you are also a fag, probably someone’s bottom-boy who’s miserable because daddy didn’t take him to pound town last night. As for your career, you ain’t no law student. Stocking shelves at Wal-Mart is more along the lines of the blue collar intelligence I am seeing, not to put down Walmart employees.

            Go gulp down some firewater and curl up in a smallpox infested blanket shithead, descend into a suicidal bender and do us all a favor so we don’t have to read your whining fratboy comments.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Ranting Idiot Jew
            Haha, can’t you ever think of anything else to say? After your moronic opinion of my boredom, you just repeat yourself from other posts, literally. I can’t believe you said I had reached my intellectual level, you can’t really reach an intellectual end unless you’re forced to repeat homo-retarded insults day after day.

            I have revealed fuck all knowledge of Native Americans? Ha, you unaware dumb ass, I he been correcting you since you first started ranting, you dumb shit. I guess the stupid really are easily reassured.

        • White Knight


          Where the hell is drunken injun I wonder? I see that he’s been posting all over the place but not on this page yet. I would hate to have him thinking that we were cowards talking behind his back again…..Ha……I see that you caught him in a little “red” lie on another page when apparently he had stated some time ago that he was a practicing lawyer for some law firm when in fact he was not. And his response to you when you called him out on it was basically yeah so what. Makes me wonder what else he might be lying about, maybe his sexual preference, or maybe whether or not he is in fact an Native American, hell for all we know he could be some delusional Black man that thinks he would be better off by pretending that he was an Indian….yeah I know it sounds crazy right, but them injuns get more of a free ride than almost anyone else…..something to think about anyways.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Jews and superfag Pete,

          You are right this time. The injun Red Poo is a fake.

          Although he likes gay dances, booze and taking in the ass, he is nothing else than an rejected ignorant teenage, living in the basement, looking for the attention of a father that he doesn’t know who is.

          • Grand Dragon Pete is gay

            you are a pleb

          • hasim is a pleb

            hashim is making a sexual advance towards pete and pete will probably accept coz they are both gay for david cassidy

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Red Poo,

            Don’t be a coward. Your disguises are useless.

            Your pathetic posts are shit. Everybody already knows with whom we are dealing.

          • Arapaho Native

            Slow, White Idiot

            The reason I was not here was because I tend to focus on my arguments and I hadn’t noticed a new post until recently. Also, it’s ironic that you accused me of complaining, except that this is exactly what you are doing, complainging about me since you dislike me so much, since you have never won a argument before. 

            Also, I had been telling truths, but the reason I told Moshe something that hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s untrue, and the only reason you’re dragging this unproved idea is because this is the only thing you will have on me, a weak, unintelligent idea. The fact that I gave a statement without contradictions only strengthens my reply. 

            And of course you bring up “sexual preferences”, you’re so obsessed with homosexuality, the fact that you can’t keep homo’s out all of your posts only proves what I was saying earlier. 

            You know what, whether you think I’m Native or black, I don’t give a shit, I believe what I said and the less you know about me the better. 

            Free ride? Typical dense, racist loser. 

            Hashim Grannyfucker

            Oh, wow, the way you stupidly assume things is incredible. What it is, is dumb, homo-filled humor that no real adult uses. 

            Disguises? Ok, project your paranoia on everyone else without any evidence, its better if you look more like a moron. 

            Also, don’t steal your grannies social security check, it’s rude(also simultaneously implying that you’re in America, since it’s a U.S social social security). 

            My pathetic posts are shit? If there enough to prove you’re a fake and a “Grannyfucker”, then it’s good enough for me, asshole. 

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Red Poo,

            You are a lost case of dementia and paranoia.
            Give to your small little brain a break, please. It needs a rest. Seriously.

          • Arapaho Native

            As I have some above, the reason why you can’t think of anything better then pathetic put downs, is because you are a dense idiot that can’t even defend himself, and that is why all you can come up with is “Red Poo”, god, that even worse then “Ara Poo”, both of them are incredibly stupid and immature.

