Katy Perry Sets A Boobie Trap

Katy Perry boobies

Pop star Katy Perry is on the prowl for a new man to suck the life out of, after recently being dumped by her husband Russell Brand.

As you can see in the photo above, Katy Perry is relying on the infidel whore trick known as the “boobie trap” to ensnare her next man. Thankfully, through the glorious teachings of Allah, us Muslim men have developed an immunity to boobie traps, as we find a woman’s sinful busty bosom revolting.

Yes Katy Perry will never be able to land a Muslim man with her tits hanging out like this, and she will have to settle for yet another effeminate kuffar. Unfortunately, much like Russel Brand, he will fail to properly train Katy Perry, and we will be further subjected to her unholy music and disgusting feminine body.

  • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

    The day Islam takes over USA a good business will be to own stone pits. This slut Kate Perry will be one of those that must be treated without mercy by Sharia courts.

    Before it is too late I’ll send my employees to abduct this whore and bring her in my jet to my palace in Qatar and try to convince her to take off those decadent western dresses and use a nice black silk burka.

    The sacrifaces a pious man must to do for the sake of his beliefs…

    Allahu akbar

    • aghmed

      Allah akbar! We shall begin by stoning Darkness Faggot Jealous of Terrorists. I have a yard full of cinderblock which we can use.

      • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

        I will see to it that those supple breasts and milked accordingly before execution.
        Infidel milk, cheese and yoghourt doesn’t fetch a lot at market behind dairy, goat and emu but it should cover the abduction expenses. I would harvest the pubis but you know these western whores keep a bald bush to satisfy their men’s peadophillic needs so the milk must do.
        Always thinking for the great faith’s financial needs.
        Allahu Akbar!

        • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

          Holy shit killing 3 terrorist in one post take it easy arabs sorry there in no one in the shit hole middle east that could have boobs like this the only things you fags get to watch are your mother and sisters when they’re selling themselves. last image before you 3 go to hell

        • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

          Osama Bin got shot in the head like a dog then throw his ass over board he is probably shark shit by now

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      HAHAH kassim i think that towel around is too tight what can islam take over? only the shit hole middle east islam is wanted you really think the great US will let muslims terrorist take over? sorry but the west dont want you i know you would love to go to the US but no terrorist is accepted

    • Magnumz144

      Your beliefs are stupid about stoning and what not because there are two things that are wrong with that statement

      First off Islam is never going to take over USA in any lifetime because USA is one of the worlds leading superpowers and has many allies that support them

      Secondly You will never afford a “stone pit” because your currency isn’t worth jack shit and even if you successfully abduct Katy Perry, it will be known as an act of terrorism and will leave america no choice but to invade you guys AGAIN and kill eveery last one of you dirty islamic terrorists.

      • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

        Stupid ignorant,

        Many arab countries are much more richer than the US. For instance Qatar per capita GDP is 179.000 USD while the US is only 48.000.

        About the “leading superpower”: his ass has been kicked out of Iraq, Afghanistan (soon), Lebanon, etc., etc.. That time will come also to you, pin head kafirs.

        • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

          HAHAHAAHHA and still you shit heads live in sand huts look at the clothing you ppl wear your family run go to for the freedom of the west all that “money” and still you arabs are suffering all are going to fund our terrorist foundation who fail at bomb making THE MIDDLE EAST WILL STAY BEING JEALOUS OF THE WEST ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND STILL THE SHIT HOLE MIDDLE IS GARBAGE

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            America’s many allies? No-one likes you, you’re seen throughout the world as ignorant barbarians.
            Terrorism is such a commonly missused word. The act of terrorism is instilling fear into the mass populace of an area. For example. The USA speading Agent Orange throughout Vietnam after the pointless war ended that causes horrific genetic deformations in Vietnamese children even today for the cause of America’s financial gain and to look big and fierce and also for the American’s primal instincts to fuck shit up which they haven’t the mental capacity to suppress.
            Stealing a pop star is not terrorism.

    • whatever

      dude you just wish islam would take over the U.S.A you are so fucking stupid to actually believe islam has more power then the U.S YOU ARE REALLY FUCKED IN THE HEAD DUMB ASS

  • Kahlid

    You can barely tell Katy Perry used to be a man.

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      kinda like your whore of a mother>?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    katy looks like the south end of a north bound camel.

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      abdulalalalalah the pic butcher same could said about your whoring mother who get use like that towel around your head to wipe her rotting cunt

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        dark cum-guzzler

        Shut up faggot.

        All Muslim women are decent and moral.

        You’re just mad because your mother left her job at the ghetto whorehouse, to go to the congo, to fulfill her life’s dream: that is, to fuck a bull elephant and post it on youtube and become an internet elephant fucking sensation.

        Your mother is a damn freak.
        Also, I feel sorry for the elephant and the case of the clapp that she will give him.


  • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

    Kate Perry has recently painted her hair bue, the colour of the flag you know whom. Very suspictious and deserving an thorough investigation .

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      yes kassam its called freedom terrorist like you dont have it

      • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

        You stupid motherfucker.
        Anyone under 18 shouldn’t be an this adult site.
        If you are however, over 18, you are dangerously retarded and should have yourself euthanised, or preferably you should opt for a more painful alternative which you deserve.

  • The Reconciliator

    Darkness, don’t take this so seriously. After all, it’s just satire. Chill out ^^

    • Word of wisdom

      It’s satire from us jihadists on your corrupt entertainment system, and by extension, on your crumbling civilization.
      darkroom material can’t handle it ? His problem, not the jihad’s.

  • Muhammad

    I would suck on those tits until they turn blue

  • Ali

    Fucking jews

  • Quief

    Her undertit smells like goat chesse