Katy Perry Naked In High Heels

Katy Perry naked high heels

This naked photo of Katy Perry appears to be from an advertisement for either high heel shoes or Valtrex (unless of course in the next frame the Aflac duck pops his head out of Katy’s vagina).

Regardless of the product being sold the message being conveyed in this Katy Perry naked picture is clear, dirty whores love getting nailed in high heel shoes.

Katy Perry may feel sexy and saucy laying around naked in high heels, but she’ll wish she was wearing more practical footwear if a righteous Muslim man with his mighty stones of justice catch sight of her.

  • g


    • g says


      My nick is g says because I’m gay.
      And I know all about anal sex because Grand Dragon Pete taught me all his secrets.
      Please fuck my ass. You’ll not be disappointed.
      I am clean . I make an enema twice a day.

      • WTF

        Wtf why do dumbasses like you post shit like this to websites that don’t care

        • WTF

          Plus I’m the best gay here, the gayestest ever, I can take miles of cock much better than you, so don’t try to steal the scene.
          Hey, guise, come and anally destroy me, not this g imposter.

          • g says


            Everybody knows that the biggest gay around is Tiny Pecker Pete (aka Miss Piggy, aka Z Fag, aka Small Worm Pete).

            He already took thousands of yards of peckers inside his filthy ass, he lectured seminars about “The Kamasutra for fags”, and he has part time jobs in 34 glory holes in Alabama, etc.

            “He” is the queen of male ass debauchery.

          • tiger

            I don’t give a skwert of piss for any of you fucking muslims say keep in your tiny islomic minds that the us is about to blow away Syria a muslim contry you shit eating sob’s

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      • Grand Dragon Pete


        You’re either Homo Hashim or so obsessed with him that you copy nearly everything he says, verbatum.

        Either way…..you’re now at the top of the “hit list.”


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Miss Piggy,

          What is written about the seminars it’s true?! I never thought you could be a gay intellectual; just a ordinary gay…

  • Farzan The Wise

    Katy is a whore, and an infidel. As a pious muslim her disgusting nakedness makes me want to grab my finest stones and teach her a lesson. Of course awfterwards I will wear out her anus with my massive Iranian meat.

    • muslims should be blown up

      all u ragheads should be blowin up it would save the world a lot of problems :)

  • Stoner

    Stone that whore, she doesn’t deserve the burkha of islam.

  • Farzan The Wise

    Homoqueer G

    Pillow biter Pete will make you a happy man. As the gayest fag at the Klan Gloryhole he is sure to give you the fucking of your life. As long as you repay the favor and treat his ass like a vagina. You two are a couple of sick fags.

    Allahu Akbar !

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Sooooooo seeeeeexxxxxyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Best I’ve ever seen her look in fact

  • Farzan The Wise

    Shut the hell up whore or you will also get the stones !

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I’ll empty my stones into Katy……and across her fabulously bouncing boobs….

  • Word of wisdom

    What an outrage… Why is her burqah so defective ?

    I will have her sewn into a bag with a hornet nest.
    Then, when the bags stops dancing and singing and shrieking and bleeding and all is silent again, I will have her remains trampled and stomped by the camels of my racing team in the Dubai camelodrome next march, when we have the Gulf Grand Prix in honor of Barrack Hussein Obama, the 2012 muslim of the year.

    • WTF

      Your semen is a discusting obomination that should be put in a bag and shipped off to the Germans

      • Edwin Mott

        The Germans?

      • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

        This is a time, boys and girls, for very harsh meansures which are needed to illustrate quite graphically Allah’s utmost displeasure with white people and Americans in general.

      • Word of wisdom

        I hardly understand what you’re writing.
        You seem to kindly as a bag of pure muslim semen to partake in some heathen activities with gay germans (every german since 1945) ?
        Learn that we, muslims, don’t do that : please go to your nearest gaypride infested public school or municipal gloryhole or ACLU center for free gallons of semen.