          • Moshe Dayan


            Fucking lame response, you’re fucking pwned Boy! Celebjihad isn’t rocket science, you don’t have to even think about most of your replies but you found one of the few ways possible to actually FUCK UP and for that you deserve the nomination for the “Celebjihad Loser of 2013 Award”.

            If there’s one thing at muslims, jews, klansmen, Iranian terrorists and lesbodykes agree on, it’s that they hate pretend Indians who are self confessed liars and also do imposter posts. I wouldn’t doubt it if you also are the same fag doing the “Firsties” posts too.

            I lean toward the idea you are a bitchy little self loathing fag who spends your nights tongue bathing nutsacks and they day selling slurpees at 7-11. Or you could be that zit faced loser who handed me my mac and fries and asked me if I “wanted ketchup with that”.

            But you are right, who the fuck cares who you are, zero.
            As for your “Winning arguments”….well you’re outed as a total fool on this site boy. Personally I would bury Arapaho Injun out behind the outhouse, where he belongs, and move on but maybe you’re a sucker for punishment.

            Eat shit and die mofo.

          • White Knight


            In your reply to me you said “but the reason I told Moshe something that hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s untrue.” So with that logic if I was to go around saying that I am fucking your wife even though it hasn’t happened yet, that doesn’t mean it’s untrue? You very well might intend on trying to become an lawyer, but until you actually graduate from law school and start a practice or join a firm, you’re not an actual lawyer. A lie is a lie no matter how you want to sugar coat it or twist it around. Admit that you were caught and that’ll be the end of it. You also said that I dislike you, I don’t even know you, but what I do dislike is someone that assumes that he is smarter than everyone else and also assumes that everyone else here is an idiot.

          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe/Goldberg Let me guess, YOU never done impostor posts, right? (Sarcasm) Do not be a hypocrite.

          • Moshe Dayan


            It’s ok to be an imposter? Are you trying to tell us, in some queer code way, that you are also Arapa-whore Injun? Would make sense.

            Thats another thing. I’ve noticed you’ve sucked up to Arapahomo on numerous occasions like you two homos smoke the “peace pipe” together. Now he’s been outed you suddenly jump in to defend him even though he’s fucked up your muslim brothers in a very personal way on numerous occasions. Sounds kind of like a traitor, wouldn’t you say…and while I detest muslims, I hate traitors even more. I’ll have to check the IDF records, maybe you’re on our list as a secret “friend” of Israel. Now you mention it, I remember seeing an “Arach…” or something like that as one of our top Gazan informers.

            That bang you just heard was the mosque door slamming on your nose. I’d be keeping eyes in the back for the Liberation Army of Gaza death squad that is coming your way. Final Destination is on its way for you pal, five pissed of islamic militants, a blunt damascus steel scimitar, a long draping banner with islamist graffitti and a camcorder are in your immediate future.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe/Goldberg Wow. You do not sarcasm when it hits you, right? No, I am not Arapho or anyone else. I never have used any other accounts or impersonating others. Why? That is very childish and completely beneath my station. YOU on the other hand did this. That is why I am calling you out. Only because of that.

            Sucking up? Keep dreaming. I could say the same thing to you. Why are you suddenly take the side of Pete or the others?

            No. Just wondering about the history of the Native Americans. Also, I greatly dislike Pete with his delusions and disgusting homosexual tinted and childish ‘insults’.

            My Muslim brothers can fend for their selves. I am not their babysitter. You should have known that I already defended them and the Islamic Faith a LOT of times against YOU, Pete and many others. So you are very wrong.

            Informer or traitor? Wow. You must have read too much of those spy romans. Sorry, kid, but I shall always be welcome in any mosques.

            IDF records? Sure. Keep on looking in some papers that you never had in the first place.

            Pissed of militants…blah…blah. Not even close.

