Katy Perry Naked Photo Leaked

Katy Perry naked

Is this a leaked photo of Katy Perry naked? Based on the fat hips yet skinny waist and big boobs on this girl I’d have to say, yes that is definitely Katy Perry.

It would be too much of a coincidence for a girl that looks just like Katy Perry to have the same body proportions. Not to mention that totally looks like a Katy Perry bath room. She is always wearing those bright green and purple colors.

I am further convinced that this is a naked picture of Katy Perry because of the expensive looking camera being used. Only someone like Katy Perry, who fancies herself an “artist”, would spend money on a camera like that. She then realized that taking black and white pictures of flowers is boring, so she went into the bathroom and took a naked picture of her self.

All the evidence points to the fact that this is a picture of Katy Perry naked. I have to say Katy has really raised the bar with this photo. It is your move now Lady Gaga.

  • Chuckjones

    Looks to me like the Katy’s head was added on. I blew it up in photoshop and it doesn’t look right to me. It wouldn’t take much to place her head on the shot. If it is her, then where did it come from? It’s hard to believe that she would release this. This woman’s body looks different to me than Katy Perry, who isn’t as high waisted or as full in the hips. Maybe this is her, but it doesn’t seem so to my eyes. Also, while this is a good camera, it’s hardly unique to someone like her. And I’d bet that she has a much nicer bathroom than this, which has a tub shower. She probably has a master bath with the whole bit – double sinks, walk-in double headed shower, jacuzzi, vanity lights, walk-in closet, etc. This is a small bathroom with a flimsy fake wood door. C’mon.

    • Kimie

      I very agree with you. This only a small bathroom. Not Katy that afford to buy this bathroom, i can to

      • billy with a foot long willy

        stop being clever, even if it isnt her, its still wanking material, look like my sisters fanny

        • john

          i just started puberty

          • thats wonderful.

    • steve

      exactly what i was thinking…except i didn’t bother to use photoshop :)

      • john

        i have a big cock

    • john

      Have you got nothing better to do than blow up a photo in photoshop… Sad Bastard

      • AyazeL

        all these pix r fake.

        • Jack

          I agree with u those pictures r fake

      • john

        im 11

        • lilmiss

          hi john i’m 13. what r u even doing on here because the reason i’m on here is that my freind says this is a website that hav fake pix of celebs and i want 2 put a stop 2 it

          • long dick

            well this doesnt look lyk kateperry
            & also u pakis are BASTARDS

          • Brian

            im 11 too

          • Ryan

            LMAO what losers who cares if it is the worthless loser bitch or not???? FYI it is her in this pic her agent confirmed the photos

          • jwatt92801

            Hi lilmiss whats up?

      • antony

        what do like see a bunch of dicks waving at you?

    • wot a head

      tl;dr phaggot

      • Thebitch

        Fuck you

      • john

        im hungry for sex

        • lilmiss

          john stop this

          • horny douche


          • horny douche

            Whoa bro chill your tits

          • tanya

            i have better boobbs and a hairless vagia john

        • joby

          John, your way to younge to even be on here, and you cant stop people from putting fake pics on here, PS: FAKE!

    • bmoney

      Lok like to me once again ur stupid as shit cuz OBVIOUSLY u can deff tell by her face it not her kat perry alot prettyer then this chick!!!

      • Jay

        this actually is katy perrys face,iy might be photo shopped,but there’s plenty of rumores tha alot of shit was stolen from her place like naked tapes photos etc.etc,..but that’s her face,..never know,..might be real..I think it’s real,before she was famous,she was actually posing nude,..just sum facts for yo azz..lol..peace…

    • hi


    • mikie

      i would drag my big dick across 10 miles of glass in the dessert , just to hear piss in a cup over the phone

      • pweben

        what kind of dessert? i think icecream might give you a frostbite :(

    • Graham

      Its not even her head

    • this horny dick

      you are all fucking crazy, she is the hottest bicth i have ever seen. i just watched katy perry in 3d at hillside and cummed the whole fucking time.

    • selena gomez

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    • jeje

      jaja because you think one of those photos are real… and when you have a $1000 camera, that don’t look like a webcam screenshot… :)

    • antony

      man, like, do you need some glasses!! i think that shiy is in your eyes and you can’t see!!

  • Cpm

    That’s not even Katy’s face, but if I could bang her by saying I thought she was Katy, I would go along with the gag.

    • tailynn

      i know right that looks nothing like her they must have some jacked up eye site

  • samantha

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww retards thays photoshop

  • seriously

    um. this is like 3 years old. and definitely not her. that’s not even her face..

    • Lola

      You nasty

  • retarded

    clearly that is not katy perry because this bitch has a fat nose, and katy perry has a button nose. clearly, this is a random girl. but the body is deff spot on.