        The only way for murkins to have our semen is when we will fill the wombs of their sisters and daughters with loads of islamic fertlizer, spawing legions of jihadists on your soil. The future armies of Sheik Barrack Hussein Obama, who’s wisely working to ban your weapons, so that our victory will be lightning fast.

  • Farzan The Wise


    Have you been smoking bath salts again ? Never question the words of a great Muslim man again or you will taste the wrath of the holy AK-47.

    Eat shit queer

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      I don’t ever recall anyone “smoking” bath salts…..they were snorting them, idiot.

      Also…..just stick with one name rather than change it every few weeks.

      You’re a big time dumb homo.


      • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

        Pete you are not representing the Klan well enough on this KKK site. You are being corrupted by all of these Muslims and their glory hole talk. Last month when I walked in on you in the bathroom asking some random guy to blow you, I thought it was a one time thing. But it’s happened 8 times since then. Apparently you are not able to control your homosexual desires. I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you to resign from your duties. The Klan’s reputation is at stake and we just can’t have a seemingly gay man with a 3 inch dick (yea I saw it, and obviously you are not full Aryan) being the face of our great organization.

        Please leave. I will take over from here.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Imperial Pussy

          I’m not going to ask you……I’m telling you to shut the fuck up and kill yourself before a true klansman finds you…..probably at a google gloryhole.

          Now go make like a muslim and suck cock mofo


          • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

            Shut up Pete. You are no longer part of our organization. As the Imperial Wizard of the entire KKK it is within my authority to rescind your Klan card. You of all people ought to know that we don’t accept Jews, googles, fags, or people with small dicks… and you are all four! The Klan tolerated you because of your tireless effort in spreading white supremacy, but the time has come to let you go. Now that the truth of you being a homosexual google skype with a 3 inch dick is out of the bag, we can’t be associated with you. Go back to your trailer now.

            Finally no more Klan members will be bothered by you pestering us to join you in the glory hole. We put it up for too long.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Impotent pansy

          “Klan card”

          The KKK ain’t Costco you dumb son of a bitch…..there ain’t no card to be had.

          You’re right about one thing…..my dick is three inches…..from the ground.

          Take your tongue and shove it up a baboons ass you dumb queer.


          • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

            There is too a Klan card. You get it after the first cross you burn on a Jew’s yard. It consists of your name, date of birth, genetic code, and a picture of your Aryan dick. You’ve never got one? You must have never been a full member.

            Your dick will be three inches from the ground after I cut it off for being so disrespectful to your superior. Now get back to the trailer you share with your sister. Your side of the bed is getting cold.

            I am the only KKK representative on this site. Eat shit and die Pete, you cock sucking poser.

        • Anti gay kkk

          Imperial Homo Cletus Jones

          What guy unless he is a fag looks at another man’s junk while in a public rest room? You admitted to looking at Pete’s, while you claimed he was trying to solicit some man on man action. Then you said it had happened 8 more times after that. Why would you continue to go back repeatedly to a gay hot spot like that?…..hmm I wonder…..it sure seems like you were on the prowl for some dick yourself.

          • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

            You dumb fuck you clearly don’t know jack shit about the Klan.

            I am talking about the private restroom we have in our KKK headquarters. Every time I went to take a piss Pete would be in there offering his tiny dick to me — pleading to collaborate with him in his glory hole desires. I refused like any decent Klan member would.

            Now go brush your teeth. I can smell the stench of Pete’s pasty balls from here.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay pete

        you may not smoke bath salts but you sure smoke the hell out of them cocks at the glory hole.

        • Epyon

          And your on the other side of the glory hole getting your tiny little dick sucked on. Maybe you should be kneeling before the glory hole 6 times a day instead of before Allah.
          Queer bait.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            You pathetic retard. Don’t come to this site complaining that you don’t get enough cock to suck.
            What do you expect us Muslims to do, kill off all the other fags so you can have a “monopoly on cock sucking?”

            Eat shit and die mofo

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    I agree with you here brother Farzan. May the spirit of Allah be with you and protect you always.