            I know that you probably are going to reply to this. Do not. Everything has been said. There is nothing more to say by you or me.

          • Arapaho Native

            Idiot Moshe
            Congratulations Moshe, you now resemble a toddler throwing a tantrum. “Blah blah….fake indian!….tongue bathing nutsacks! ..blah..”, you sound even younger then a teenager. Fucking lame response? I don’t think so, but believe whatever make you feel better, idiot kid. I found a way to fuck up? Ha, that’s probably the stupidest thing I heard all day, I haven’t fucked up, I made one small mistake(compared to the many times you have been wrong, proven by me or Arcachnar) and now it’s idiotically being manipulated my a group of morons with a pathetic vendetta against me, simply because they all have been bested at arguing and that is why you hate me, a immature reason like that. Holy shit, does this idiot really think he ever beat me at anything? *Scoffs* You know what’s pathetic, the best thing you have on me is one mistake that has an explanation with no contradictions, and you childishly twist it into what you want to be. Lame. 

          • Arapaho Native

            White Trash
            Moron, I have already admitted to not being a lawyer yet, but I never said anything about not being in law school, and there are no accidents there. What kind of dumb logic did you twist mine in? You see, my logic simply meant I am in law school, I have not graduated yet but soon enough, but then you compare it to something like “fuck my wife”,  you see, you’d have to know me and my wife first before you could “fuck her yet”, so it can’t work there, you need the too start logically, you moron. 

            I have not been caught, you moron, none of you have found any other evidence or contradictions around my response, so you continue to use the original accusation without any logical evidence and it’s obvious you haven’t looked though any other possibilities, so really your stuck like an imbecile. Enjoy repeating yourself for the third time, idiot.

          • Arapaho Native

            Whiny Jew

            You stupid fuck, keep wishing that Arcachnar is me, it’s the best you can do. We may sound alike, but that’s only because we use intelligence to win arguments, not immature, homo insults, like the ones you constantly use all the time. Me and Arcachnar are completely different users, and me and him know that, so it really doesn’t even fucking matter if you think so. The only thing you can connect us is the way we argue, thats it, pathetic. 

          • Moshe Dayan


            You’re a pathetic loser.

            If you were as intelligent as you say you wouldn’t be the celebjihad-bitch-for-the-day with everyone laughing at your idiocy. Like White Knight said, what else are you lying about?

            You and your lil’ buddy Arachanar should go get a room where you two can amaze each other with your intellects then take turns pumping each other’s asses.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Sad Mosh
            What’s funny is that all you can come up with is a intellectually lacking reply that was meant to insult me with repeated opinions. Laughing at my idiocy? I can even figure out that you and the others are not laughing, this is obviously a cover up, as I obviously struck one to many nerves. “pumping each others asses”? And he calls me the teenager, sorry, the evidence is not with you, Goldberg. 

          • White Knight

            Asshole Native

            Show me where I said that you were not in law school, you can’t fuck head because I never said that. I said until you graduate from law school and start a practice or join a firm, then you are not a lawyer, you’re just some asshole that lied about it. Then when I quoted you when you said “but the reason I told Moshe something that hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s untrue .” And I said what if I go around saying that I was fucking your wife even though it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Your response was that it wasn’t logical because I would have to know you and your wife first before I could fuck her………Well no fucking shit! It also means that you would have to graduate and pass the Bar exam in order to be able to call yourself a lawyer! Until that happens you are just some lying asshole who thinks that he is so fucking smart and doesn’t have the balls or dignity to admit that he is full of shit. And your statement that I quoted above is an contradiction in itself.

          • White Knight

            And one more thing you red prick, I’m getting a little sick of you constantly saying that you never lose an argument to anyone here, exactly what fucking argument have you won against me?! Name it asshole. The other day when I believe this back and forth started between us, it had something stupid to do with the number of floors the Aspire Tower had, when you being the little dick head that you are, had to try and look it up so you could make a feeble attempt to try and make Hashim look bad. And I basically said who gives a shit about how many floors there were or not. So I am scratching my head trying to think of when you got the best of me or anyone else for that matter. You really come across to me as some delusional fuck that thinks he is an legend in his own mind……Reality check…..you’re not. What fucking color is the sky in your world I wonder?