    • joao peh de feijao

      wow, amazing, a man who knows girls by her noses…

      • haha

        haha yes normally its the boobs and asses we now them by

        • American Citizen

          LOL fuck ya LMFAO

    • k-fresh

      o_0 thats not katy parry

    • your a down syndrome patient that views bbw shemales

      Thats not her body…..never was…check your eyes…or your “step dad raped me and my feet when I was 8” state of mind…….oh and you moniters blur setting might be set to 20000…..you think ignorance is cute? well then you must think mental retardation is down riht adorable…..come back when you graduate elementary …..

      • Grammar is hard.

        For someone talking about “ignorance”, you sure are terrible at spelling and grammar.


        That’s not including the horrible lack of punctuation replaced by “……”.
        Might want to learn to properly articulate yourself before you call other people stupid or ignorant.

  • walter

    katy perry has a tatoo that says jesus on that wrist, but i dont see it. FAKE

    • totti

      yap…… its nt ketty pery…..!!!!!!

  • blank

    I would hump her and rape her and strip her if i saw this.

    • Blondie Geek

      Did you not see this then? (“…if I saw this”)

      The stripping would be unnecessary if you were there at the time.

      By hump, I assume you mean sex. So I’m pretty sure it would be a choice of rape or sex, not both.

    • Ramjanam

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  • jessiejones

    do you not know that THATS NOT KATY PERRY! this girl looks sooo different from her! yeah the HAIR may be the same, but the face is TOTALLLLLLY different! geeze!!

  • JOe

    Yo all the evidence you gave to prove this is Katy are all dumb. Now you just confirmed how dumb you really are. That’s def. not Katy Perry. You probably do not know her. Gee

  • ur mother cunt

    which stupid fuck said that is katy perry.thats some dumb fucking look alike.definitely nt her.fucking cunt

    • isaac

      yea like said putos

  • C

    Definitely not her. Not her face, or her hips. Katy Perry has way narrower hips than that. And her face is wayyyy differnet. and look how (no offense, my bathroom looks like that too) cheap and ugly the bathroom and tub are.

  • mr hertz

    Anyway…. QUESTION IS…. would you fuck and kiss her ?

    LIKE = ( i would if i could )


    DISLIKE = ( i didnt find my cock in a trash can )

  • Homer Simpson

    Do’h! My eyes! ahhhhhhhhhhh mm mm Donuts. did I jsut type that? Do’h!

  • Homer Simpson

    Ohhhh I suck at spelling too.

  • stellina

    You are totally stoned if you think this is Katy Perry naked in somebodys grandmas bathroom? For reals man…as if Katy or Russell use Pantene!! BTW- this girl does NOT have “fat” hips, you obviously have only shagged girls 17 and under if you call this girl fat in any sense of the word.

    • Ectomorph

      I wasn’t looking at the Pantene. I was looking at the pants-off!

    • Unknow

      It could be her before she was famous

    • abdellah

      You guys are such a loving coulpe and your new baby will feel all of the love you are going to give him!! So happy for you. Great pictures to show him when he is grown up to see how happy his parents are!! Love ya, Ms. Buttercup

  • deamonflowne

    just under her chin in middle of the neck is distorted and the shadows do not line up completely. great try though I would have bought it but gimp does show the truth of the lies

  • Anon

    Agreed with very previous post, i just blew it up in photoshop and you can clearly see a pixilated line where the old head was and plus the hips and body figure does not look like her. Nuff said this photo aint here.

    • Billy

      I don’t think they look that much alike,maybe a little but Zooey is way more cute, plus I awalys thought Katy Perry looked like a man, I mean I love some of her music but come on she has a man face that she covers in too much makeup, and she wore some hideous getup at her concert last year that sorta resembled my grandmas old bathing suit from the 70 s.

  • ohmyguinness

    Totally her.

  • Rayzen

    Not Katy Perry…She’s not fucking using Pantene!
    Her hair has something special xD

  • slurpy

    It can’t be Katy Perry as this girl is pretty and there are no greasy stains all over her body.

  • BO


    • Sara

      are you high?

      • Jack


  • B_Joseph

    I would still fuck this girl…even though Katy Perry is WAAAY hotter…who cares. This bitch is HOOTT!!

  • Becky Jarvis

    There is no way that this is Katy Perry. It looks nothing like her and her body is much nicer than that. Why the hell would her bathroom look like that? It’s disgusting. I refuse to believe that this is her.

  • toast

    her knees are to fat, this is bull shit and katy would smile in a naked pic anyway (horible evidense on my part lolz) your evidense shows nothing this is major bull shit

  • vi


  • Leukorrhoea

    Why is the picture so grainy if the camera being used should be of high quality?