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    Pete you will have your lips cut off and burned in front of you for that offensive statement.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Assfucker Assad

      And you will have your lips wrapped around a tiny muslim cock at the gloryhole.


  • Dar al Harb

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

    As-salāmu `alaykumwa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

    Low, be warned my follow lions of Islam! For Allah is all knowing and sees the images you dream of plunging your massive meat sword in her!

    Shaytaan very cleverly sugar coats evil and Haraam through good deeds. One should be very cautious and alert in this regard. Always be aware of the deceptive ploys and plots of Shaytaan.

    This kuffar witch is the most treacherour of harlots! She appears in the form of one of your 72 hori, but she is a deciver! Honor, she has not! Take her not as one of your wives!

    Luckily the Sharia allows us to till the field of slaves! So you may freely terrorize that snatch like a Kassim rocket coming down on an Israeli kindergarten!

    However, I advise one to immediately clear one’s mind of the non- Muslim girl after you have raped her and focus one’s attention to the source and creator of all love, which is Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala).

    I also advise one to attend the discourses of the Ahlullah (friends of Allah) so that the love of Allah (Ta’ala) is created within one’s heart.

    And Allah knows best!

  • infidels rule

    You people are fucking idiots Allah blows and so do you

  • Farzan The Wise

    May Allah be with you Assad

  • Farzan The Wise

    Pillow Biter Pete

    I go by only one name. Farzan The Wise. It is a powerful Iranian name. Your name is slang for cock, which you love shoved up your ass and knocking back your tonsils. You are a sick queer. When Islam takes over the degenerate us of a I will find you at your favorite gloryhole and trample you with my strongest camel.

    Eat shit boy lover

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      Until you figure out how to properly reply to a comment…..shut the fuck up and continue sucking cock.

      I know you will (suck cock that is;.


      • Farzan The Wise

        Limp Dick Pete

        I will use your sister in my stable of camels. I will use her hair to wash their assholes. Reply to that mofo.

        P.S. how is your shift at the klan gloryhole going tonight? I’m sure you have a mouth and ass full of Negro cock as we speak.

        Eat shit fag

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Fuckhead Farzan

          Your constant talk of cock and gloryholes can mean only one thing……you’re a big time gay.

          I have no sister, but if I did…..she’d kick your ass and put you on the plantation with the nigs and spics…..so they could rape you.

          Suck that mofo


    • Epyon

      Tubesteak Tarzan… I mean Farzan will that be the camel you fuck on a regular basis?

  • Farzan The Wise

    Peter Puffer

    There is nothing small about a Muslim man’s penis. They usually are the size of a Pringles can. They are truly a weapon. Don’t ever again confuse our massive cocks with your flacid, lop sided, shit stained excuse of a dick.

    • Epyon

      A dick the size off a Pringles can? Sounds like you all have std’s from fucking camels.

  • brooke tyler

    I bet if I kissed that girl she would like it :)

  • Farzan The Wise

    Power Bottom Pete

    What did you not understand about your gay, shit stained dick. Is what i said not true? You must just be tired after pulling a 12 hour shift at the local gloryhole sucking cocks.

  • Farzan The Wise

    Gay Pete

    The Klan is today just a fart in the wind. Smelly and useless. Us Muslims will conquer the degenerate us of a just like we have others over the last 3000 years. You are under a jew spell that heathen westerners are to dumb to wake from. You are the Zionist sheep. Islam will take over and your perverted ass will be the first to go. No more gloryholes for you, just the barrel of the mighty AK-47.

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    From your mouth to Allah’s ear brother Farzan. You are indeed wise.

    • Farzan The Wise

      As are you Assad.

      Allahu Akbar

  • Achmed the Observant

    I cannot believe the filthy infidel lies that are being told by these butt-plumbers and stick-suckers. All I know is the next time I see either John Fag Kennedy or Abdullah’s Father the Faggot, I will stone them with the holy AK-47 of Islam.