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Idiot injun (and Achy anus)

            You just don’t get it. Nobody is here to have an “intellectual” conversation or argument. Have you no clue what this site is? This is the comments section on the USA Today website, its fucking celebjihad.com! All of use here “dumb it down” because that’s what this site is for. This is what makes you the butt of the joke, you’re not in on it, you are the joke. It takes some intelligence to understand satire, and you don’t understand it.

            I know myself and others on here could have quite a discussion/argument regarding different political and philosophical beliefs, but that’s NOT what this site is for. Its great that you think you’re smart, it really is, but nobody here thiks that’s the case, mainly due to the fact that you just don’t get it.

            I’ll close with this:

            Suck cock mofo


          • Arapaho Native

            Ignorant White Moron

            You dumb ass, I never said that you said I’m not in law school, I just simply said I never said it, idiot. I had lied before, prick, but if you trained your thoughts on something else other then your pathetic vendetta against me, then you might’ve noticed that I had earlier admitted to Moshe about it before this, 

            My logic was completely relevant , it’s yours that’s flawed, I meant that it hasn’t happened yet, except it’s definitely gonna happen, while your logic was simply based on “yet” without the concept of you fucking my wife is NOT gonna happen. Thats how our logic is different. And it’s only a contradiction by itself, except if you had mentioned the rest of the argument, like my response, which is completely solid, then it wouldn’t be a contradiction anymore. This is what I was saying, bringing out one thing to make it sound bad. I did say I never lost an argument, it’s completely true, I almost always get the last post(unless someone replies when I’ve already moved on) and I always use logic to argue, while the rest of you are calling each other “homos” and insulting each others race for no smart reason, and that is why logic wins against immature arguments, asshole. Don’t say you’re not immature or childish, because you have definitely said enough to convince me. When I’ve won against you? Whenever we’ve argued and that’s the truth, since you only argue with idiotic thing such as Race and sexual preferences, and there’s no way that can win against intelligence. If you’re trying to act smart now, then theres no way you can deny. I did look up the floors of Aspire Building, and I was completely right, I meant only the above ground floors(only ones that matter) and it’s obvious Hashim or Abdullah didn’t know what they were talking about, as I pointed out in the original argument. 

            Haha, please, if you’re really that dense, look at our previous arguments, it’s obvious by not replying is a hiding tactic when a user does not wanna continue, since he cannot win. 

            Big Pete

            Actually, Pete, I have some good news for you later. 

          • Mufti David

            The idiot injun thinks his a detective on an “impersonation case”.

          • Mufti David

            The idiot injun thinks he’s a detective on an “impersonation case”.

          • Arapaho Native

            Big Pete
            Well, it turns out your right, in some ways. This isn’t really a place for intellectual argument, but actually I only went here for argument and intelligence is just my way of arguing. I understand what “satire” or “satirical” means, so don’t bother turning it into a insult.

            Well, anyways, I will not be on this site much longer, I now need time(weeks) for aggressive studies, and the truth is, I will not be able to argue here while I’m doing it. So, congratulations, you got your wish, ill be gone.

            Also, don’t bother replying with a insulting statement if you really want me gone, because simp

          • Arapaho Native

            Big Pete
            Well, it turns out your right, in some ways. This isn’t really a place for intellectual argument, but actually I only went here for argument and intelligence is just my way of arguing. I understand what “satire” or “satirical” means, so don’t bother turning it into a insult.

            Well, anyways, I will not be on this site much longer, I now need time(weeks) for aggressive studies, and the truth is, I will not be able to argue here while I’m doing it. So, congratulations, you got your wish, ill be gone.

