Katy Perry Is An American Nazi

Katy Perry Nazi

Katy Perry performs a Nazi salute while dressed up as some sort of Yankee doddle whore in the shocking photo above.

Clearly Katy Perry’s gesture was not anti-Semitic as she is a loyal servant of the Zionists. Instead Katy Perry is obviously showing her allegiance to the modern day Nazism, which is the American-Zionist empire.

Yes Katy Perry has officially aligned herself with the forces of evil by dressing like a typical American slut and saluting her Jewish masters. Thank Allah there is devastatingly handsome Muslim free fighters like myself out there to oppose this unholy alliance. Islam truly is humanity’s last hope.

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  • Woah kiddies

    Wait just a second. The Nazi salute was actually, get this, A ROMAN SALUTE. Know the facts, stop calling people something you despise in hopes of inciting nonsense. I f I say, “Heil” to one of my friends, does that qualify me as a Nazi? I think not. You polarizing fucks.

  • Jack

    This is stupid anyway. Look at her. She just finished an american salute. No nazi involved.

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  • Kahlid

    The Nazis were our allies during WWII. In fact, we were glad to help them with their holy cause to rid the world of the Jews.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Sahaj

    Actually, she’s doing the “Bellamy Salute” which was used during the Pledge of Allegiance from 1892 until the Hitler salute came along, then Congress started the “hand-over-heart” crap that we have now.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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