    • KittyKatHiiissss

      Nice eye there. I probably would have never thought of it. That is very true. I would have thought of photoshop tho. I use it all the time.

    • BikerBuddha

      -that is NOT a high quality camera and most definately not a 1000 dollar one either as someone mentioned above. this is a beginners model. semi-pro and up cameras don’t have build-in flashes.
      -for some reason the build-in flash is out but it didn’t actually flash in this one, obviously disabled since flash in mirror pictures fuck the image up with the flare, but to get to the point, because no flash is used and bathrooms tend to be not well lit places it had to use a high ISO, the higher the ISO the more grain you get and especially with beginners gear like the one in this photo.
      -most likely reduced quality for internet use has a part in it too + saving and re-posting over and over reduces it even more

      don’t really follow her, she’s ok but don’t know her face well enough to see if it’s her or not. don’t care either, have a little imagination :)
      this, as more mentioned, might well be a pre-famous pic if real, which would explain the simple bathroom, the missing ink, the wider hips, pre-surgeon nose (if she had it done i dunno)…
      these breasts DO resemble the breast cast she made a while back a lot so i’m just gonna give it the benefit of the doubt

  • boston

    its deff not katy perry look at the left wrist .. no tattoo

  • John

    Anyone lOok at the complexion difference? Yeah the neck doesn’t add up with her face! Last but no least the camera she’s holding is a 2005 edition so not perry’s style!

  • NKP

    It could be an Old Naked picture from before she became much popular.

  • elchasai

    It absolutely is katy perry….this picture was taken in 2005 before she was rich or famous, and it was leaked by an ex-boyfriend of katy’s in late 2009 by the name of travie mccoy. In 2008 her record label payed for her to have a surgical make-over reducing the profile of her nose and liposucting her midrif

    • herewego

      Really? Because she had YouTube videos out before 2005, and looks nothing like this girl. It’s not just the nose; it’s the eyes, lips and cheekbones as well. The only similarities between this girl’s face and Katy Perry’s are the skin tone & hairstyle.

      Also, [citation seriously fucking needed] on the surgical makeover & the photo-leak claims.

  • open the scroll

    How do those legs support all that weight you ask ?? Lots of back door action !!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      More backdoor action than the average anus can handle.

  • miley’s abortion doctor

    katy perry is overrated

  • Sara

    doesnt even look like Katy Perry

  • matt

    yeah i’m so sure the rich and famous katy perry would live in a house that had a dump of a bathroom like that not to mention it looks so cheap and rundown yeah i’m sure that’s def not her

  • mj

    thats not katy perry you twat. just look at her face, it’s not her – and please just go get a life.

  • AbduIIah the Butcher

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    • Pothead94

      This is all funny as fuck. Does it really matter if its her or not? It resembles Katy Perry, so use your imagination And play with your fuckin self. Cuz we all know that’s the whole reason why you’re staring at what could be Katy Perry naked. Doesn’t matter who it is. Just everyone be cool and smoke a blunt.

  • Habib

    Who cares? She’s a western pig who licks slots and screws jungle animals.

    • Habib

      Which is why she was promoted by her jewish masters.

  • zillaman

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • isaac

    nice and hot i love it

  • isaac

    i fuking love it specially i love the pussy

  • Lydia South Africa

    The person who leaked this is a big joke. This is DEFINITELY NOT KATIE. Katie does not have lopsided boobs and this poor girl is completely out of proportion. This photo must have been taken years ago because, to me, there is no resemblance to Katie. Even the mouth and nose are wrong. Better luck next time bud.

  • wolf

    OMFG…those hips and legs….i think i just threw up a little into my mouth…when did i eat chicken?

    • Ectomorph

      wolf, that’s a real woman, don’t you know. You leave her alone and I’ll give her what she needs.

      • 123jay


  • abdulla the butcher

    what? you got that right. you are gay wolf shit…

  • wolf

    i’m glad you agree with me that she’s gross too :-) Oliva munn and Megan fox all the way :-p

  • twostrokesdone

    the neck bones dont line up

  • imloco

    thats not katy, her nose isnt the size of a swollen penis, ur all fucking stupid

  • hjygiuholk


    • imloco

      its not her u spaztic fuck bag… compare it with a real pic of her then u will realise wat a wanker u r for thinking otherwise…………….

  • bob


  • DWHA

    Lady Gaga’s move?!? Nobody wants to see her dick!

  • James

    You idiots.

    Of course it is Katy Perrys face. It’s just not her body

    Who the hell was saying it’s not her because of the nose? I’m amazed you are able to turn on your computer.

    • Trojo

      What are you on, this is not katy perry or katy perrys face, its someone that looks slightly like her, it is not her,, If you believe its Katy perry thats all that matters