            Also, don’t bother replying with a insulting statement if you really want me gone, because simply, pride won’t let me.

            Also, those fake Arapaho imposters below are not me, just morons.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Red Poo,

            You are leaving from this most respected site because you must have some “agressive studies”, you say…
            LOL. I bet you are a teenager, that has never walked inside a college. You are just fleeing, what is realy a good idea.

            Miss Piggy,

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy,

            Shut the fuck up homo. You don’t understand nothing. Celebjihad is a cornerstone piece on the fight against the debauchery and apostasy of the West.
            The Jihad has many arms, and this holy site is one of them.

            And, of course, we’ll get you.

          • klansman

            you betta not fuck this is up fagget

          • Kwame

            Why dont you MuSLIMES, KKGays, and idiot Injuns go rent a stall out at the local glory hole. Clearly you want each others dick bad. Unfortunately that combination of lovers is sure to produce a lot of small dicks.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            Reading your post reminded me that this holy site is also a piece of the fight against illeterate homos from the KKQueer gang.

          • klansman

            fuck you boy. like youve never misspelled anything. Dont say you havent unless youve been livin a fairy tell is that what you ar? a fairy ? hahaha

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            You are writing a kind of nigggerese dialect, so besides a moron you are the first black to be fan of the KKQueer gang.

            What a jerk.

          • White Knight


            I am starting to suspect that Kwame is posing as the klansman. Because there is no way a white man would ever spell anything wrong. I can smell the chitlins and grits from here.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Yes, most probably you are right.

            Anyway: a watermelon eater will never fool a straight white male.

          • Arcachnar

            @Pete ‘(and Achy Anus)’ How very mature to include my name as well.

            Satire? It is? Wow, I really did not know that, Captain Obvious. You see, I could have stooped to YOUR level and smear this place with fascistic remarks, delusions or homosexual tinted ’insults’, but I do not. Using logic, common sense and all is how *I* counter petty arguments. IF you do not like it, go and whine to someone else who actually cares. ‘Dumb it down’? I can see that you really do not have any trouble with that, right?

          • Moshe Dayan


            Hopefully in your “studies” that you are leaving the site for, you neglect to insist on the use of a latex condom with your cellmate, contract AIDs and die quickly. You’se gonna be somebodys bitch-boy, start picking out thong colors you like.

            Like Big Pete said, you’re so fucking stupid, you never figured it out. In the context of celebjihad, your statement that you are “winning arguments” just makes you look like an absolute idiot. No one wins anything here.

            We have enough turds with delusions of self-grandeur walking around on Earth. It’s about time we start to shed some. You won’t be missed but your deep seated inadequacies and inferiority complex ( because in real life you are a loser and know it) will always bring you back for more ass kickings.

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            Yet another knob with a Spock identity crisis. If you believe you need to liberate the world with your brilliant logic, like that pwn Arapa-hole, sit in front of a mirror so you can admire your Greatness all day or find a site where someone gives a shit . This is celebjihad and you ain’t winning nobel prizes for your posts here…imbecile.

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          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe Wait. This is Celebjihad? Wow. I *really* did not know that. *Sarcasme* Have not read that I already know for a LONG time that this is THAT sort of forum? I am just not someone who stoop that low. You will do things on your way and I do mine. IF you have a problem with that go and talk to someone else.

            Spock identity crisis? Now you are making an elephant of a fly.

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        That is all.

        Old age is not as honorable as death, but most people want it.

        • Zohair – The Good One

          Weird Indian

          You hibernate for months, then appear briefly, only to go back into hibernation again. What’s up with that ?

          Some bizarre new native American tradition huh?

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    She is quite adept at her feminine duties……….

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          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe/Goldberg Kwame IS Black Knight. They are the same person

          • Kwame

            I am Black Knight you fucking retard. I thought I made this clear. I changed my name because morons like pig fucker Pete, Homo Hashim, and who knows who else was impostering me.