    Brothers Abdullah, Hashim, and Anubis: We must bring the powerful message of Islam in the form of stones and RPG’s to these bastards.

    Allahu Akbar!

    • Ian Stuart

      Blaaablabla. Just do your thing in your muslim lands. And leave us alone. Because in the end everybody hates you and you’ll never win. You’re fake, disgusting, dumb people who live in the 7th century. Think about it, why do millions of muslims immigrate to the west and nobody from the west is going to your lands.. Because you’re shit. And just jealouse that white people build an existence and have a good life. While you’re still beating your wives and fuck camels. Honestly muslims are the most dumb and ignorant people ever existed. And the reason why you don’t eat pork is because you’ll be eating each other then. And never forget: RAHOWA COMES BEFORE JIHAD! Big porkface to all of you! Wanking pervertsssss! And you’re totally afraid of women, the sadest people ever you are! Cunts

    • Big Daddy


      These chaps are your brothers, and Abdullah’s father is yours as well.

      Your culture teaches respect to parents. Behave yourself, or you will be disciplined with a whip. Your mewling and crying will not help you once the holy whip comes out.

      Behave yourself, boy.

  • Kendra Bonantz

    I hate this anti-woman site. Shut it down!

    • Anubis

      Sindra skank –

      Vile woman blasphemer! Now don’t be hatin’. Great Allah frowns upon hateful infidel sinners like you. Repent your evil hate filled existence before some jihadist doing Allah’s bidding shuts YOU down!

    • Arcachnar

      @Kendra Stop your whining! If you do not like it, why are you here then?

  • Penisullah the Powerful

    Powerful Muslims the world over are seeing this picture and reading these lines.

    How did powerful Muslims become so powerlul?

    From early childhood their arse is spanked hard daily, and whipped weekly, so their buttock muscles become powerful.

    If a powerful Muslim becomes angry, he will strip, and run backward, his arse pointed at you. An awe-inspiring sight indeed.

    Then if he reaches you, he will jump backward at you, and his powerful sphincter muscles (made powerful by daily pounding by camels’ cocks) will catch hold of you, and squeeze you really hard. An ordeal indeed, the stuff of nightmares!

    Beware the wrath of powerful Muslims!

    • Pasha Powerful Puttocksif

      Brother Penisullah,

      I agree. The biggest strength of powerful Muslims the world over is not their guns (although they do use guns), not their bombs (though they do use bombs too), but their powerful buttocks.

      I have fought alongside Abdullah the Buttock in the Iraqi war. I remember, there were these huge American tanks rolling at us, firing at us, and there were just ten of us there. Brother Abdullah and I were fighting side by side.

      Now those of you who know Brother Abdullah know that he is, to ignorant infidel Western eyes, a very unlikely soldier. He is, to begin with, a eunuch. He has no cock, and no bollocks. Nothing at all. Then his arms and legs and torso look all shrivelled up and weak. His face is emaciated and barely human to look at. But this apparently pathetic specimen, did he quail when faced with the tanks, was he scared? No!

      What he did is, he took of all his clothes, and presented his back to the tanks by bending down. Two tanks overturned immediately as the sight of his ugly buttocks made the personnel manning these tanks faint right away. Then Brother Abdullah ran backward, and jumped up, and caught hold of the protruding barrel of the tank with his powerful buttock muscles. He shimmied around, and the tank went right up in the air. Then he farted, and the tank fell down with a thump on its side, and the stench made everyone in that place faint. We then came from the side and captured the tanks, and executed the tank personnel.

      Brother Abdullah the Buttock was awarded with the title of Holy Islamic Buttboy.

      That is how powerful the buttocks of powerful Muslim is. Let the whole world beware the righteous wrath of the powerful Muslim.

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        That was the worst thing I have ever read. Never have I been so bored.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          not only was it boring….it was damn stupid.

          • Pasha

            Brother Abdullah:

            what a pleasure to see you again! It was an honour fighting by your side.