          • Arcachnar

            @Kwame I know that, but clearly Moshe does not know that. If you was talking to me.

          • White Knight

            Tar Baby

            You stupid idiot, what is the point of changing your name so people stop posing as you if you come out and tell everybody who you really are anyways? You’re not only black as shit but you’re also dumb as shit too.

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  • paul

    technically muslims are the infidel

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Brother Paul……..your sober and thoughtful analysis is welcome but………

      cowered past participle, past tense of cow·er VerbCrouch down in fear

      /ˈkouərd/NounA person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

      AdjectiveExcessively afraid of danger or pain.

      Synonymsnoun. dastard – recreant – funk – poltroon – craven
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      Do we need a clarifying statement…??

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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  • Moshe Dayan

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Excellent idea brother Abdullah!

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            Homo Hashim,

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  • kattyperrylover

    that is toattly photoshopped

  • Allah

    …seems legit.

    • kattyperrylover


      • Jon Clay

        Its real and its what she does every weekend.

  • Jack Bauer

    You said “appears” again.

  • Allyssa Hall

    This is what makes Celebjihad so great. Love it. Too awesome.

  • Allyssa Hall

    And of course its legit. Duh.

    • kattyperrylover


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Oops used my stage name.. ohwellsville.

  • Katy Perry

    I’m really upset and embarrassed that this was leaked. These were private moments shared with my friends. Why were they posted? I’m gonna sue celebjihad and durka. Omg I’m so upset!!!!

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  • That Black Guy

    Anyone else find it weird that she doesn’t blink

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    its fake you moron i’m a black guy too

    • Jon Clay

      Stop calling it a fake asswipe!

  • Oliver R. Russel

    Greetings evryone!

    I’m sure some of you remeber me promising an anti-Celebjihad campiagn to be manifested, and it has been done. I have included it in an article on the ABC news site, check it out here;






    Apologies for the difficult segmentation, I had just posted this same comment a minute ago, but the comment is being ‘awaited for moderation’ and will most likely not make it to the comments, due to there being a link. All that you need to do to access the article is to copy and paste all the segments together in the URL, and the article should show up on your screen.

    On some computers, there will be an error sign saying “Windows cannot find… Check the spelling and try again”. If some of you were wondering, I have used a program were this link cannot be accessed by some computers, similar to tiny.url.

    Sorry for the long wait folks, it took me a while for ABC to respond to my request, but I have a signed contract and the campiagn is good for launch.

    Thank you for all the support of my coworkers and family

    Oliver R. Russel , Proud Journalist

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Entertainment Whore

    Katy Perry must have been forced to do this to get another record deal.

    She does not look happy in any of this footage.,

  • Jon Clay

    Happy? No, but she looks how girls look when they’re getting double teamed like that.

  • abdullah

    guys any one can send me this video on my hot mail i cant watch it on the web because its block in country

  • Anon

    This is fake! Obviously, the quality of the video is for porn movie. And why would a high profile Katy Perry make a porn movie? This is fake!

    • Some guy

      Duh!……Do ya think so……way to state the obvious Einstein.

  • paul

    ObserversDickIsAFatwa… mohammed couldn’t murder people on his own could he.. all muslims are cowereds they all need help with everything..

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Coward is spelled “Coward”…..

      …”cowered” is to hide somewhere shaking in fear….

  • Arapaho Native

    I want to be honest with the people of this site, being you are my only friends. After spending the afternoon smoking peyote and running a huge totem pole shaped dildo up my ass I have come to the realization that I am truly gay. Not a little gay, but really,really super gay. I’m the kind of homo who isn’t offended by the smell of shit during sex. Matter of fact it turns me on. I actually like hanging out in the Arapaho reservation bathrooms so I can smell all the guys shit and jerk off. I never knew this was wrong because it feels so right. I have a need to have my ass filled with semen and I’m not afraid to admit it now. Anyone who is interested in some hot gay bareback sex please let me know. I don’t mind being a top, but I prefer to be a submissive bottom.

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    • Kwame

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    You always seemed like that kind of homo to me so I’m not exactly surprised by this Lance Armstrong style admission.

    • Arapaho Native

      Your right. It must have been easy to see. Being a power bottom is all I think about. I’m very lucky that there is plenty of gay men on my reservation. When I put on my tight jeans and belly shirt all the Arapaho men come running. I wish I could please them all, but so far I have been only able to take on two at a time. I would like to be stretched out enough to handle a DP. I will get there one day with plenty of practice. Thank you everyone for your support in me coming out :-)

  • PastaFuckah

    I thought this was real. im getting real tired of your shit celebjihad

    • derek

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  • The West is the Best

    She is on the casting couch trying to get a part in the next midget porn flick she is doing the director and the camera man. This movie wil also star alyssa Hall (DiCarlo) as the farm girl who fucks her pet donkey this will be her first part in porn now Alyssa can say she did a porn movie.

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  • non muslim

    i dont get u muslims. you act like celebs nude is a really bad thing (which its not), then make ite bitching about it

  • bitch

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  • Defiance

    I am sorry for interupting, but everytime I am on this website, there are always fights between blacks,jews,whites, and muslims. The crazy thing is that it starts off a stupid little comment like for ex. FIRSTS and Mean insults to Muslims. I have one last thing to say, to all of the people who make impudent comments about Muslims, how would you like it if they owned u? Like I said, I am sorry for interupting…

    • mohammeds pussy

      maybe if muslims weren’t scum of the earth we wouldn’t have to remind you all the time. go rape a child, and kill a woman you sick assholes, may we drone you and your families to death alla snack bar bitches

  • lool123

    this is as fake as youre moms tits XD …..

  • Mr. Sir

    Guys, yes I am an american, but this is extremely fake. I realize you guys don’t agree with a lot of our western views, and frankly, while I am a christian, I agree with you guys on a lot of points. Girls are too slutty, discipline here is lacking, intelligence is dropping like a 10 pound pile of shit.

  • CapitalismIsYourSavior

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  • Love Katy´s boobs

    Katy, i love your boobs!
    And your voice as well.

  • DieTerroristScum

    Listen, y’all need to stap with the fuckin racism, cuz just cuz we don’t know who you are, dosent mean that it isn’t wrong. Second, just stop arguing. We are all using this website to beat the meat, pet your cat, jacking off, what ever you wanna call it. So seriously just argree that she is hot, and move the fuck on.

    • Team Germany

      Srsly, listen to this guy.

      I know what I’m talking bout when I say that racism can be fatal. Racism brought democracy over us lol

  • Critic

    Fake katies face is cropped into the video

  • Jeremy the long dick American

    WTF Katy i thought you were going to keep this private……

  • Jorge cervantes

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    How could you not tell that her head is photoshopped in this whole video.

  • imadumbass

    All I see on thiiss post is pole taker and pete being dumbasses. You talk about americans like
    You are so much smarrter you probly think you sshit gold too don’t you? I know some of my words are misspelled I know I seem illiterate but no more so then some dumbasses who have no life arguing because you get off on it.

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    • Why are you all keyboard gangsters

      Btw, I’m a Christian, god fearing, lost of hope in society American but love my country!

  • Bob

    It’s all photo shoped really badly so fucking easy to tell.

    • ihate muslims n blacks go home


      • bugged

        Boy are you dumb, read a history book or something .Blacks have been here on this continent since before there was a country (1600 1700 )ect. The Atlantic slave trade was banned in the U.S in 1808 the vast makeup of what would become todays black population was here by then. The far majority of whites came to the US after that time. Most whites that did arrived prior to that time came as indentured servants (slaves). Black people have fought in every US war including the battle for US independence, the same can not be said for the millions of white arrivals through Ellis island and other places.