            Like a true tiger of Islam you are modest and are uncomfortable when others praise you. So be it, I will not disturb you modest anonymity.

            But brother, as long as we have powerful Muslims like you, Islam is in good buttocks … I mean, in good hands.

            Allahu Akbar!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        shit-head muthafucker

        ask your mother about my Muslim man-snake and my big hairy balls.

        I bet she is still picking pubes out of her teeth after last weeks game of “hide the nIED” at the Mosque.

        • Pasha

          Yes, brother, by all means abuse the American infidels. They still remember you.with horror.

          But I say, no need to pretend you have a cock and bollocks. So what if you don’t? Your buttocks are second to none, and a true asset of Islam.

          Allah keep you, buttock, i mean brother.

          Allahu Akbar!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            pussy pashit

            watch it mofo.
            I’ll have your ass kicked and stoned before you can drop to your knees and yell “next” at the glory hole.

      • Epyon

        Lmao. Speak the truth.

    • Epyon

      Powerful and Muslim in the same sentence. No such thing. All I see here is a bunch of hateful assholes, trashing a celebrity over a fake photo when you secretly want to be balls deep between her legs instead of a goats ass.

  • The ninga

    Yup that good

  • Ian Stuart

    You’re all talking about giving women the stones. But it’s you all who should get it. Wanking at these fake photo’s. If you hate these women so much you wouldn’t watch this. You’re all disgusting perverts, who love checking out cunts and tits and don’t respect their wives. And being on a site like this says enough about how muslim you are (not). I feel really bad for your wives and especially for your children, what a poor example you are! It’s just sad really

  • da fuq??

    u gays r all fukers, leave now if u can’t enjoy the picture. What do u do, sit around and look at these obviously faked pics all day???? Just bc ur gay doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.

  • Bob the builder

    Kinda looks like her

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    An old, worn out granny like katy could only motivate a powerful Muslim to do one thing. Throw rocks at her.

    • udo

      All religious books says: You Shall Not KILL!!!, It didn’t says: Kill Everybody (especially) those who didn’t think like You!!!!! or Me Or Anybody, God does not need you, or anybody, he needs only love.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


        A comic book is too advanced for you to read. There is no way a dumbass like you could comprehend the Qur’an. Go kill yourself mofo and save a Muslim the trouble.

        • Epyon

          And you’re a fucking moron. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I hope you get a kidney stone and your faggot dick falls off.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            Sucks-hog logs

            Us Muslims are without sin because we have the Prophet (pbuh) and Allah!

            But know this fag, you will experience the Stones of Justice and your skull will be cracked.

  • Pasha

    Kay Kueer Komo Pete:

    Of what possible value are your thought and your feelings?

    Beware! You may think you are safe in your hick town gloryhole, but powerful Muslims will seek you out and make you.pay for your disrespect.

    Allahu Akbar!

    • Epyon

      Go fuck another goat.

  • Pasha

    The KKK is code for
    Kay Kay Kay
    that is
    Gay Gay Gay

    So, Grand Drag-queen of the Kay Kay Kay
    You now stand exposes before us all

    Must be your lucky day, faggot!

  • Peter

    She’s hot I’m a 15 years old

  • Bob jones

    Muslims can go burn in hell

  • Quagmire

    Not Katy perry

  • ‘Katy Perry Naked In High Heels’ This should warrant a visit from Trading Standards for an offense under the trade descriptions ACT as it is under UK jurisdiction being shown here wherever they upload these fake insults to the good names of our favorite pop idols as this is not the Katy Perry I know and love unconditionally. Goes to show how dangerous to ones public image a powerful Photoshop computer can be in the wrong hands but @TaylorSwift13 may get the better of this site if she pays the right lawyers but really it is just comedy and everybody laughs apart from the Stars who are being ridiculed it is born out of Jealousy for their talents and riches I bet you all would say something if you walked into your local restaurant and there were strangers doing this on a TV to your wives and Girlfriends I mean Katy Perry is none other than Mary Magdalena she will be mortified when I tweet this to her tonight.